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 Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot

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PostSubject: Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot   Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:21 pm

Not so long, just a test. Give Chapters 1 to 4 a chance before you shit all over it.
Chapter 1

"America is woven of many strands. I would recognize, and let it so remain. Our fate is to become one, and yet many. This is not prophecy, but description." -Ralph Ellison.


The squad was the best of the best, but they were only Marines. What could they possibly do? Quite a bit actually. These twelve soldiers weren't just the best of the best, but they also were quite a bit cocky, however, what they did, they were good at. And if anything, it was killing.

They hopped out of their FAV transport, clad in the standard U.S. Military uniforms, but with a small difference. They weren't just wearing the helmets, they were wearing motorcycle helmets, of all things. Solid color visors, all black, and one cocky one was wearing a motorcycle helmet based off of the Spartan-II helmet in Halo. Exact look-alike, but all of them had the U.S. Military Digital Desert Camouflage. Most of them had rifles, all but 4 of them, and all of them had the standard issue M9 Beretta, except for the ones without rifles, they had Desert Eagles and MK.48 LMGs. Two riflemen carried a third weapon, a Remington 870 shotgun. They were outfitted well, armed to the teeth. They had a mission to do, they wouldn't leave until they succeeded.

They moved in to the compound that had been dug into the side of the mountain. It was amazing, laced in concrete to provide support in case it may try to cave in. They continued to move through, and eventually came across a squad of militia. The militia riflemen were patrolling in a region of the compound, seemingly appeared to be for cargo unloading. Just as they were about to get ready to take out the squad, another squad came in.

"Great. There goes Plan A." said one of the soldiers.

"What now?" said another.

"Plan B." said the first.

"We don't HAVE a plan B." said a third.

"I do." said the first. "Go ape shit." he continued, grabbing his Mk 48, and shooting wildly, but actually making hits. Five soldiers dropped right there, being torn to shreds by the bullets. The rest of the squad, reluctantly, followed suit.


"Yea... I remember that." said Kenny.

"Yep... good times." said Joseph.

"Yea, when we weren't getting shot at." said William.

"Oh come on Will, that was the fun part!" said Joseph, patting Will on the back, and everyone laughed.

"So your idea, Kenny... Start a militia? Just us?" said Tom, short for Thompson.

"Yep. With what happened to us, we'll be hard to beat. Besides, we managed to keep our little secret under wraps, right?" said Kenny.

"I dunno Ken.... Seems rough around the edges. We'll need an army." said Joseph.

"We've got one. Couple good acts, get a business or two, and we'll be making money, and training soldiers. We've got this." said Kenny.

"Whoop dee fuckin' doo. Sounds like a FLAWLESS plan K." said Simmons.

The soldiers were knee deep in combat. More and more of the militiamen came running out. These were ISIS soldiers. They were well equipped, well armored, and well organized, but they were dropping like flies. In the past, the U.S. mobilized, and deployed, finally, into the Middle East for the second time, and the third war in the middle east ensued. The ISIS threat was growing majorly, and Navy SEALs were being deployed, and the Army and Marines were deployed as well. Army troops were flooding into the Middle East, Marines were scouting, identifying possible ISIS strongholds, and relaying the intel to the Army to to provide fire support when needed. The war was already in a stalemate. One side was trying to prevent civilian casualties, the other didn't care. One side was heavily trained, the other received training, but only enough the truly make them a well oiled fighting force. Nonetheless, this war on terror was going to be the bloodiest battle the U.S. may fight in the modern age of war. As ISIS also used social media to expand beyond the Middle East, other nations couldn't support too much. The UK was trying to contain ISIS riots, as well as the untrained ISIS combatants in their territory, forming a large Muslim gang, not trained, but with a devotion to the ISIS cause, they were still a major problem for the UK law enforcement, even causing martial law to be imposed. It was like that all over Europe. ISIS had successfully spread beyond the Middle East, and built a million man army. The U.S. Army had been way too late to have a decent chance, but they had fully rested their soldiers, while ISIS had been fighting hard. These 12 Marines were the best they had, and were finally being deployed into a very heavily guarded ISIS stronghold. Now they've gotten into a firefight they have no chance of winning, but that was about to change. An ISIS soldier threw a well placed grenade, and it exploded as soon as it reached the Marines, but something unexpected happened. They didn't die, they exploded like bombs, and destroyed the entire stronghold.

Communications were gone, and the soldiers all woke up from their comatose states around the same time, roughly 6 hours later, outside of a destroyed mountainous rock. They woke up, and stared at each other.

"What the fuck just happened?" said the one in the spartan helmet.

"We exploded." said one of the other soldiers.

"No shit. I mean why." said the spartan.

"Um, not sure. I think a grenade went off. Then we should have died, and instead, exploded." said the same soldier.

"That's great. Just great. At least the humvee's still in good shape. We can make it out." said the spartan.

"Listen..." said another soldier. "Enemy contacts to the East." he continued.

"I hear 'em, gonna guess on about 24." said the spartan.

One of the soldiers looked at the spartan. "What do we do, Kenny?" he asked.

"We have no other choices. Take a vote. Fight, or run?" said Kenny.

The entire enemy force came screaming over the massive sand dune, and it was clearly more than 24 men.

"Run." said the whole group.

"We'll be shootin' anyways." said another.

"True that, Joseph." said another.

"Pile into the humvee!" screamed Kenny, and they all began rushing to the FAV, pulling the doors open, and the rear door, and filing in as quickly as they could. Joseph jumped onto the .50 cal and hit the roof of the vehicle.

"Punch it!" he screamed, and Kenny fired up the engine, and slammed the gas pedal into the floor. The tires began kicking up dust, and the FAV took off, speeding across the desert sand. ISIS FAV's, basically trucks with soldiers piled into the back of them, and trucks with machine gun turrets mounted on them, followed in pursuit. Bullets began flying towards the soldiers, and Joseph, in response, began firing back at them. A .50 caliber bullet from the burst punched through the windshield of one of the trucks. the bullet pierced the chest of the driver and he, in simplest terms, exploded in the cabin of the truck, scared his passenger, and the truck kept going, eventually flipping over and crushing the poor bastard in the back, manning the turret. The force kept chasing them, and began firing, however, the FAV was a custom humvee. heavily armored, a high capacity .50 caliber turret, a troop cabin made comfortable, rather than uncomfortable and cramped, and a finger scanner button that you push, hold your finger down to, and it scans your print. When the print is scanned and confirmed to be the print of one of these 12 squad members, the engine starts up. Another modification to the humvee was a better engine, allowing for higher speeds, and another fitting modification is better, more heavy duty suspension. as well as bulletproof tires. Kenny, the one with the Spartan helmet, kept driving, while Joseph kept firing, and soon, after enough trigger pulling, the turret ran out of ammo, but with three kills. Kenny heard the following, in this order.

"Shit, out of ammo!!!"

"What the fuck? Fuck it!!!"

After that, gunfire followed. From Joseph. Not the turret, but Joseph.

"What the fuck, how are you shooting with no ammo?" asked one of the soldiers in the back.

"It's me, not the turret!" screamed Joseph. "If it works, Will, don't question it!!"

"How are we not freaking out?!" screamed Tom.

"Maybe because we're being shot at." said Kenny.

Following that statement, a big explosion was heard.

"Holy fuck!!!!" screamed Simmons.

"Blame the raufoss round." said Joseph.

"A what?' screamed Tom.

"Bullet that goes boom!!!" screamed Joseph.

"Use that more often." screamed Kenny.

Joseph materialized another raufoss round, and it levitated in front of his palm, which he had aiming directly at another truck chasing them. When they figured out that it was the gunner levitating a bullet that went kaboom, they began arguing whether to call reinforcements, or retreat. It was decided for them when Joseph confirmed that he had a lock on the target, and the truck was torched. The rest of the trucks hit the brakes and radioed in that they just lost the enemies.

"Holy shit! We got away!! Stop the humvee!!" screamed Joseph.

"What? Stop? You're insane!!" screamed Spartan Kenny.

"Not really insane. More or less, want us to try some target practice?" said Joseph.

"I like that idea better." screamed Tom.

"Fine." said Kenny, and he turned the humvee around, and let everyone out for some target practice, and they started firing their weapons. Then Joseph started to stop them.

"Try making the bullets, not using the rifle." said Joseph.

Unwittingly, one of the soldiers, Tom, in the squad started freaking out.

"Holy shit!!! I can't control it!!" he screamed.

"Calm down!!! Aim your hand at them!!" Joseph said.

"You're telling me to calm down with bullets flying out my hands?!" screamed Tom.

"Just do it!!" Joseph screamed.

Tom breathed anxiously, nervous as hell, and aimed his hand at the ISIS troopers over in the distance. When Joseph gave the order, everyone else aimed at them, and they fired in unison.

"There ya go!!!" he screamed, and then he motioned for a retry. The ISIS troopers saw them, and the bullets they fired as they hit the dirt, and re-engaged, screaming orders to get out of the vehicles and engage the Marines. The field went from 19 trucks, to 19 squads, ranging from 12 to 18 people per squad. Each were moving in a scattered, yet clustered and organized formation. They didn't leave their fellow squads sides, at least for more than 10 feet apart. This is just counting the squads, machine gun trucks were manned still.

"Uh oh." said Kenny.

"Might wanna fire now." said Joseph.

"Raufoss?" said Tom.

"Would be smart." said Joseph. "Hit the trucks first, take out the support."

"Gotcha." said Kenny, and they all began firing, or magically projecting, exploding bullets at the trucks, and soon they were decimated. Next, they did the same thing to the infantry rushing towards them. Explosions were everywhere, not big explosions, but big enough to rattle the enemies and make them think twice, three, maybe four times, reconsidering their idea to rush the strange magical marines. Soon, before they even had a chance to retreat, they were reduced to a single squad, and they simply threw their rifles down and dropped to their knees, their hands raised and trembling in fear, and began bowing in the general direction of the marines, shouting "War Gods, spare us!!" in their language.

"What are they doing? Praying?" said Tom.

"Probably scared, asking to be spared. You know, general actions based on fear." said Kenny.

"Should we spare them?" asked Joseph.

"Nah... Didn't they roast like 22 people, while they were alive? And cheered? Kill the fuckers." said Simmons.

"Eh... fair point." said Joseph, and they all fired at them with standard bullets, and the soldiers died a little less brutal than their friends.

"Not bad when you explain it. Green cargo pants, nice and comfy, can hold a little more. Black hoodies, help conceal us at night. Messenger bags, and back backs help us carry things we may need. Nice touch, they're easy to get to. Your special booze brew, you called it Smith's? Little self sponsoring, but it's fucking delicious. You made a damn good beer there Kenny. That should sell nicely if you can get some workers." rambled Simmons.

"Exactly what I tried to tell you. Light beer, full of flavor, nice little item to sell. Make some money. Maybe make our own store and sell Smith's Brew, we can make a good living. Gotta sell hot dogs too though. For the weary travelers." said Kenny.

"Booyah." said Joseph. "Brilliant. We got to keep our weapons right? We have the weapons, just need the ammo. We've got that!!!" said Joseph, opening his palm and materializing a bullet into thin air, and it drops into his hand, and he starts shaking it at Kenny. "I say we do this, man! Look at us, we served three tours, one of which we didn't even finish. Sent home from the explosion, we almost became freakin' government experiments. We have the equipment, and the starting line up, and the skills to pay the bills, lets hit the home run, bro!!! Let's win the championship!!!"

"See, Joseph's up for it." said Simmons.

"Joseph's up for anything." said Kenny.

"I say, how about we start with the business first?" said Tom. "We get our business set up, work there, get to the point where we have a decent income coming in, and the Depot can have some workers with regular pay. We're making good money, and we can get to where we can afford ourselves a scan. Find out what our problems are, how we got this. I think if we have a nice income base, and an idea of what we are, and what we're truly capable of, we'll do much better."

"I like that plan." said Kenny. "More boring, but more sensible than fucking shit up like bounty hunters who own a convenience store that serves hot dogs and hamburgers."

"True..." said Joseph.

"Let's do it." said Simmons.

"I'm with you." said Richards.

Everyone clinked the beers together in a toast, and all 12 ex-marines took a sip of their beers, and happily cheered, and began working out the things they don't have yet. Militia name, store name, the militia uniforms, standard issue equipment, the whole nine yards. They were already on their way to their ultimate goal.
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PostSubject: Re: Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot   Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:46 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot   Fri May 01, 2015 11:08 am

hey hey hey now, stick to one story at a time, you dont wanna end up with too much on your plate.
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PostSubject: Re: Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot   Fri May 01, 2015 1:18 pm

Missy wrote:
hey hey hey now, stick to one story at a time, you dont wanna end up with too much on your plate.

agreed. keep working on evolution is power while its still fresh and has many options to still optimize.
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PostSubject: Re: Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot   Thu May 21, 2015 9:15 pm

I've been multitasking. I'm editing A New Beginning: Chapter 3 since I haven't gotten any new ideas for my very first chapter in it yet. But right now It's about to end, and Chapter 4 will begin. If I can't focus on one book, I focus on another one easily. If I can't get any new ideas for one book, I have ideas for another one. With the Introduction of An Unexpected Empire, I'll have my hands full, but I'll be happily busy.

On that note, the story that Seiko gave up on, her little strategy worked. I did pick up where she left off after her little pep talk that followed, and I'm finally working on the chapter I began, now, It's bound to be released soon.

On another note, Evolution is Power is on a puzzle in it's little video game. I had plans for where it should go, but it took a completely different direction, and I think I may need to halt it for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot   

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Dead on Arrival: An Unexpected Empire | Chapter 1: Pilot
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