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 My top 10 Kirby games

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Punished Shade
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Post Junkie III

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PostSubject: My top 10 Kirby games   Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:52 pm

I decided to make a list of my top kirby games seeing as how I have played all of them

Kirbys dreamland 1 (GBC)
its 10th but certainly a great game and it the first ever kirby game and back when kirby was white

Kirby's Dream Land 2 (GBC)
this was where the copy abilities started and boy did they work
not only that but the REAL final boss wasn't able to be fought till you get all rainbow drops
and I like games that do that sort of thing

Kirby's dreamland 3 (snes)
boy there is...a lot to like about this one
for one I LOVE the crayon art style, it was the most beautiful game I played on the snes imo
and they added the clean ability which from what I can see was never put in again :c

Kirby Super Star [and ultra] (snes[DS])
This game drove me away at first I never really liked the whole "6 in one" thing cus that menat a shit ton of short games but BOY a few were short but still fun and milky way wishes....just damn

Squeak Squad (NDS)
K I dont see why so many hated this game
I LOVED IT! It felt so much similar to Nightmare in Dreamland but wasn't a remake but its own game and I enjoyed the fuck out of it

Kirby Mass Attack(NDS)
This one was....different...but that dont really mean BAD
I loved controlling a 10 man squad of kirby's running through the fields of WAR

Canvas Curse(NDS)
BOY do i suck at this really I suck at it but It is also ADDICTING AS HELL
I pick it up and hours fly by...and im still on stage 3 of the level ._.

Nightmare in Dreamland [And adventure] (GBA[NES])
Boy this is the one that started my love of kirby games,it was my first and boy I played the fuck out of it
I ended up replaying constantly, trying to beat my Highscores when i beat the game

Return Dreamland (WII)
BOY no one ever talks about this one.....why? :c
I loved the bosses,I loved the stages and i LOVED the extra mode
and don't get me started on the OST and multiplayer
go play extra mode you wimps

Triple Deluxe (3DS)
I got this on my Birthday with my 3ds and it has become my favorite
the bosses are BADASS
the stages and the old donkey kong go into the background thing is BADASS
bringing the wheel back and making it able to jump is BADASS
the best final boss I have ever fought not jsut in kirby games but in GENERAL
and the OST?
I cant even words on how good it is just my god

"I don't get people,never have,never will."
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Naomi Nakashima
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Post Junkie III

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PostSubject: Re: My top 10 Kirby games   Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:18 am

Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby yea!! ^w^


Hello Guest, Today is Tue Nov 21, 2017 if you are wondering. Have a nice day!! ^-^
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My top 10 Kirby games
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