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 The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 4

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PostSubject: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 4   Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:23 pm

So far, not bad. Enjoy. Wanna read all of them, go for it. So you remember the story.
Chapter 4

For the record, I was just a normal teenager. I played games, went to school, obeyed my parents like any other teenager. Did my homework, missed homework, passed tests, Then one day, the incident happened. When that bus hit me, I was pretty much done for, but at least I pushed that girl out of the way. Now, here I am, saving people, hunting others, but I had a notion something was following me. And I was determined to find out who or what it was.

I walked down the road one night, honestly to the nearest gas station and got a drink. I had just been out for a walk, and saw a man robbing an old lady, interfered, nobody got hurt. Happy ending. I felt like I needed a drink after, so I went down to a gas station and got a root beer. I payed like a normal citizen. Sort of. Made the money appear in my pocket, but who cares? It's legit money. I stepped away from the counter and someone comes barging in with a gun, masked, everything. But he didn't want the money, he wanted me. When he barged in, he pushed me down and aimed a gun at me.

"You. Against the wall, now." he said, his eyes uncovered, piercing through me.

"I'm.... kinda down. On the floor, that good enough?" I asked.

"Against. The wall. Now. I don't want any fucking jokes." he replied.

"I'm sorry, fine." I said, and I stood up, and backed against the wall.

"You know I know exactly who you are. Just because you don't have your rags on doesn't mean I don't recognize you. We're aaaaaaaalllll out lookin' for you." he replied, putting the gun directly to my head.

"You know, before you kill me, I want you to meet someone. His last name is Rock. Great guy! You'd love him." I said, grabbing his arm, pushing it up, slamming the gun into his forehead, and he grunted in pain as I grabbed him and slammed his head into the sheet-rock wall. "He can be a bit controlling, so don't throw yourself at him like that. I can tell you'll get along juuuust fine." I grabbed my drink, reached into my pocket, and another big wad of cash and put it on the counter. "For the damages, and keep the change." I said, popping the cap open and taking a sip as I walked out.

It didn't take long for me to realize what was going on. A GlobeX hit. No... not a hit. I noticed on a lamppost on the sidewalk there was an X carved into it. I run my hand across it, and the next thing I know, the gas station I was just in went boom. Big boom. I wasn't being targeted for a hit, I was being hunted, and now the hunt begins. Dropships came raining from the sky, slowing their descent, and dropping soldiers onto the ground, and I was standing there like a deer in headlights. I materialized a handgun, and a clip, loaded it, chambered it, and didn't even bother, I just hauled ass, teleporting, running, doing everything I could to avoid them. I looked up and teleported to the roof of a building, trying to avoid their line of sight. It worked, I landed, and hid behind there lip of the edge, and looked at them from up top, as they slowly moved, looking around for me.

"And as if I wasn't having enough fun already... they want my head on a silver platter. Then again Lazarus wants me mounted on the wall. Bloody." I said to myself. I looked up and saw more dropships coming down, one deployed a large squad of Star Wars Droideka, the little rolling droids with blasters and bubble shields. These had shielding but it was more energy rather than a bubble. These shields would die out through suppressing fire. I knew these were deployed as hunter drones, to search for me and shoot on sight. I wondered why he was putting so much effort to kill me when he knew that if I died, I'd come back. I hid and leaned my head against the chest high wall that edged the top of the building.

"Dear God, I am so fucked.... Amen." I said, and then began to realize why Lazarus was hunting me down. He wanted to capture me, make a deal. But then again, I can teleport, locking me up would be useless unless it was in orbit, then again I could just spawn something to get me back to the planet. "I really need some prayer right now... a way that can get me out of here would be nice? Oh who am I kidding.... I'm the one that can spawn things out of thin air here.... Not that you can't I mean.... I can too... Oh dear fuck what am I doing.... Like you'd get me out of this one." I said, praying for a way to get out of here, obviously. I was having doubts he existed. All of this shit seems so surreal, I wasn't sure that he had anything to do with it, you know, if it was some mystical cloud of beauty and color, and immense power.

My phone rang after a few minutes. It was Howell.

"Hello, thank you for calling the I'm Fucked hotline, this is Billy Bob speaking." I said drearily. "I sense Marriage Issues, am I correct?"

"Oh Ha Ha, very funny. You're not anywhere near us, what are you doing in Wyoming?" Howell asked.

"Surprise Vacation, courtesy of Lazarus. The guns are a real charming touch.... adds a nice thrill to it. The uniforms are so real looking. The Root Beer? Pretty good, nice and chilled. And the Chaos is fantastic. I'm sure Lazarus loves thrills. I was considering taking him out to dinner and adding an exciting surprise of shooting him in the face again. Sound good? I think it's pretty romantic. He'll love the taste of a bullet, but I hear the aftertaste is nasty, like gunpowder. And it's tough to chew, easy to swallow... You know, being a full metal jacket and all." I rambled, I could tell Howell didn't like how I was beginning to sound menacingly dark.

"Lazarus? How did he take you there?" Howell asked.

"You ask too many questions Howie..." I said.

"Don't call me that." Howell replied.

"I fell asleep in the urban areas, woke up here late at night. Good news is, I stopped a mugging, had a gun in my face, and took him out. Paid for the damages, and the gas station exploded. The hitman had a bomb vest on." I said.

"How is a gas station exploding... good?" Howell asked.

"It's not. That's the bad news. But wait, there's more!! Not only that, as soon as it went boom, I saw dropships dropping from orbit, now I'm being hunted by freaking droideka from Star Wars." I said.

"Droids? That's surprising... He has combat droids." Howell said.

"They're energy shielded but suppressing fire should take them down." I said.

"That's good news. By the way, R&D finally got the choppers finished. We have long lasting combat Air Support now." Howell said.

"They dropships? Not like dropships dropships, but can they deploy and pick up soldiers?" I asked.

"Luckily enough, yes." Howell replied. "They're Eagles, the Saints Row variant chopper? From the 3rd game. Those were basically Blackhawks. These things can take a beating and keep going for a considerable distance before heavy damage in the right places make the engines give out. Chainguns and missiles that can be rapidly fired for a strafing run. Plus, with the abilities we have, we shouldn't worry about running out of ammo. We could devastate them if we can get to you."

"Launching a Fly-Drone. Looks like a little housefly... this little bug should let me see around." I said, and the fly looked at me and tilted it's head. "Oh, don't you look at me like that." The fly then looked away. "Oh come on, I didn't mean it.... Fine.... I'm sorry I called you a bug... I meant mechanical insect." The fly looked back at me and fluttered it's wings. "Happy?" It happily took a few steps on my arm. "Theeeere we go. I'm gonna name you flappy.... No.... flappy bird's are assholes. I'm gonna name you... Wasp? Sound good? Names are hard..."

"I personally think Flappy is a pretty good name." Howell chimed in.

"Fine, Flappy it is then." I said. "Go on Flappy, go find a good way outta here that I'll be least likely to get spotted... and watch out for pipes."

Flappy took off and Howell chimed in again. "Oh so many puns..." he said.

"I know, I'm hysterical." I said.

"We're going to have to get you outta there." Howell said.

"I know, if they capture me, god knows what they'll do. Their technology is probably able to actually imprison me, and keep me from using my abilities. If we-" I said, and got cut off. I began to overhear a GlobeX patrol's conversation. "One second.... Eavesdropping..."

"We can't find him anywhere. We've got patrols and drones searching the entire town." one of the soldiers said.

"Town? Hell, they're all over the state." said another.

"Lazarus says that we don't cut the search off until morning. If we don't find him, we look for signs of his involvement in any location. That's where we look." said the first one.

"I heard that some seriously bad shit is goin' down. Lazarus wants to make a deal with him." said a third.

"Well, I heard that there's seriously bad shit going down too, but Lazarus doesn't want a deal... what he wants is help." said a fourth.

"Call you back." I said to Howell, and hung up, then stood up on the edge of the chest high edge I hid behind on the building. "Help with what exactly?" I hopped down after I said that, and stood up, looking directly at them with stern eyes, my bandanna barely moving in the light wind blowing through the town.

The squad aimed at me, but not like they had orders to take me down for prison transport. They seemed scared. I aimed at them as a precaution. "Don't hurt us... We're not here to hurt you, we're not a threat." one said, I could hear the nervousness in his voice.

"Relax, I won't. I was just devising a plan with one of my generals to get me pulled outta here and overheard that your high and mighty overlord wants help. I just want to know what he wants help with, and why he needs to contact me in person rather than call me like he did in Myrtle Beach." I said.

"He said it's a matter that nobody can hear. Humans are still searching for us. That's why we're out at night when hardly anyone is out in the open." said one of the others.

"So, the guy that decided to roast the gas station, and put a gun to my head. He was one of yours, right? What, did he go rogue or something?" I asked.

"Who?" they said in sync.

"The GlobeX hit. It's obvious it was GlobeX." I said.

"If there was a hit, don't you think we'd be shooting at you?" one of them pointed out. "Commander... We found him. This is Zulu-6, the enemies have already made contact with the Guardian."

"Guardian? What the fuck is this, Destiny?" I said, being a smart-ass.

"You need to come with us. Now." one said.

"I've been waiting for my ride since we started talking." I replied. Just as I did, a dropship came dropping towards me, stopping just in front of me, behind the squad, who climbed into it and held a hand out, but I just climbed in and took a seat, saying "How convenient."

When we got to the Damnation, which appeared to be badly damaged, and receiving repairs, we docked and climbed out, and I was escorted to the bridge. Lazarus was there, waiting for me.

"Please tell me that this is worth my time, otherwise I'll finish what you're new friends started." I said.

"Not really new... I've known them for a long time. Don't worry, it's not a plan to use your good nature against you, Guardian. I have news. Very... very bad news." Lazarus said.

"What could your highness possibly need me for?" I asked, taking a bow.

"Very humorous... I have news of a dangerous threat to Earth. He seeks to destroy it." Lazarus continued.

"And how may I find this person, Sir Douchelord?" I asked.

"He has pure black eyes. Like a demon or something. He's exactly like us, except there is a way to kill him. He turns into black smoke, and fast travels that way, using Earth's orbit and high atmosphere levels to travel mostly unseen. He can disguise himself by turning his eyes to match human eyes. The problem is... That makes him much harder to find. Also, he can cause massive explosions. At will. He survives them if he causes them. If we can find a way to kill him how we need to, we can take him out for good." said Lazarus.

"Whoa whoa whoa..." I said, "What's this 'we'?"

"We, GlobeX, have already begun searching for him and his soldiers. If you help us we can maximize our search efforts." Lazarus explained.

"What makes you think I'd help you?" I asked.

"If you don't, humanity will go extinct, and he'll repopulate." Lazarus said.

I thought about it for a moment. "Fine. You betray me and I'll find a way into orbit and drive you away from Earth." I replied.

"Deal." Lazarus replied.

"Not a deal. It's a promise." I said.

"Fine. One last thing.... He can die. And he can revive, or respawn himself, but he has what seems like a time limit before he can. Not seconds, minutes or hours. More like days. If we burn his corpse, he can't and never will revive again. But, due to this weakness, his abilities are like ours, but supercharged. If he dies, his soldiers will fight to protect his body, appearing everywhere and if they get to it, they disappear into thin air." said Lazarus.

"So we kill him, burn his body, easy solution." I said.

"No, doesn't work. He'll fast travel away. We need to trap him. I don't have any idea how." Lazarus said.

"Try a pentagram?" I replied.

"No, didn't work." Lazarus said. "I had a feeling it wouldn't in the first place... but his power... it's supercharged compared to us. He has his weaknesses, where we have our strengths. Such as our respawn ability, and revive."

"I can only revive..." I said.

"For now... Respawn will come in time. Those abilities are the few things we have over him... Besides that, he's supercharged. We'll get slaughtered if we go alone." Lazarus continued.

"Good... I like a challenge. So you actually tried the demon-trap? If it's black smoke, I can understand... living black smoke does seem demonic." I asked.

"Yes, and it didn't work. I'm sure that we did it correctly. Did it by the book." Lazarus said.

"It's because he's not a demon. He's what I have just picked up. I just made a name for us as a people. Swords of Athena." I said.

"A Sword of Athena?" Lazarus asked.

"You know. Greek Goddess of War. Another name would be a Sword of Mars, the Roman version.

"Sword of Mars... That was a real weapon you know." Lazarus said.

"Yea, precisely. It was believed to have magical powers as well as a stronger metal due to being struck by lightning, but the only thing that was true was being stronger. The lightning rapidly heated the blade, and it cooled rapidly in it's cold environment, allowing to become a stronger metal." I continued.

"But in reality it was just a normal sword." Lazarus protested.

"Exactly, however, that's where we come in. Me and you, Swords of Mars, have supernatural abilities. However there are two other types of Swords of Mars: Soldiers, and Strategists." I said.

"Soldiers and Strategists?" Lazarus said, leering at my bandanna covered face intensely, my hood up, as always when in my standard outfit.

"Soldiers have trained themselves in combat tactics that they made for themselves based around their physical abilities. For instance, how flexible they are, and how strong they are, as well as how fast they are and their stamina. Not to mention, how much punishment they can take. These Swords of Mars continue fighting and training until they've achieved the peak of their race's physical abilities." I explained. "And Strategists are intelligent people with a fascination with war, and strategy. They-"

"They do it how the soldiers do it. Training their minds, building their own strategies based around their army's strengths and weaknesses." Lazarus said, taking a wild shot in the dark.

I pointed at him as if saying "Exactly" and continued. "As well as their own strengths and weaknesses." I said.

"Their own?" Lazarus repeated.

"Every army has it's own strengths and weaknesses, and so do their strategists. The army may be built perfectly, armed for both offense and defense, but a strategist may be primarily offensive in his strategies, while another may be primarily defensive. They're primarily these types of strategists because of their strengths and weaknesses in their strategies." I continued explaining. "Not to mention that most strategies can have holes in their organization and the armies execution of the strategy."

"You built this term yourself? It's... accurate." Lazarus said.

"Yes... your point?" I asked.

"It's nothing... just... wow, that's how we are?" Lazarus asked.

"Yep... we make soldiers to fight for us. And we can annihilate an entire race if we wanted to... We just need to find the technology, which we can make ourselves. All of the possibilities makes it hard to decide however. Not only that, but our power levels have a limit, but the power level grows with every passing day until we reach that limit... and if we can't control it... well. Let's just say, I believe our friend Mr. Chaos couldn't control it." I said.

"So... we turn into chaos crazed, warmongering bastards?" Lazarus said.

"Yep... we turn into monsters hell bent on conquering, or creating chaos. Hell bent on either conquering an entire race, or planet, or annihilating an entire race to conquer their home world... he couldn't control it, and he let it take over his mind. He's still him, he's just turned into a war crazed monster. Sounds more like an infection than anything else." I said.

"Yea... targeting us..." Lazarus said.

"One more thing.... let the power consume you, and you're power level increases. That's why he's supercharged. But the supercharged power level comes at a price... Gain the power, lose... you..... You lose who you are as a person.... You become the monster. Don't let it consume you Lazarus..." I said.

"What makes you think I'll become consumed?" he replied, seemingly offended.

"Because I hear it too." I said, and his face looked as if it was full of fear. "I feel it inside me, begging to be released into the wild. The corruption is there in both of us. We have to suppress it. Until we can find a way to cure it." I continued.

"How did you learn so much... in so little time?" Lazarus asked.

"I have my sources. My number two is smart as hell, he says the corruption never was there, not until the Darkness was released. The darkness is targeting the most powerful people on this planet. If he got consumed, then who knows how many more Swords of Mars are out there... The corruption you feel begging to be released, and embraced. is a sign that the Darkness is already here, and we've been targeted. It all started last week, and it already got one of us, so many more Soldiers and Strategists are already consumed." I said.

"How are you getting this information?" Lazarus asked.

"Text.... Howell won't stop texting me the info." I said, holding up my phone. "Apparently Swords of Mars legends go all the way back to ancient times, based around the time of Julius Caesar, even Alexander the Great. That may explain how they were so militarily successful. Even the Sacred Band of Thebes could be classified as Swords of Mars due to their combat successes."

"So we've been around for a long time..." Lazarus said.

"Apparently... We're the newest addition. The Supernatural Swords of Mars are the most dangerous, being a combination of the other two types, as well as having abilities to do what we can do? We need to stop him, and the Darkness. And any others that the darkness may have under it's control." I said.

"We're doing this together. It's our best chance." Lazarus said.

"No. I'm going after him. You stay here, monitor everything that happens in case he may have a fleet available to get into orbit. And maybe the Darkness has something on standby." I said.

"You can't handle him alone!" Lazarus said, demanding to go with me.

"I can sure as hell try." I said, walking to the door.

"You'll die if you try it by yourself, you can't. You can't. Handle it. Alone!!!!" Lazarus said, following me, his voice climaxing to a scream.

"Neither can GlobeX!!" I screamed, turning around to face him, looking into his eyes menacingly, my green eyes burning with rage.

"We've taken down entire empires!" Lazarus protested.

"None were a threat as large as this. I'm going after him myself. That's final. You need to stay in orbit." I commanded, and began walking out of the bridge and to one of the hangars of the Damnation.

"You need help... You'll for sure be defeated for good. We can die, but it takes something extremely drastic to kill us. Together, that chance is dimmed quite considerably." Lazarus said, walking with me.

"Good and Evil are powerful forces. Chaos is much stronger... but not invincible." I said.

"You'll be finished off for good, Guardian... If you die, we all die." Lazarus said.

"That's a chance I'm willing to take. If I fight, we win, if I fall, we all fall. If you help, we win on the ground, but if he gets into orbit, he can glass us and turn us all into piles of ash..." I said. "Now you understand why I need you in orbit. Board their ships, wipe out their crew, take the ship down from the inside out. This battle may take days to happen, or it may happen as soon as I hit the ground, but we have to be ready."

"But we don't know his next move." Lazarus said.

"That will come in time." I said. walking up to a dropship, tapping the door, and as soon as it opened, I looked at Lazarus. "I'm not stopping until I know that this fucker is dead." I climbed into the dropship and looked back at Lazarus. "We'll win this."

"There are more like us.... I've been watching them... waiting for a chance to strike." Lazarus said.

"Who are they?" I asked, raring to go and find them. "We'll need all the help we can get."

"I doubt they'll be willing to help. Some are named after the Four Horsemen. 4 of them are named War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. They wear outfits accordingly, and I believe their vehicles and army colors match. War is red and grey, and believe it or not I have seen him riding a dark red horse with a flaming mane, tail, eyes and hooves."

"That's... intimidating." I said.

"Famine has a weird effect... his army is normal, yet he also has an army of skeletons, and one of his forms is as a skeleton. Another weapon of his... is a virus. Not like a Zombie virus... but, similar. People begin eating whatever is in front of them, then, they'll eat each other. He can fill the room with this aura causing it, but beyond that it's powerless. How he got like this? i have no clue, but some of my soldiers believe he was very thin in his life, deprived of food. When he came back, he hungered constantly to quench the hunger he was never allowed to vanquish in life. Due to what happened prior to his death, his soldiers and abilities matched. Now he's not as hungry as before, but if he didn't have his abilities, right now he'd be as big as a dropship." Lazarus continued. "His outfit is like a tuxedo in his hide in plain sight type outfit. He seems to mimic a rather famous video game character, Agent 47. Except, he has white hair, and looks rather young, with a tattoo of a dead fish on his left arm Literally, the skeleton of a fish."

"The hunger for power is what drives him as well then, he was deprived of it in life." I replied.

"Exactly, he may be the Darkness' next target." Lazarus said.

"Then let's go." I said.

"No, two more to watch out for. Pestilence and Death. Pestilence can cause a virus he named Croatoan. It drives people insane, with a bloodlust, and lust for food. They're basically zombies. Eventually they will decay somewhat, and look like zombies, but they are fast, and the Croatoan virus makes the infected able to run immense distances without tiring." Lazarus continued.

"So we're talking full on cross country zombies here?" I said.

"Yes. Luckily, no headshots needed." Lazarus said. "And lastly, Death."

"On a pale horse." I said.

"Yes... it's fur is black and around the middle begins fading to white. The white fur leaves a trail of white smoke following it. His outfit seems to match the assassin Altair Ibn La'Ahad, from Assassin's Creed." Lazarus explained.

"Let me guess, and it's black, not white, and the red is grey, the entire outfit is in rags, and there are silver skull amulets all over it?" I asked.

"Actually... yes, but not everywhere." Lazarus said. "On the left shoulder, the bracers on his forearms, and a skull and crossed blades on his belt. His knee-guards are skulls and he wears a silver skull mask."

"Well... someone isn't hiding." I said.

"His blade is a standard sword, double edged, and appears to have a flame like effect in it's craftsmanship. His soldiers wear full skull helmets, and black outfits somewhat similar to his, but more armored rather than robes." Lazarus said. "His more modern soldiers are similar, but outfitted to take on the army of Hell itself... be wary. He also has another powerful sword. It's heavy, long, and black. Silver handle, and hilt, with a black blade. It's a variant based on the Black Dragon Sword, and this was carved out of the scale of a black dragon as well. Infused with the powers of Death itself, only he can wield it. It's called the Death's Bane Sword."

"Alright. I need to find these fine.... gentlemen?" I said.

"No... they're pure evil. They must be killed. They've been around for a long time. Longer than I have been. Pestilence is the most dangerous as his Croatoan virus has roots in one of America's colonies." Lazarus said.

"In North Carolina?" I asked.

"Yes, it-" Lazarus began.

"Wiped out an entire town leaving only a tree with the word "CROATOAN" carved into it? Yea, I've heard the legend." I said.

"They're on a blood pact with each other. Literally. They're brothers, and are roaming, waiting for the Darkness to come to Earth and either summon them, or take advantage of it, using the chaos it creates to take over the planet, and begin their plan of interstellar conquest. War provides the soldiers and grunts, Famine provides the expendable units, Pestilence provides the biological warfare, and Death provides the leadership, and the elite soldiers. Either way, I've stopped them before, but with the darkness at their side I have no chance." Lazarus said, worried.

"No worries.... This time you've got help." I said, and the dropship door closed, took off and headed back to Earth.

"Stop." I said. "You go any further and you'll be shot down. I'll jump from here."

"You're insane!" said the pilot.

"I'm a little more than insane." I said.

"Alright fine, opening the door." said the pilot, and pressed a button, the door opened, and I stood up. "Good luck, safe landing."

"I'll try." I said, and I ran a few steps, and dove out of the dropship, quickly picking up speed and reaching terminal velocity, and after about 1000 feet was left, I flipped and began falling feet first. I never even did this on purpose, but after 500 feet was left, I was dropping rapidly, of course, and without thinking I stuck my hands out, more downward, and began pushing. After a second or two I looked down and saw the green glow coming from my hands and realized they were acting like thrusters on a space shuttle or something. I dropped slowly for about 50 feet, and with 10 feet left I stopped, and let myself drop, landing on my feet and landed rather softly, something told me I would've landed safely anyways, but it may have been pretty loud... and left an impact crater. I started walking and stepped through an alley, and onto the sidewalk bordering a two lane road. I looked around and nobody was in sight. So I walked down the road a bit and into a general store.

When I opened the door I heard a bell, and looked around. I saw nobody at all. I looked through the aisles and saw nobody but a dusty cluster of items everywhere on each shelf. I walked up to the counter and looked around, rang the bell on the counter and waited for a moment. Nobody. I raised an eyebrow in suspicion and turned around with a kick, and felt, as well as heard, the loud crunch of someone's ribs and a loud scream to follow. I looked at him and grabbed his collar on his hoodie with one hand, knelt down and lifted him up, seeing his mouth bleeding made me smile.

"Where's your boss?" I asked, looking directly into his pitch black, demonic eyes.

"N-not here..." he said, cracking a smile as the blood poured from his lips, and the smile was acknowledged by a swift punch to the face with my free hand.

"Where... is he..." I said with a menacing tone.

"Go to hell..." he said.

"Ladies first." I said, menacingly, and materialized a knife, and drove it straight through his forehead. I stood up and noticed a working refrigerator with root beer in it, and grabbed one of them. "Still cold... I wonder how that works... This town looks like it's been dead for a month..." I noticed the expiration date was still 2 weeks away on the bottle, so I grabbed two more and put them in a messenger bag I materialized, then grabbed a 4th and opened it, took a sip and swallowed the root beer happily. "Still delicious..." I said. I looked at the canned foods and found a couple of mac and cheese cans of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, and took them. And then... my phone rang. I answered it and heard Howell's voice.

"Commander?" Howell said. "Where are you?"

"Howell, call me something else other than commander?" I asked.

"Boss, then." Howell replied.

"...That's... better? We're getting there. Where am I? I'm in the middle of nowhere... in a ghost town with Chaos douches everywhere." I said.

"That's... the thing. I can't get a fix on your location. Nearest I can get is North Dakota, but not a town, no coordinates, nothing but the state. News says that North Dakota is quite frankly wiped off the map. Something happened, they sent in the army at the last cry for help. national guard lost their connection with their communications. That was two months ago. The area is blockaded now, you'll need to find a way out that isn't guarded. You mentioned the Chaos agents there?" Howell said.

"Yep. Must be used as a breeding ground. Town looks like it's been dead for months, but frozen in time. Refrigerators still work int he stores, drinks are still good, and canned goods everywhere still edible. Problem is, it's a breeding ground for dust mites..." I said.

"You need to get out of there now. I'm starting to get a clear image of what's going on with my scan. Chaos agents are everywhere, they're closing in. Get moving now. The road is clear, if you can stay on that path you should get to a military checkpoint at the border of the state." Howell said.

"And how far is the border of the state?" I asked.

"A 2 day run." Howell said.

"Great... I always loved running. I was built for running in life. Fuck this I'm taking a bike." I said.

"But the town is dead. No bikes can be used." Howell said.

"I can spawn a bike genius." I said, doing exactly that, and pedaling away.

"Nice... I'm hanging up now. Call me when you reach the checkpoint." Howell said, and hung up.

I put the phone away and pedaled as hard as I could. Eventually I got to a point where velocity and momentum carried me along and I didn't really have to pedal at all. I began to notice something about a mile into my trek, and saw a blinking light on the ground. I quickly realized what it was, and hopped up, landing on my feet on the seat of the bike, and jumping up, with a backflip, and teleported higher into the air, the bike exploding as I completed the backflip and landed on my feet in a crouched position. I looked around me, slowly standing up and noticed that it was a minefield. I saw large openings in the minefield and teleported from opening to opening until I got through it.

"Well. I didn't ever expect I'd be avoiding the fireworks show...." I said, looking around after I got through it. "Please tell me that's all I have to do other than walk...." I said to myself, and looked up to see an entire horde of Chaos soldiers standing on the rooftops, and in the road in front of me. They all were carrying short machetes, or baseball bats, bats filled with nails, or fire axes. Then again, there were also those with tomahawks and spears, and bows and arrows, knives, and regular staves.

"Oh for the love of God, really? REALLY?!?!" I screamed. I stood there as they began sprinting towards me, weapons raised, and then I raised my fist, teleported forward, punching one straight in the face, grabbing his machete as he fell backwards, and decapitated another, slicing through another, and stabbing another one, letting the machete go and turning around, grabbing the arms of another, taking the tomahawk from him and driving it through his skull, and then another, and another and throwing it at another, hitting him dead in the chest, turning around, punching another Chaotic Douche in the chest, then the head, and taking his spear, slicing the tip through his throat, turning around and stabbing another one right through the chest. I pulled the spear out of him and hit another enemy behind me directly in the stomach with the blunt end of the spear, and flipping it so the tip sliced his skull in half, then driving the spear into the stomach of another soldier, and thrusting forward so it impaled the enemy behind him. I ducked and kicked behind me as another spear went over my head, reached back and grabbed it, jumping up into the air over the spear, letting a roundhouse kick meet his face, breaking his neck in one kick and taking the spear from him as he staggered and collapsed, grasping his neck. I landed, clutching the spear, and drove the tip into the face of another enemy, flipped it and entirely decapitated another one. and held the spear in one hand, reaching back and grabbing the handle of a tomahawk, stabbing another enemy with and spear, and kicked the enemy with the tomahawk back into another enemy, and sliced the tomahawk into the man I had impaled on the spear. I pulled the spear out of him and throw it away, it flying into the chest of another enemy. "Good god..." I said, grabbing a fire ax out of another enemy's hands and slicing it directly through his neck. "How many of you guys are there?" I split an enemy's head right in two and pulled it out, the spike on the other end of the ax-head piercing the skull of another Chaos agent behind me, then the brought the ax down into the chest of another enemy. Time seemed to slow with each enemy I killed, and each attack I dodged. I saw a clearing for a few feet and an archer aiming, and managed to dodge just in time for the arrow to fly less than an inch away from my head, and turn as it flew by, watching it embed itself into another enemy's throat. I turned back towards him, dashing, leaving green glowing still images of myself in my path behind me (called a shadow dash/flip, depending on what is done) and in the end of the dash I felt my fist connect with his jaw, hearing a satisfying crunch, and managed to grab his bow and three arrows, turned, jumped backwards into the air and let an arrow fly, and watched as it went through the eye of one of my enemies. I teleported higher and let another arrow fly, and then another and watched as one went into the mouth of a Chaos Agent, and landed of another arrow just as it pierced an enemy right between the eyes, my foot pushing it through his skull. This continued for another 2 hours until it got down to me and one Chaos agent. He had a long bladed machete, sheathed on his hip, an fire ax, and a spear. He wore a mask that hid his face, and had two horns, and his eyes were visible, black like a demon's eyes. I stood there making eye contact with him, holding 3 daggers and materialized a machete of my own, the exact same one I blocked Lazarus' strike back at my home. Thanks again for helping me rip my home apart Lazarus! I twirled the machete around and stopped it, dropping back on my right leg, prepared to throw the daggers, and sheathed my machete on my hip, then taking two daggers in my left hand, holding one in my right, as this masked agent starting twirling around his weapons. Show off.

"You are... a show off." I said, and threw a dagger, which he twirled the ax and deflected. I threw another dagger, and another, he deflected one, but the other hit him in the leg, and he threw his spear. I dodged it, and grabbed it, then, spun around grabbing it with two hands. "Thanks."

He growled loudly, deep from his throat.

"I'll stop that growl in a minute. Make sure to get the badger out of your neck for ya. Very simple procedure." I said.

He growled loudly and said with a deep raspy voice. "I'll cut that disrespectful tongue from your pathetic skull."

"Yea, good luck, I've got a stick that you were so polite to let me borrow." I said.

He growled again, and roared loudly as he began to swing his ax, and I blocked it with the spear, pushed the ax away and jabbed it towards his chest, but he jumped back and swung the ax again with one hand, just inches from my neck. I lunged forward in a twirl, lunging afterwards, slicing the blade of the spear at his neck, then flipping the spear around and slicing it upwards int he other direction, cutting a large chuck off of the mask, and it falls on the ground. I could see a side of his mouth, baring his teeth, which were rather sharp, almost inhuman. I jabbed forward again, and then swiped at his legs, slicing one open at the side and he kicked toward me, I dodged and jumped, kicking him in the face with my left leg, then my right, landing, and swiping at his legs again, then stabbed him in the chest with the spear, and kicked the end of it, pushing it through his torso. I unsheathed my machete, and lifted it up, watching him bleed from his mouth and he dropped to his knees and I sliced straight down the middle of his skull, splitting it open, and then kicked him in the chin, pushing him off of the blade, and stared at him. I flicked the blade, flicking the blood from the machete, and sheathed it, opened my root beer and took a sip.

"Show off." I said, and pulled my bandanna back up after the sip, put the top back on the bottle, and put it in my pocket. I kept walking to the checkpoint, not knowing how far I was, or how far it was to where I was needed most. I teleported as far as I could forward, and after about 7 teleports in a row, I made it to the checkpoint. The army was there, and saw me. I stood there, and took a few steps forward.

"Sir! Identify yourself!" said one of the soldiers.

"Is that really necessary?" I asked.

Two of them aimed a rifle at me. "Sir, he said identify yourself." said another soldier.

"Okay, now is the gun being aimed at me helping you out much?" I asked. "I just want out of this hellhole so I can finish my job."

"Identify yourself, and state your business." said the first soldier.

"My name is... Well, we'll save that information for a rainy day. The point is, I need out of here, because your planet is in danger. Make sense? You keep me standing here, Your planet dies. Know why? Because I just slaughtered an entire horde of the chaos agents about a mile and a half back there. And the blood on me might have told you that." I said. I teleported closer. "See, I'm the guy you don't like, but need on your side." I teleported right in front of the barrel, and heard his shaky breathing. I placed my hand on top of the rifle barrel, and lowered it. "Now, let me through, and I'll make sure you get to see your family again, and save the world from a little thing... that's a major problem. Alright Sergeant?"

"What are your talking about?" he asked.

"Chaos, the death of humanity as we know it. The Darkness is coming, and I'm about the only thing that can stop it. You all have no chance, but you can protect yourselves easily. If you go after it's agents, you have no chance, but their minions are a different story." I said, and teleported to the other side of their checkpoint. "You never saw me here. Remember that." I continued, and teleported out of their line of sight.

Before the day had passed, I was already well on my way back to South Carolina. Things were very different when I got back home. Men and women in black hoodies, cargo pants, and combat boots, wearing bandannas, paintball masks, goggles, even motorcycle helmets patrolled everywhere. Each soldier had roughly the same cyber like deign on their uniforms. Green cyber patterns on everything. Masks, bandannas, helmets, hoodies, pants, boots, even full metal bulletproof riot shields. They had their own vehicles, like humvees almost, and a name and logo on the side. They had turrets on the vehicles, and for all I know, they've got tanks. My home had been turned into a military outpost and I.... well. I wasn't happy. I walked up to the line at the sidewalk, standing there at the checkpoint. A few more people walked behind me and waited. I turned around and saw that they were a family. Father, mother, and three kids, boy, girl, and a little baby. The girl looked, honestly, to be about 15, and the boy, about 6 or 7. Naturally, the girl was texting on her smartphone. I bent over and looked at the baby that was staring at me with a smile.

"Hey there little guy." I said, and the father laughed a little, looking down at him, but the wife looked at me as if I was a thug. Probably because of the fact that I was dressed exactly like one, with the bandanna and everything. Seems logical. I pulled the bandanna down to ease her suspicions, and hopefully not get a 50,000 volt surprise.

To my surprise, the bandanna worked. She calmed down almost instantly. I held out my hand to them for a handshake. The father shook my hand, and then the mother. I pulled my fingerless gloves tighter, and looked at the girl just as she looked up at her mother with the most out of the blue request.

"Mommy can we get a puppy?" she said, and I pulled my bandanna back up to cover my face.

"No honey of course not! We don't have the money for that..." she replied, and I knew she was lying.

"Something tells me that's not the case." I said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" The mother asked, slightly offended.

"It means..." I began, and I reached into my messenger bag and pulled out a little black, white, and brown spotted Apple-head chihuahua. "Well it means that this little guy doesn't cost too much money to take care of. He's tiny, trust me, he doesn't eat much."

The girl exploded in a flurry of "Awwhh!!!!" and "HESHOCUUUUUUTE!!!" and finally petted him. "Can I have him?" she asked.

"No!" said the mother.

"Yes! Actually. You can. For free." I said.

"Noooo... You're not serious!!" said the mom.

"No, I'm serious. Keep it. My gift to you." I said. "I almost forgot..." I continued, reaching into my bag and pulling out a bag of dry dog food. "Take this. Dogs like it, need it, but the best thing for them is a pack of chicken. Boneless, of course. I feed my chihuahua chicken all the time. Might wanna mix it up with something like bologna or something, but always feed them dry food. Dry food cleans their teeth."

"Thank you!!!!" said the daughter, smiling and holding the dog. The entire time we were walking up to the checkpoint.

"Hey, watch this. I'm gonna seriously Jedi mind trick this guy." I said, and I walked up to the soldiers at the gate.

The soldier grabbed his scanner-rod. and got ready to scan me, when I picked up my hand and waved it from left to right slowly. "You will let us pass." I said.

The soldiers looked at me like I was an idiot, I could tell even though I couldn't see their eyes. They looked at each other and the back at me.

"Shut up and let me scan you." One said, laughing, and the family behind me started laughing, and the rest of the soldiers followed.

"Mission complete." I said, seeing that I got everyone to laugh. I reached into my bag, grabbed a root beer, and let them scan me. I admit, I wasn't comfortable, but I wasn't about to put anyone in danger because I didn't like a guy holding a metal stick in my face.

"Alright, good to go." said the militia soldier.

"Here." I said, handing them root beer, since it's pretty much all I had.

"Thanks, carry on." They said, opening the bottles and each taking a sip.

I waited for the family to get scanned, and when they were done. I walked with them.

"So, how long have they been here? This must be a new thing. I was here just a few days ago and they weren't here." I said. "If they were hanging around the area, I'm pretty sure I'd know about it."

"Nope. Been around a full year. In fact they're at war with the U.S. of A." the dad said.

"A full year? Well that explains why I woke up in Wyoming." I said under my breath. "Fucking Lazarus..."

"What?" said the dad.

"Nothing. Shocking revelation. Almost as if I've been asleep a year. Feels like someone drugged me or something." I said.

"Oh, I know the feeling. You-" the dad said, his daughter stopping and then staring at me, literally stopping in her tracks.

"I know you. You're from Myrtle Beach. You saved me from those men in the black uniforms." she said.

I looked at her, remembering every single detail, the memory echoing in my mind:

I ran and grabbed her teleporting from in front of the armored truck. We landed on the sidewalk and I ran her back to her family.

"Go, get inside. Find a place to hole up and stay there!" I screamed, and heard the mother scream "Thank you!" as I turned away and ran off, disappearing from their sight. Literally.

Now here I am, standing in front of her again. Her parents recognizing me, and the son looking directly at me like I'm a superhero. I knelt down in front of the daughter and placed a hand on her shoulder. The next words she said pierced through me like a knife.

"Where were you when the bad guys came and took my big sister? You helped me, so go find her." she said, almost coldly. Something struck me though, how familiar she looked. Almost like I'd seen her even before the Myrtle Beach incident.

"Something.... Something tells me I know her. Did a man push her out of the way of a bus about 2 years ago?" I asked.

"Yes, but the bus hit him and-" the mom began.

"The bus hit him and he died at 2:25 PM on Wednesday, July 14th. precisely an hour later with almost every bone in his body broken. Right?" I said.

"Y...yea. She was torn up about it..." said the dad. "How do you-"

"Know all this? Because I'm the one that pushed her out of the way of the bus that day. And then came back a month later and stopped her from being the victim of a mugging and probably being killed. And I promised her I'd get her a puppy. And I intend to get her that puppy... and save her. When was the last time you saw her?" I said.

"A year ago.... today." said the dad as the mom began tearing up.

"Where was she when she disappeared?" I asked.

"On a shopping trip." the mom said. "She went shopping for groceries for us and never came back..." she continued, bawling in tears.

I placed my hand on her shoulder. "What store, Walmart?" I asked.

"In North Augusta..." she replied.

"I'm not going to give you false hope. I'll bring her back, if it takes me 10 years. I'm here because of her. I never asked for this, these abilities, but a lot of people are alive because of her on the day I died. The least I can do is let her have a long happy life. And give her a puppy. I'm bringing her back if it's the last thing I do." I said.

"She's been gone a year.... There's no way you can bring her back." said the dad, starting to tear up.

"You're telling me that there's no way to find her when I'm teleporting and spawning people and vehicles out of thin air? Please Pal, I'm gonna bring her back. Give me about a year and she'll be back." I retorted, and patted him on the back. "Go on home, I'll look into it." I teleported to the rooftops and began running, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, teleporting over gaps that I can't reach. I reached the Wal-Mart in North Augusta in about 30 minutes and called Howell.

"Hey buddy, when the fuck were you going to tell me I've been gone for a year?" I asked.

"When we found out why." Howell said.

"Yea, well why?" I asked.

"The Darkness has something to do with it..." Howell replied.

"I'll take care of it. I need a history of muggings and crimes at the Wal-Mart in North Augusta in March of last year." I responded.

"Okay... pulling that up now. So how was your nap?" Howell said.

"I woke up and got to cut down a horde of about 200 assholes with black eyes, so I'd say it was pretty good." I replied.

"Should have been, because what I just found out is you were dead the whole time." Howell said.

"What?" I asked.

"Lazarus was fine, he was in orbit. But you... You collapsed and woke up in a new place. Maybe you were taken and your subconscious made you rampage and escape when you came to." Howell explained. "Alright, I've got three specific crimes in March alone there. None were solved, all believed to be murders and the bodies were never found."

I looked around. "Great. Just great. Bloodstain on the pavement here too." I said, and walked over to it, crouching in front of it. "Looks old. Never was cleaned."

"Try there. I am looking at the details, and they say murder, but it looks more like a kidnapping." Howell said.

"Yea... this doesn't look like a bloodstain of someone bleeding out. Someone was knocked unconscious. Police never found a body right?" I asked.

"No body, nobody arrested. Nothing. Cold trail." Howell said.

"Well, I might be crazy, but it's in video games. My life is basically a video game now. Worth a shot... Give me a sec, Howes." I said.

"What are you doing?" Howell said.

"Scanning for echoes. Give me a sec." I replied. I touched the bloodstained asphalt, closed my eyes, and emptied my lungs with a long, heaving sigh. The next thing I know, my head launches back, and my eyes flash open, glowing green as if they were made of energy. I saw her, walking out of the store, and three men approaching her. One hit her in the face, and someone stabbed her arm with a small, stiletto knife, And after a struggle, she was carried into a black van unconscious. It was at night, and I managed to catch a glimpse of her small watch. Not much info on it but after a little bit of logical processing- the arm it was on, flip it to match my field of view, and use a little logic of how clocks are set up- it looked around 9:15 to 9:20 PM. The van drove off and carried on to the road, and turned right. My eyes stopped glowing, and I closed them, and re-opened them, looking around.

"Howell. It worked. Got the van, License plate number, and the way it went. From there, complete and utter.... blank." I said.

"Hit me." Howell said.

"Black van, License plate number VXV-944, it's an Illinois tag. Scan any cameras that may have seen it. They stabbed her in the arm. She must be alive, but by the bloodstain, she bled quite a bit pretty quickly." I said.

"Already found it. It's pulling into a store not far away. Maybe finding another victim." Howell said.

"I see it. I'm going to interfere. Maybe I can trace it's echo back to where they have the others." I said.

"Just a suggestion. What if this is useless? Maybe the echoes you see are Death echoes, and you can access them because of your connection to her." Howell said.

"I made a promise. I'm bringing her back Howell. Dead, or alive. I owe her." I said.

"For what?" Howell asked.

"For more than you know, primarily. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. I wouldn't be talking to you, and this planet would be completely and utterly fucked. Lazarus would have control of it, the Darkness would completely swallow humanity whole, and so much more shit. Trust me, Lazarus would run like a bitch in this whole scenario." I said.

"You're focused on a single human life, when so many more lives are at stake, and you may be the only thing that can stop the death of this race?! You're not a Sword of Mars. You're the Protector. The Guardian. You are the only one that can stop this!" Howell said.

"Big things have small beginnings." I said, and hung up the phone. "Now... where did the Big Bad Van go off to..." Just as I finished saying that I heard a scream and looked in that direction, from a plaza up on top of the hill. I teleported to the top of a building in that plaza and saw a girl being dragged into the back of a black van, bleeding profusely. "Bingo..." I waited until it began to drive off, and then prepared to do a... rather "Off-the-Wall" stunt. Literally.

"Dear God.... I am a dumb...." I said and took a few steps back.

"...Crazy..." I said, gritting my teeth as I started running to the lip of the building.

"Son of a BIIIIIIITCH!!!!" I screamed as my foot touched the edge of the roof, and I jumped, and landed on top of the van. "Huh.... Solid landing... Not a 10 outta 10..." I said. The van immediately started swerving like someone drank an entire bottle Korbel champagne, and washed that down with a full bottle of Jack Daniel's before jumping into the driver's seat. I was thrashed around the roof of the car, and not too long after we hit the highway, the new police in town were on our asses. I was being shot at by a bunch of hooligans with military grade hardware, while riding on top of a van with an innocent woman inside, being driven by a bunch of black eyed hooligans with military grade hardware and numbers to boot. The van swerved left, I grabbed the railing on the top and hung on the left, then dragged myself up just in time before being ground into hamburger meat on the side of an 18 wheeler. I dragged myself up onto the top of the van, struggling in the van's draft of the high speed chase, and then they swerved right to avoid a car, and knocked me over the right side. I grabbed the railing again, and dangled by one hand, and then looked forward for a split second to see the wonderful greeting from the concrete jungle. A street sign to the face. I felt it slap the shit out of me at over 120+ miles per hour and somehow lived, and held on to the van, and then I climbed back up top. I managed to gain my balance when suddenly I felt a sharp burning pain in my left arm. I nearly lost my balance from the bullet grazing me, and I looked at it, bleeding profusely from my forehead and arm now, I punched the top of the van and leaped forward, clinging to the edge of the top of the windshield, and looked the driver right in the face, and waved politely, and gave him the middle finger, then punched the windshield out of the van with a single blow, and grabbed him by his hair. "Didn't you hear the law?" I asked him loudly over the wind, and slammed his head into the steering wheel. "Don't drink and drive!" I screamed, and dragged him out of the van but his shirt collar, and let him fly, I heard his body crack against an overhead road sign but the loud *ding* was almost humorous. I grabbed his friend. "Hi, I'm your new driver. Here's your stop." I said, and smashed his head into the dashboard, breaking through it and then threw him out, too. I climbed in before the van lost control, and managed to slow it down in time to pull it over to the parking lot of a Wife-Savers, how fitting, and I jumped out of the van, ran to the back and opened it, jumping in and untying the girl. "Don't worry.. come on... don't worry. I've got ya..." I repeated, and climbed down from the van, and sitting her down on the edge of the van floor. She clenched her arm tightly, and it bled like a river.

" how did you do all of that...?" she asked, her red hair blowing in the light breeze.

"Like I said, I'm a dumb... crazy son of a bitch..." I said, and looked at her from under my hood, my bandanna beginning to get soaked in blood, and I looked at her arm. "Let me see that arm..." I said, holding my hand out and nodding towards it.

"No.... it's fine... It hurt's but... It-" she began.

"No, it's bleeding bad. Let me see it." I said, and grabbed her arm gently, moving it away from the bleeding wound. I placed my hand on the bleeding stab wound. "Pretty brutal for a small knife..." I said, and pushed on it a bit, and she cringed. "Relax.... it'll only hurt for a fraction of a second... Now." I said, and removed my hand.

"The... it's gone... how in-" she began.

I held up my hand and stopped her. "I know... If I knew, I'd tell you how I can do it, but I don't. Believe me, it's the first time I did it. I have no idea how I knew to do it... I just... did." I said, looking at her with calm, solemn eyes.

"You're eyes.... they're so... green. I've never seen eyes so pure green in my life. The iris is just... pure green." she said, almost amazed.

"Yea... You have any family?" I asked.

"Husband...." she said, as the militia drove up, and riflemen began hauling out of the humvees and aimed at me, then she jumped in the way. "Stop!!! He saved me!! Please don't shoot!!!!"

"Relax... Husband.... how fitting..." I said, and pointed at the sign for the restaurant, and then stepped forward past her.

"What the fuck did you do?" one of the militia asked.

"Me? Little old me just saved an innocent life. And I'm getting more Intel on last year's March Kidnappings than you are. I'm not the bad guy here. I hear you're at war with America." I responded.

"Corrupt Government. What do you know about the kidnappings?" said the soldier.

"Oooooh. Nice. Not enough Intel yet, but I'm gaining ground fast. I'd say they're on the run." I said.

"With what you just did? Yea. They better be. Now, step away from the girl." he said, and they aimed at me in unison.

"You expect me to listen to your commands, when I'm not the bad guy here... Especially since you just shot me." I said, pointing at the graze on my arm. "Yea. Step off, Chief."

"We understand that you just saved her life, but we can't be too sure." said one of the militia.

I teleported to the top of a building nearby, and walked away.

I pulled out my phone and called Howell I honestly hoped he didn't answer, but I needed information.

"Howell?" I asked.

"You called?" he responded.

"Yea, they're in Illinois. For sure. GPS in the van had visits on the kidnapping dates ending there within the weeks of the kidnappings. It's a warehouse that I'd imagine is heavily guarded." I said.

"Good. Cut them down, find your damsel in distress, and get out. We have a world to save." Howell said.

"It's not that simple. Their captors work for the Darkness. The girls could be corrupted, or tortured beyond repair." I said.

"What do you mean?" Howell said. "What happened to Mr. Save the Ladies?"

"Mister Save the Ladies? Please, Howes, think before your comebacks. My point is, their lives may never be normal, and if anything, they might need to be put into a mental hospital for the rest of their lives." I said.

"I'm... still learning. They'll be fine..." Howell said.

"Well, if I'm gonna Rambo this bitch, I'd better do it now. I need to get them out, and then find the leader of this Covenant of Darkness." I said.

"Get going MacGuyver." Howell said.

"Yea. Sure. I'll get on that when I get an address, because kicking in doors is too mainstream." I said sarcastically. "They're probably in Chicago, you know, for originality purposes."

"If you're wrong, you owe me a drink.'" Howell said.

"You're on." I said, and hung up, then, began my long trek to Chicago.

The closer I got, the more my head began to hurt. I clutched my forehead and bent over, my hands on my knees and managed to flush the pain away. I stood up straight, and continued walking when I saw something. A suspicious man walking towards me. I kept walking, keeping an eye on him, but I couldn't help but feel like he wanted to kill me. The way he looked at me just unsettled me. Believe me, I know I'm fine if I die, but it doesn't mean I want to go through the process. Things may not hurt near as bad as they should, but it's all still painful.

I noticed he walked into a warehouse not far from me, and I decided a peek wouldn't hurt, so I sneaked in behind him, and overheard a small bit of his conversation. but nothing interesting except that it proved I was right, and that he was working for the Darkness. I also felt something else hit me. Hard.

I took a few steps out when I was sure the coast was clear, and felt a heavy blow to the back of my head, and turned around from the blow itself long enough to see it was a black eyed man with a wooden baseball bat.

I woke up a short time later, and I struggled to move for a moment, then looked up and saw four black eyed gangsters with their faces covered by bandannas, wearing flat-bib baseball caps, and pretty much anything that looks thuggish. I struggled and then a woman walked in barely a second after I began to understand my surroundings. My outfit seems untouched, I'm bound and tied to a chair, I have 4 men standing in front of me, and a woman walking in.

"Looks like you're the head honcho over these poor bastards." I said.

"More than you know." she said, smiling ever since she walked in. "We have much to discuss..."

I felt a sharp pain in my wrists around the handcuffs that held my arms around the back of the chair, and the pain surged through me. I felt it all over my body and released a horrifying scream at the top of my lungs and began to feel weak. Then it hit me, I was being drained of my power. That's not what hit me, but... yea. It's what happened. The draining stopped as soon as I was barely conscious. She grabbed my head and pulled it back so I could look at her.

"I am not the leader of these men. I'm not who created them, but I am the Darkness. I am their Mother." she said.

"Great." I said, barely able to stay conscious. "What do we need to talk about? Please not the sex talk.... It's so cliche. I prefer the talk about how you should not to be an asshole and try to annihilate an entire race and use daddy issues as the reason for doing so."

Her response? A surprisingly strong slap in the face. "I'm not here to listen to your banter. I am the Mother of Darkness. My covenant hungers to destroy every soul on this planet, but I desire those like you.... I've watched you. Waited for this moment so that we could have a chat."

"Tough shit, sister. I'm just like the others. And I'm not succumbing to your little tricks." I replied, gasping for breath.

"Actually, you're not like the others... I'll explain... but first, a little incentive to listen." She said, and I screamed in pain as I was drained of my power again.

Man... how am I going to get out of this one...
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holy cow dude.
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PostSubject: Re: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 4   Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:41 pm

Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask and give feedback.
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PostSubject: Re: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 4   Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:48 pm

Where does this story actually start?
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PostSubject: Re: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 4   

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The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 4
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