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 Ghost Recon

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PostSubject: Ghost Recon   Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:16 pm

 This game was made in 2001, yet is still played by people today(including me). In my opinion, this is THE best tactical first person shooter game ever made, better than Rainbow Six(1998), although Rainbow Six is still the "granddaddy" of the tactical shooter genre.

 In Ghost Recon, you control 3 teams of Special Operatives, 2 men each, tasked with infiltrating enemy territory and getting back out alive. You are allowed to control any team member at any given point, and you can tell your other team members where to go, and you can even tell them to be stealthy, be loud, etc. Basically, you have full control over all other team members at all times. Because this game is a tactical shooter, it requires strategy and thinking. Oh so there are 8 enemies in that building, should we toss a grenade in, or rush in together? Or should we go 100m in front of the door, go prone and snipe all the inhabitants? It requires you to think on how to do a mission, rather than just mindlessly do it. This is one of the reasons this is such a good game, you can take multiple approaches to the same mission.

 After every mission, all the teammates who come back with you alive are awarded a skill point, which you can use to upgrade each individual's traits like Stealth, Weapon efficiency, Endurance, and Leadership. You also unlock a Specialist after completing each mission, which is basically like an upgraded version of the regular guys, they usually have one or two of their traits nearly maxed out right from the get-go, but you only get one per mission you complete.

 The game's graphics are not too impressive, because the game is old. But still, its better than a DOS game. The enemies look kinda funny, but its not that bad honestly.

 This game has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard, its practically flawless. Another soundtrack noteworthy to mention is Raven Shield's soundtrack.

 There are many, many mods for this game which add tons of stuff to it, I would highly recommend the Heroes: Unleashed mod, it adds lots of weapons and cutscenes and even changes the AI, I believe.

 Verdict: 9/10        Play this game if you haven't already, you'll love it. Especially if you love tactical shooters, like me.

Gameplay vid:

Song from OST because its awesome as fuck:

Also the intro:

Artey Flo yo

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Ghost Recon
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