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Welcome Guest! It is Thu Apr 26, 2018 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!

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Motherbase General Rules Most rules listed here are the ones you generally find almost on any forum. Spamming Rules. pretty self explanatory, yet unlike any other site. Motherbase is a little different when it comes to this rule. To most sites anything "Off-topic" is considered spamming. Here at motherbase it is very common to get off topic quite easily. This is normal and acceptable. However, how far you go off topic is what's important. Again, it is okay to get off topic every now and then (more like everytime). Normal off-topic rule:Normal post are allowed to go off topic. But if it gets to the point no one is posting on the post about the subject at hand, thread will be locked for further posting. But there are times where this rule is  not okay. So to fix this problem a little, I am asking anyone who wants to post something that they wish no one would go off topic about..i advise you to mark your post name in yellow color font and put a ! in front and at end of your your post title example: !Why is the fucking sky blue?!                           ^ this indicates a topic that is restricted to off-topic posting usually an administrator, moderator, or someone who dont want people getting off topic would post this. When you see this, you stay on topic. Any off topic posts on a off-topic no zone will be deleted. otherwise follow normal off topic rules. (anything in blue). Negative Reinforcements to be quite honest i dont even know if these two words together means what i want it to mean. Nevertheless in Motherbase it means using Motherbase as host for unacceptable things such as Drama/Persona/troll cases, Racial rallies, Propaganda, and or other reasons. This also means you cannot start any propaganda, Cases or rallies and cannot be a part of these things either. Anyone being a part of this will receive a ban that last 20- whenever i feel like unbanning you..days. No Ultor Media Allowed (NSFW) Basically NSFW stuff. posting any pictures are not allowed. However posting certain external links with a warning is allowed. Links such as Partial Nudity or ect. No full blown pornography or anything like that (just PM me before posting if your unsure. No Overuse Of adminstraitor Privilages Dont abues your powers admins. enough said (Moderators too) Anyone who does it gets their powers revoked. No Impersaniting or hacking other peoples account. Anyone who even attemps to hack someone else's acoount will get IMMITATE EXILE!!!!!!! even though its not hack proof we still have gadgets that tells us who is doing the hacking and who does what to the site. anything you post comes up as your account name even, if your using someone else account. so TRY ME!! i take hacks and provinces seriously. Account trolling/Persona Account rules I haven't elaborated much until now about multiple account and ect. rules. Members are allowed to have multiple accounts. that isnt the problem. Its how you use them is whats the problem. Using multiple accounts pretending to be someone else is either two things. you are either using a persona account or you are trolling. There are no excuses for account trolling. But Persona Accounts arent allowed. let me elaborate the differences between the two the best i know to my knowledge. Trolling is making fake accounts just to fuck with peoples mind for the fun of it. Will pretend to be someone and connect to other members to make them believe they are real. They do it for pure fun and gets a kick out of it. Persona's however,according to what miku told me, Personas can be another account people use to feel different from your normal life, or have a asphyxiation with being someone your not. Personas can range to being a complete fake person, whos life is controlled by the original user,A real person who the account based on, but controlled by the original user (family member,friend,famous person) or a real person who has used the account but is also used by the original user frequently. to some people Personas are hard to get rid of, like an imaginary friend. so some users may have a problem exposing or letting that persona die beccause they have become too attached to let the go. the reason persona's arent allowed because they tend to connect to other members to a point where this person can also be attached to the persona. if the persona isnt real..this person is attached the persona. The orignial user may deny that the persona is fake to the grave even when exposed. If you are a Persona or have one on the site you have two options. either PM an adminstratior (me)  telling me you have a persona with details about this persona and why its here and why you have it, or delete the persona account. Failure to choose an option will result in Persona and original user and IP ban from the site. If i find out you are a get an instant ban. any questions please feel free to ask. If you do have one and the suspicion of you having one rises again, your account will be deleted. NEW! Dating/PDA rules i dont give a damn about members dating other members. No one cares. However Motherbase isnt Eharmony and shouldnt be used as one. There are certain rules that appy to this. Couples are allowed to express themselves onto motherbase. But know your limit. Forplay or Roleplay forplay/and Sexual messages will be deleted. if it comes to much of a problem you will get banned for a week. not a serious ban because come on..this shouldnt even be a problem..but has to be said anyway. Member Interaction Rules Treat others the way you want to be treated. If not dont even say shit to others. if you do however you have the right to report someone for it. Do not report for the following: Mindless fight and bickering- its will deal with it in real life so deal with it here. dont bother me about it please. Pointless Arugment- just stop replying. simple as that Anything else please feel free to report to an administrator