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 Dead on Arrival: AnUnexpected Empire | Chapter 2: Conduits

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PostSubject: Dead on Arrival: AnUnexpected Empire | Chapter 2: Conduits   Mon May 25, 2015 12:24 am

I decided to complete the Crew and give you guys and little insight into who they are for the Next chapter, something I should've done LAST Chapter, so read the "Meet the Crew" section, and enjoy the Second Chapter, this one is going a little slow, but I'm trying to take a more subtle approach. Tell me how it's working out for you guys.
Meet The Crew: A squad of Ex Marines that haven't left each others side since the 3rd grade. They went into the Marines together, taught each other different things, and communicated well enough to become some of the best. They changed on the battlefield, only if they needed to. They each developed their own persona in the war zone, that came out under certain circumstances. These persona's weren't necessarily separate personalities as much as they were the crew's manifested patriotic anger against ISIS and their crimes against humanity. Since they left the Front, the war hasn't ended, but their patriotic anger against ISIS has settled, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't go back over there and kick some ass if they had the chance.

1: Kenny: A well disciplined, well trained martial artist, and Ex-Marine. For some reason, he's always assumed the Leadership position, and he became the true squad leader after his C.O. saw how well he led his friends, and how well they listened, and followed his lead. Kenny says, and the rest agree, that part of the squad's success comes from being lifelong friends, as well as good communication. On the battlefield, he changed from a polite person, to a dangerous warrior. Kenny is also the best driver of the group, and also wears a Spartan-II motorcycle helmet, unlike the rest of the squad, who wear simply basic motorcycle helmets. One thing each helmet shares is the Solid Black, glossy colored visor. He carries an ACR when in the Marines, and also owns an M4 carbine, which he carries home with him, and continues to use it in his Militia days.

2: Joseph: Cocky, energetic, the comedian of the group, but a force to be reckoned with. On the battlefield, he changed much like Kenny does, but rather than being violently angry out of patriotism, he becomes a reckless, yet easy to restrain, hell hound. He and Kenny are close, and Joseph always has had Kenny's back, much as Kenny has had his. Joseph carries an MK.48 LMG at all times, from Marine to Militia. Of course, not when out of uniform.

3: Tom: The Pilot, and support of the group, and the Martial Arts Sensei in the Crew. The Crew nicknamed him Sensei, yet Senpai and Onii-chan is tossed around (but not near as often as Sensei) because of the fact that he taught them martial arts. Not actually a coward, but can be easily freaked out under the right circumstances. Unlike Kenny and Joseph, he doesn't really like average assault rifles or LMG's, he favors an M4 carbine instead, but he is most confident when behind the controls of an Apache or a Black-Hawk. Also afraid of weasels.

4: Simmons: Immature, goofy, and comical. He likes how others see him as well. He's a caring, loving person, who would give the shirt off of his back to a man who needed it, he's saved the people in the Crew quite a few times.

5: Tran: Asian American, sounds very much American, looks very much Japanese. He's the sharpshooter, who often carried an M14 DMR into battle when he was in the Marines. The Crew called him Fuji, due to the fact that he was the most mysterious in their childhood, and they didn't know his name until 6 months after they became friends. The nickname is still thrown around affectionately.

6: William: A quiet, not very talkative person. He's all bite, very little bark. Not much to be said about him. He was the demolitions expert of the Crew, using grenades, mortars, and is most confident when carrying a LMG, manning a heavy MG turret, carrying an RPG, grenade launcher, or driving a tank.

7: Tiny: Standard guy, smart, witty, ballistic, tall. He carries a MK .48 LMG and loves heavy weapons. He's the tallest of the group, and he's roid-rage strong. He has been reported carrying a Mini-Gun during one of the Crew's missions. It's also believed that he still has it in his house.

8: Hunt: Hunter, tracker, CQB fanatic. Excellent sniper, the only other member in the group who was already a great sniper, but he still learned how to be better from Tran. Before the Marines, in Kenny's words: "The only thing Hunter does now is Alcoholism. I swear I feel like I'm getting cirrhosis just by watching the guy." After this, he cleaned up and he joined the Crew in the Marines Boot camp, and fell in love with an Assault Shotgun. He named it Betsy, and brought his own Hunter Compact sniper with him to the Middle East during the U.S.- ISIS War. When he's the sniper on a mission, he is the most valuable asset due to his tracking skills. Whether it be a raccoon, or a man, he can track them flawlessly, and give them a nice love tap from 1000 yards. When he's got Betsy, you better not get within 25 feet of him and the Crew. His nickname is his name, simply shortened to hint at one of his favorite occupations. Good ol' country boy.

9: Gaiden: A Mexican, machete swinging hombre in the Crew. His brother's name is Armando, and his cousin is named Luis. Both are close to Gaiden, yet lately they've drifted apart as they moved away to California. Gaiden's only family is the Crew, and would die for them in a heartbeat. He carries a machete with him at all times, he did when he was in the Marines, and he began doing it again when he joined Kenny's Crusade, that is, when the Militia began to officially be formed. His CQC is among the best in the Crew, and his primary weapon is an M4 carbine, which is the Militia's standard issue rifle for it's early days.

10: Cinder: A real Pyro. He's not showing it often, but you can see by his extreme maniacal laughter and enjoyment when around fireworks, explosives, and the like, he loves to blow things up. The only thing he loves more than to watch things go boom, is to watch things burn. In the Marines, he carried frag grenades, but only two, and he carried about 3 or 4 incendiary grenades, and carried an M4 carbine most often than when he carried his Mk.48 LMG. He sometimes used incendiary rounds when the Crew wanted to let him loose on the enemy.

11: Spectre: He was the brutal one. African American, happy most of the time, and creepy in combat. He used the martial arts Tom taught the Crew, until he picked up something else to use. In the Marines, the Crew found a new respect for him when they witnessed him get in a melee fight with 6 ISIS soldiers, and he punched one in the chest, breaking a rib, and then proceeded to beat the other five to death with a shovel, and then impale the injured survivor with it. They called him "Specter" from that day forward, because "it seemed as if he was beating them to death to avenge someone, or get revenge on the soldiers for the executions. It was as if he was one of the ones that was executed by ISIS, and he went full vengeful." He coined the Spectre spelling.

12: Sean: A polite fellow, who was the mastermind behind the brew. He came up with the idea, and knew that Kenny had the equipment. They set up a shed in his backyard as a still, and Sean helped teach Kenny the recipe. It didn't work out, but Kenny kept trying. Sean gave up, and a week later, Kenny perfected it. It went from Moonshine, to an actual beer when Kenny looked at the recipe, and introduced a lot of changes, perfected it, and used it, and after about three months, they came up with the militia plan. If it wasn't for Sean, the militia may never have happened. On the other hand, this Ex Marine was a marksman with throwing knives and hatchets. He's also decent with sniper rifles, and is best with mounted heavy MG turrets, and rifles. He never leaves without a Mountain Dew.
Chapter 2

Kenny had used a majority of his money to buy an empty lot in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, his hometown. The rest was used to buy materials, and what was left after that was enough to pay his house bills, pay for groceries, and of course, pay for his personal test to find out what his magical powers are. The rest of his friends pitched in to help buy the lot. Each payed a evenly divided amount for the lot, the materials, and the tools. They then began building and sketching out the size of the building on blueprints. After about 2 weeks, it was mostly completed. Today, Kenny was driving up to the surprisingly completed lot. He'd hurt his leg picking up a bunch of 2 x 4's two days earlier, however, he healed within a minute, but his friends forced him to head home for a day.

He stared in amazement at the building. It was halfway completed two days ago, now, it was entirely done, and the aisles were being put together in the store now. The entire store was finished, now they just needed to stock the shelves, and the refrigerators, and the the cash register, and hot dog, and burger machines set up. Their business was about to get started.

"Ho-lee-shit." said Kenny. "You guys really outdid yourselves for the past two days."

"Yea, no thanks to you." said Joseph, with a sarcastic smirk on his face. "Everything's wired up, set up, and we're about to get the prized hot dog, and burger counter set up. Tom and Simmons are setting up the cash register, and you and I, are about to go get a drink."

"Nope. I think we should set up the food counter. Then get a drink." said Kenny.

"That's what I said." said Joseph, his face changing from a smile, to a rather serious face. Kenny had the idea that he was anything but.

"No, you said we should get a drink now and let everyone else take care of the work..." said Kenny, smiling.

"No, I said we should get to work, you said we should get shit faced. Get your shit together and quit jerking off." said Joseph, his face getting really serious, yet it was obvious Joseph was goofing around.

Kenny simply laughed, and followed Joseph. "What I wanna do is, I really wanna get the signs up. After that, it should be operational. Then we can plaster a big Grand Opening sign up for a few days, until it's truly finished, and then we should be home free. You got the business cards? Meaning we can legally own the store?" said Kenny.

"Yep. All right here. Let's get our shit together." said Joseph, and both men went over to the signs, and starts to map out where they would go.


Joseph and Kenny walked in, two weeks later, and stood at the counter.

"I'm just sayin' bro, We were the ultimate weapons the Marines had. Look at us, what we became. We could spread our little gift to others like us, train them to fight, make our own little super weapons." said Joseph.

"I understand, I like the idea. But... we need to know what we're looking for." said Kenny

After another week, the store was truly up and running, and they went to the doctor, specifically, University Hospital, and requested a private doctor visit for all twelve of them for "Scientific Purposes." It was scheduled for another week, and they finally met their doctor.

"Hello... Gentlemen." said the doctor, surprised. "I thought this was a small visit. Not a group session."

"We're full of surprises." said Kenny, spreading his arms in point.

"I suppose we all are." said the doctor. "My name is Dr. Bradbury. Pleasure to meet you fine gentlemen. What brings us here today?"

"Well, I suppose we should start from the beginning." said Joseph.

"Yea... We're... best friends. Since early childhood." said Kenny, starting form the very beginning of the story. "It's strange because we've all admitted to each other that we each saw something special inside of us, but we didn't know what it could be. It connected us somehow. Honestly, Joseph was the first to admit it. I admitted right after he did."

The doctor nodded, pushing his glasses up on his nose. "I... see." he replied.

"So, now, we thought it was our love for our country that we shared. We each joined the Marines together when we were around the same age. The youngest in our group is 25, the oldest is 26. I'm 26, Joseph is 25, Simmons over there has his head in the sink." said Kenny.

"No I don't." said Simmons, lifting his head from the sink, and stumbling a bit. Everyone chuckled, even the doctor.

"Anyways, so, we also had a love of martial arts." said Kenny.

"I think that's primarily my fault. I was a black belt by the time I was 18. and after we made it through boot camp, I personally taught them the basics, and they pretty quickly caught on." said Tom.

"Exactly, that's another thing we shared." continued Kenny. "Anyways, after that, we became, according to the Colonel over the battalion we were in, the 45th Armored, 'the best troops the battalion has.' We were close combat trained, martial artists, Tran taught us how to use sniper rifles properly. We could operate FAV's, tanks, we even manned an artillery unit before. and Tom knows how to fly a gunship."

"Gunship?" asked Dr. Bradbury.

"Helicopters, attack choppers, those things." said Kenny, and the doctor nodded. "Anyways, something happened. On one of our missions, we were sent in to infiltrate a compound, and a grenade landed by us in a firefight. You wouldn't believe it, but, it exploded, and so did we. We came out without a scratch. Now, we're able to do this." Kenny explained, and then held out his palm, and materialized a rifle bullet, in the shell, with primer, and even had gunpowder. It was a full rifle round, and he just levitated it. Doctor Bradbury's eyes grew wider as he stared at the bullet, floating in the air, and then looked up at Kenny, and then the rest of them.

"That's impossible, you can all do that? This is a medical marvel. I've never seen anything like it!" Dr. Bradbury rambled.

"We wanted you to take a blood test from each of us, take a blood sample, and examine them, look at our DNA, and find the match that we all have. There has to be a reason..." Kenny said, and the bullet dropped into his palm, then he shook it at the doctor. "There has to be a reason why we can do this, and why we heal so fast. I had a 2 x 4 drop on my leg about two weeks ago, I think it's three weeks now. It scrapped my leg like ground meat, but it healed as if it never happened in 60 seconds."

"Right away. This is a marvelous scientific miracle!" said the Doctor, and he stood up quickly.

"The only thing I ask of you, that we ask of you, is that you don't reveal this just yet, but if you do, don't mention us. If the Government found out about this, we'd be D.A.R.P.A.'s new favorite pincushions." said Kenny.

"Absolutely!" said Bradbury, and he ran out of the room.

"You handled that like a pro." said Tom.

"Thanks. Worked on it all night." said Kenny.

"This sink is wonderfully clean!!!" said Simmons, his head in the sink, and his voice echoing inside.

"Get your head out of the sink you moron." said Joseph, dragging Simmons out of the sink.

"No, I'm serious. Look. It's not even a sink, it's like a mirror!" said Simmons.

"Holy shit. It is." said Joseph.

"We lost another one." said Tom, as both men stuck their heads in the sink.

A few minutes later, Bradbury came back with 12 syringes, all empty, and some rubbing alcohol, and a bag of cotton balls.

"You're making me uneasy, Doc. You seem EXTREMELY eager to poke me with that needle and drain my blood." said Tran.

"Not at all. I'm just trying to get the samples I need. Please, hold still." said Dr. Bradbury. He pulled up the sleeve on Tran's shirt, and rubbed a nice sized area with the rubbing alcohol, and then he got the needle ready. "And I'm about to push the needle in now. If you're squeamish, you can look away."

"Will do, Doc." said Tran. He looked away and sighed, then as soon as the needle got close to his arm, he immediately looked directly at it, and stared at it the entire time, his eyes wide, staring intensely at the needle as if trying to break it with his eyes. This caused everyone to laugh after the doctor pulled the needle from Tran's arm, and he blinked rapidly.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" said Dr. Bradbury.

"It was worse than you know." said Tran, still staring at his arm as the doctor patched it up.

After all of them had gotten their blood drawn, and bandaged up, the doctor set them free and let them go.

"I'll contact you all in a week with what I've found out. I'll let the people know, but I won't reveal your involvement." said Dr. Bradbury.

"By the way... We could use a scientist." said Kenny.

"What do you mean?" asked Dr. Bradbury.

"You see... We're starting a militia, to deal with the gangs in the state. We'll be recruiting soon, once we've been noticed. We don't want you to reveal our involvement at all in your studies, but we could use a doctor/scientist to help find out if there's more people like us." said Kenny.

"How do you mean?" asked Bradbury.

"You drew our blood right?" asked Kenny. "If this is some sort of mutation or something like that, we've got an edge over the gangs unless they have people like us. We'll need someone to examine our new recruits for this little mutation. Not only will this help us find more suiting soldiers, but it'll also help further your research. I'd say it's a mutual agreement. I need soldiers, you need research material. You find the mutation, I sort through soldiers and super soldiers."

"Ah... I see. I'd be happy to help!" said Dr. Bradbury with a smile. "I'll make sure to get the entire hospital involved when the time comes. All I ask is for your militia to provide security for the Hospital, and for our research."

"Of course! With pleasure!" said Kenny and Joseph in unison, and they looked at each other, as well as the rest of the crew did, then they all looked back at Bradbury.

"Excellent! This is so exciting! You said you heal quickly right? This could be a massive breakthrough in cancer research!!!" said the doctor.

"I... I wouldn't try that. This little gift of ours isn't exactly a Christmas gift. If you give it to the rest of the world, it could turn them into us, or it could drive them insane. You're talking about introducing a mutation to a person without that mutation. If it doesn't kill them, it could handicap them, put them into a coma, or do God only knows what else." said Tran.

"Good point." said Cinder, pointing at Tran.

"First time you've talked today." said Joseph.

Cinder holds up a magazine, with a entertained smile. "Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition." he says, smirking happily.

"All day? Jesus..." said Tom.

"Hey. If you can't join 'em, watch from the sidelines." said Cinder, shrugging.

"Anyways, I'll be sure to get back to you gentlemen in a week with the results" said Bradbury, and the Crew walked away, talking the entire way to the Crew Depot.


The Crew was relaxing in the employee lounge in the Depot a week later, when the Doctor called. He basically rushed them to the hospital, saying the results had to be given in person.

"You called?" said William, as soon as they got to the Doctor's personal office.

"I apologize for the cramped conditions gentlemen, maybe when we get the militia started, this hospital can become it's own business aside from University Hospitals." said Bradbury. "So, the results." Bradbury began opening the folder he was carrying.

"What's so important? Why did you rush us here?" asked Tiny, a towering 6'2" over the rest of the Crew.

"The result, my large friend, is a genetic mutation beyond anything the medical or scientific field has seen. Extraordinary doesn't even describe it... It's supernatural to say the least. The genetic mutation is a condition that's unoticable, and lies dormant until a suitable element comes in contact with the mutation's possessor." said Bradbury.

"You got this information from staring at 12 blood samples?" asked Kenny.

"I did get the results of what it is, the rest I sorted through your story, and similar stories I've been finding. Apparently, in a recently built, yet surprisingly prosperous city in the state of New York called Empire City, there are a few of these people that I call Conduits, who have your gene mutation. I'm calling it the Conduit gene. Considering what conduits do and how your abilities do similar things, just, not with electricity." said Bradbury. "However, apparently, electricity is a possibility! Because a rather famous Electrical Conduit is rising in popularity in Empire City. he's saving people, protecting them with his abilities, even healing them. with his abilities. His name is Cole MacGrath. He's one of the most heroic cases I can see. The rest are becoming psychopaths, murdering, killing, joining and building factions. But cases like their's are dating back to the days of the Byzantine Empire. Possibly even Ancient Greece."

"That would make sense. Electrical Conduit gets his powers from a lightning strike, people see him as a manifestation of Zeus himself on Earth." said Sean.

"Fair point." said Joseph, pointing at Sean. "Maybe even Apollo. Chariot of Fire. Possibly fire abilities, using them for flight, easy and quick travel method."

"Exactly what I believe. But they aren't in large numbers, they in fact are just rising in numbers very recently. Makes sense considering how many more possible things there are to give them powers nowadays. Electrocution chances are massively increased with the amount of power lines and power outlets we have now compared to the lack thereof back in Ancient times." said Bradbury.

"And Burning chances are increased as well with the chances of electrical fires, and even forest fires, spreading to suburban regions containing conduits." said Kenny.

"Not just fire and electrical abilities. Ice, water, glass, and your case, bullets and ammunition. I'm calling your kind warfare based. There are even monsterous and insectoid types. They're like a cross breed between humans, octopi, squid, insects, reptiles, it's horrible. They must be created by another conduit, otherwise it makes no sense." said Bradbury.

"Whoa whoa whoa... So not only do we have Campfires and Human Light Sockets running around, but we have Human refrigerators, Human fish tanks, human windows, and clusterfucks of beasts walking around?" asked Joseph.

"Take a look." said Bradbury, turning his computer screen around to a surveillance camera on a website called Best Gore. The video was of 3 tall beings matching the description of the monsters Bradbury described, with arms that didn't even have hands, they were just large blades of hardened bone possibly, serrated at the tips, sharp, and wide, possibly able to block heavy attacks, but the way they look, they may not be able to do much defense. They looked human in the face, but the mouth was non-existent, replaced by four tentacles about a foot and a half in length, without suckers, instead, large carnivore teeth lined their jaw tentacles, and they surrounded a hole in the back of the throat that led to the esophagus. These three monsters mauled, and shredded a man and a woman to death, and ate them right there in the street. They used their arm blade plate tips to hold themselves upright when sitting still, and they rushed away from a group of militia in the street.

"Jesus..." said Tom.

"The Government isn't removing this video, because of the comments saying that this is fake." said Bradbury.

"But awesome." said Joseph.

"Joseph!!" said Tom.

"What? If we get to fight those things, I'mma be hyped the fuuuuuck up." said Joseph.

"Where did you say that video was? The monster video?" asked Tom.

"Both are in New Marais, Louisiana." said Dr. Bradbury.

"Both?" said the entire Crew.

"Take a look at this one. It takes place an hour later." said Bradbury. The video was in fact set an hour after the first video, where two Militia Patrols were standing around the scene of the two murders, and a small group of the same exact monsters came rushing through. Roughly around 18 or more were on screen, and they were mauling the militia patrols. stabbing them with their arm plates while they were down, swinging them at the militia, and then devouring them. One monster however, was taken down.

"At least we know the stuff of nightmares can be killed." said Joseph.

"Yea. Lets get the militia idea rolling already. I don't want to be unprepared for when the Swamp Monsters decided to head for South Carolina." said Tran.

"We're about to get started on that now. Men, lets get to our HQ. We added a second story on top of the Depot for a reason." said Kenny.

"But wait, one more thing. That militia? I had a friend look into it. They control New Marais. And they're moving into Louisiana as we speak." said Bradbury.

"Where is this New Marais anyways?" asked Tiny.

"Island city off the coast of New Orleans. It contains a large area that the people call Flood Town... Apparently during the Hurricane Katrina event, "Flood Town" was flooded and torn to shreds. Most buildings are still standing, but they're in rough shape from the pictures. People are still stuck there in Flood Town. The Hurricane also junked the bridges up to be nearly inaccessible. The only way through the bridges is basically on foot." explained Bradbury.

"Not sure why we're getting so much info. We're not invading the place." said Sean.

"Trust me, you might want to do that later on. My friend dug up two cell phone videos from someone who witnessed the Militia's darker side. Take a look." said Bradbury, who turned the computer around again.

The video showed a squad of about 4 militiamen, clad in Gray uniforms, with orange sections in the colorations, making for a pretty decent design. Somewhat a two-tone design on the different uniforms, they wore comfortable cargo pants, some wearing lounge pants, but they all wore masks. Some wore hockey masks, much like Jason Voorhees, but orange markings, not red. Others wore bandannas over their entire faces, with holes cut open to allow them to see, and the holes were covered with goggles to hide their eyes. Others wore paintball masks. They carried ACR assault rifles, Goblin PDR's, MP5 SMG's, pretty decent hardware for a simple militia. They were standing on the rooftop of an abandoned building with a few civilians.

"Let's see if you can fly..." said one of the Militiamen, seriously country accent. The militiamen laughed as if crazed with the idea of murdering these poor people.

"No, no! Please! I'm not one of them, I swear!!" screamed one of the civilians, turning back and shaking her head no, crying and begging for mercy. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and one of the militia was ushering her to the edge.

"You heard me. I said jump deviant!" said the militiaman, and he shot her with two rounds before she fell from the edge with a brutal blood splatter on the pavement from the 3 or 4 story fall. The other people bound and tied on the roof began to cry and scream in fear, as they were ushered to the edge, and then, one by one, they were shot and fell from the rooftop, crunching and splattering on the pavement.

"Jesus Christ..." said Joseph.

"That's not the worse part. The worst part is this." said the doctor, and he starts playing another video.

The video begins with trains rolling down the tracks slowly in the open public streets of New Marais. They were full of people, and they were being paraded around like trophies by the militia.

"They're parading around civilians like prizes? They're holding them as prisoners, and parading them around like trophies. Assholes." said Joseph.

"Those aren't civilians... Those are cops." said Tom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." said a voice in the video. "These men and women of our city tried to fight against the Militia for helping you. We keep you safe, we protect you from the deviants. They fought against us for protecting the people. This is a shining example of what happens when you stand against the New Marais Militia."

"Yea yea yea, you've made your point. So, what do they want?" asked Simmons.

"Human Purity." said Bradbury.

"They're against Conduits?" asked Kenny.

"With good reason. Humans fear what they do not understand, unless it protects them. Conduits are humans with incredible power, and they can use the power to create and protect, or to kill and destroy." said Bradbury.

"So the Militia are using the idea that Conduits are evil, impure, and destructive to maintain control." said Kenny.

"And, not to mention, sheer strength in numbers, and a tyrannical rule." said Spectre.

"Exactly." said Bradbury. "I told you this because they're spreading fast, and recruiting faster. Maybe they want Louisiana, maybe they want the southeast, maybe they want the country, or maybe they want a civil war, but you boys need to be ready when the time comes that they knock on the state's doorstep."

"You've gone above and beyond Dr. Bradbury. Your hospital will have the Militia's protection as soon as it's available." said Kenny, and he held out his hand to the doctor, who shook his hand with a smile.

"One more thing." said Dr. Bradbury. "Conduits are varying in abilities, you boys are the first warfare based conduits I have seen. But all conduits share a few characteristics with their abilities. They all have "Bolts" or a primary focused attack. for you guys, it would be bullets I suppose. Another is called the Blast, which a few don't have. Perhaps because their element doesn't support that function I suppose? The Blast is dangerous because, rather than being designed for low energy consumption, and high damage like the bolts, it's designed to push enemies back, like a spread. For you guys, that may be a shotgun blast? Maybe you'll have an explosion based one, utilizing a shockwave to push enemies back. I'm not sure, for warfare, the blast is a mystery to my knowledge. Anyways, the final three abilities you'll have are grenades, rockets, and some sort of heavy damage special attack thing. Obviously, the most basic grenade is a fragmentation. The trusty hand grenade. The rocket may be an RPG, maybe it's a standard rocket. not sure, maybe even guided, lock on, I have no clue. Your special, just saying, prepare to be amazed."

"You're amazed by us aren't you?" asked Joseph.

"Why should I not be? You're a marvel of Natural Engineering." said Bradbury. "I've always wanted to be a scientist. You gave me the chance to use what I've been studying for years and made a dream of mine come true. I can't thank you enough for that."

"No problem, Doctor. You've done your part to help us too. We appreciate every bit of your help, and we hope to receive it in the future. In other words, it's just like I said. You've gone above and beyond doctor, we'll make sure you receive our protection in the future." said Kenny.

"He better not be in my room tonight..." said Joseph, whispering to Kenny as they began walking away.


"So. Mission 1 for our little Vigilante crew." said Kenny. "There's this drug deal going down in Myrtle Beach. Right on the beach, at night, nobody around. It's supposedly, right here, at the edge of the beach, near an area where nobody ever goes. It's right under an abandoned boardwalk. Granted, it's between two gangs, it's bound to be heavily guarded, or, extremely discreet. Most likely both."

"My vote is Heavily Guarded." said Joseph.

"Mine too." said Tiny.

"Will, any input?" asked Kenny.

Will simply shook his head no.

"Good." said Kenny. "So, this is between the two gangs called the Squad, and the Last Judgement. The Squad is so dumb sounding I know, but don't let the name fool you. They've been incredibly underestimated. They're armed, they're dangerous, and they have strength in numbers, with a financial income from their Drug Deals, and even run a hitman operation for an extra large boost in funding here and there. Supposedly they have the best meth in town, they have a "No User" policy. If you're one of their members, and you get caught using their product, you take money and product from the Squad, you're out of the crew. You don't go home either, you get hit. Hard. Bodies have been found, and identified, but never linked to the Squad. The Last Judgement gang are known for their wide reaching cliques. Their clique engulfs the entirety of the Carolinas, and even runs into Georgia. I believe that the Squad and the Last Judgement are controlling some of the same area, and the main reason they aren't fighting over it, is nothing more than just a simple little exchange of product. Last judgement gives a portion of their cocaine to the Squad, Squad gives a portion of their meth product, and then they part ways and sell the two products for a hefty price. The reason for this is, The Squad have the best amphetamines, but the Last Judgement has the best cocaine. Both have tried using Meth and Cocaine for product, but the last judgement's cocaine squashed the Squad's, yet the Squad's Meth squashed the Last Judgement's meth product. Instead of waging a war over it, they came to an agreement, they'd exchange 25% of each other's product every month to sell for income. It expands their operations, which in turn increases their income, and adds more selection to the users of the public."

"So how to we put an end to it?" asked Joseph.

"You'll see that tonight. I say that six of us go around one side of the boardwalk, and six go around the other. Stealthily crawl in, wait for the deal to go down, and then strike them hard and fast, just as they think that the deal went smoothly." said Kenny.

"Maybe then, if we leave no trace, the gangs may take care of themselves." said Tran.

"Not so fast. We should leave one from both alive. So they'll know they have something to fear. Someone's out there, and they're ready to fight them to the end." said Joseph.

"No, we cause an infringement in their alliance. In and out, no survivors, and we dump the product in the water. Nobody can pick it up." said Kenny.

"And get the poor little sea creatures pumped full of meth and cocaine in the process. War against Environmentalists begins." said Simmons.

"How many other gangs will we hit?" asked Tom.

"All of them." said Kenny. "Squad, Last Judgement, Young Bloods, Nationals, Viceroys, and the Lycans. There's more, they're taking over the Southeast, we can't let that happen. More importantly, we'll need to be ready for the hick fascists from Louisiana."

"Like you said right? Couple good acts, once people notice us and we stay outta sight from the feds, we'll get recruiting right?" said William.

"That's right. Ready up, lock and load. Time to roll out." said Kenny, grabbing his M4 carbine and holstering his pistol.

"This should be fun." said Tiny, sliding a clip into his M4, and pulling the trigger to load one in the chamber.

"One more thing." said Kenny. "A new gang from the West decided to make an appearance here in the Southeast. They call themselves the Living Flames. I'd say it's a trademark name. They've never been linked to many murders, but the ones they're believed to be linked to involve crimes of arson. Many crimes they've committed involve burning down buildings and homes of people who've tried shitting on them. Several murders they were linked to involve the bodies being burned to being nearly completely unrecognizable. These guys are fucking insane. They'll catch wind of us, and they'll be onto us soon after this. Be ready. Soon people will make connections to us as well, connecting us to many of the incidents that gang deals are being shut down and gang members are being found dead."

"Yea yea yea, let's get to cutting these twits down first." said Joseph.


"Check your six. Watch for snipers. Be ready." said Kenny, pulling down his visor on his completely black motorcycle helmet.

"Gangs? Snipers? Wow. These are sophisticated if they have snipers." Joseph said.

"Not really." said Tom.

"There's some Squad's over there. Two guards by the entrance underneath the boardwalk." said Tiny.

"Joseph, Spectre, William, Sean, and Tiny. You're with me, the rest of you go around the other side. We take out the guards, and sneak under the boardwalk. The walls there should provide secrecy, and darkness. Our hoodies should help us stay hidden." said Kenny.

"Aye, aye, El Capitan." said Gaiden. "Let's move."

The twelve ambitious soldiers split evenly, and ran around to the two openings around the boardwalk. The two guards on both sides posed absolutely no threats as they were put to sleep, but not killed. The Crew sneaked under the boardwalk and hid behind large, thick wooden pillars that held the boardwalk up. Not without being noticed however.

"What was that?" said one of the Squad gangsters.

"Did you bring some friends?" said the dealer for the Squad. "Nobody fucks with the Death Squad!" he exclaimed loudly.

"Nobody!!" screamed one of the Squad guards.

"Let's just calm down. Unless you guys brought some extra help, to cover your asses and maybe go back on our arrangements, then we should be fine. Eli, go check it out. Sage, you go with him." said The Last Judgement Dealer. "Now, let's talk business."

"Good, nothing to worry about." said Kenny, mumbling. The deal began rather quickly,and was ended even faster. It went smoothly. And as soon as they began to split, Kenny screamed "Now!" and all twelve of the Crew popped out of cover and unloaded into the surprised crowd. Every single gangster was shot in the chest and stomach. Not a single survivor under the boardwalk. The product was picked up, and tossed into the water, and the Crew was gone before any cops could arrive.


"Easy peasy, lemon squeezy guys!!!" said Simmons.

"Yep, in and out quick. That's how we do it baby!!!" said Joseph.

The rest of the Crew stared at him with blank expressions.

"What?" he asked. "Oh, no no no no no!!! Not like that!!! I meant, operations that we go on... You know. Military.... thing."

The whole group laughed. and smiled happily.

"Hey, hey hey!!! We're on the news." said Tom.

"What? Already?" asked Kenny.

"Hello, and welcome to the 11 PM news. I'm Tiffany Long, I'm filling in for Lisa Wren tonight. Our top story tonight, a group of twelve men started a gunfight last night underneath the old Abandoned Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. It's a common attraction for couples and fishermen alike, but on this dark night, it became the center of a short, but deadly firefight. Take it away Phillip." said the anchorwoman.

"Thank you Tiffany. Last night the Abandoned boardwalk became the center of a firefight that took the lives of 18 people, it was extremely short, but four people made it out alive, and a couple on the sand nearby managed to record heavily armed men wearing black hoodies and motorcycle helmets, going underneath the boardwalk. Within 15 minutes, they claimed they heard gunfire and called the police, but the men were already gone before they could arrive. The couple also said that they knocked two men out, but the police found two more on the other side. they've been taken into custody on belief that they are affiliated with two local gangs. The dead men underneath the boardwalk have been identified and the body count in around 18 to 23. The dead were affiliated with the same two local gangs. as the four survivors. The couple had this to say about the encounter." said Phillip the reporter.

"I was just walking along to beach with my boyfriend and I saw these creepy looking guys sneaking around the boardwalk, and my boyfriend took out his phone and began recording. Arguing happened after the men knocked these two guys out, and after about 5 minutes of quiet we heard gunfire and saw flashes, and then saw more than 10 men run out." said a blonde girl.

"The police are saying that this was a mere gang land altercation and possibly a drug deal gone wrong, but they will continue to look into a cell phone recording. Back to you Tiffany." said Phillip.

"Shit, we were recorded?!" said Joseph.

"Publicity. I like it. Few more like these and we should be recruiting in no time." said Kenny.

"I hope you know what you're doing." said Cinder.

"I say no witnesses." said Spectre.

"I say you've had a bit too much to drink Specky." said Joseph.

"Trust me, a few more noticed events like this and people will come looking into the matter personally, and they won't be Feds." said Kenny.

The Crew clinked there beers together, and began high fiving each other with extreme enthusiasm.
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Da crew huh? not a bad insight dude.
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Dead on Arrival: AnUnexpected Empire | Chapter 2: Conduits
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