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 The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 6

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PostSubject: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 6   Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:20 pm

Chapter 6
Memory Sequence

"Danica!!!" Howell screamed, and she snapped out of her daze as I slowly opened my door, collapsing on the ground as soon as I left the vehicle. Electricity began engulfing my body again.

"Are you okay? Oh my god!!!" Danica screamed as she came around the car, and then jumped back as she saw me and the lightning.

"Stay back!! Don't come any closer!!" I screamed, and then I managed to stand up, the electricity quickly going away, and I looked at her. "I'm fine, just had a biblical revelation..." I leaned against the SUV, breathing heavily, and then looking up at Howell, my bandanna still on my face. It will never leave, it's staying there as long as I'm in my typical rags. "Howes, we need to talk. Now."

"I think you should rest-" he began, just finishing his sentence as I cut him off.

"I think you should listen." I said, looking at him with seriously cold eyes. "I remember every detail of a gift I had before I got hit by that bus. Well, not every detail. I remember small details. Factions, events, those things."

"Factions? What is this gift?" Howell asked.

"You're standing on it." I said. "You're IN IT. Yes. IN. The Universe. It's the gift."

"The Universe?" Danica said.

"I had a broad imagination as a young teenager. I asked some stupid questions about video games, and movies, and books... What if they all existed, and what would it be like? Then I saw this video... about how games are so accurate in the timeline of our lives. They state that oil is important to us so much that we'd go to war over it, and it was exactly on the dot as far as the range when we'll run out of oil, and a nuclear fallout time range... correct. Hell, video games even predicted the rise of reality television, even the fall of the twin towers, and it even said their cause of destruction, a terrorist attack. I built a universe on games predicting our future. But the Darkness... it was already real. Erg Crystals, real. Now... I'm a guardian.... of... get this. Not Earth. Guardian of the Universe."

"So...?" Howell said.

"My universe, and yours." I said, looking at Danica.

"How?" she asked.

"The universe was expanding. Constantly, so much so that it would eventually be unable to contain itself, and then implode on itself. My universe came to life when I did, I suppose. Maybe when I appeared here. Maybe I didn't transport to another dimension... maybe I altered time? By adding that one faction to history, I brought my universe here..." I rambled... by now, pacing back and forth as I uncovered more and more secrets.

"What the fuck are you saying?" asked Danica.

"Watch your mouth, young lady." I said.

"Shut up and tell me what you mean." she asked.

"I mean, I created a race that may be able to help us stop this. I added a faction in the 1980s when I failed the first time. I didn't die, I wasn't strong enough, and as a result, Lazarus shot my nieces mother. Everything exploded. I appeared in a white room with a computer and a globe, and some female voice telling me "Change what you wish to aid you, but not too much, as you may change the entire universe for the worst."" I said.

"You created a race? What was the faction? What did you do?" Howell asked.

"In my universe," I said, tapping my temple, "I created an entire civilization out of a faction in the game InFamous 2. The Vermaak 88, AKA the Ice Gang."

"And?" Howell asked.

"And.... They seemed so fake to me, impossible. I liked the idea, however, so I created my image of them in my own mental universe. An enhanced human called a Vermaak. Then I added a history to them, and a homeworld. Their homeworld was named Pangaea, meaning, in their global language from their early tribal days, World of the Ancients. Their previous evolutionary stage was known as the Vanu, humanoid, really just humans who lived much longer than we do. 500 years to be exact." I continued.

"You made the people who live alongside humans?" Howell and Danica asked together.

"Okay don't do that again." I asked. "But yes. Yes I did. I then added their ganglike faction onto Earth, in that white room, and boom, everything exploded again and that same flashback I just had, just now, hit me. Then, I woke up with Howell standing over me. Howell, I didn't get shot, I collapsed. I came from a world where I tried to be a good guy, not where I gave 0 fucks about other living beings. My consciousness took this body, as I continued my journey. Now the Vermaak have gone through their history, for the most part, they just need to continue and create the Vermaak 44's, 55's, 66's, and 77's... No wait the 66's are already here, they're hiding... More volatile than the other factions, dedicated to surviving rather than being friendly. They're pirates..." I rambled again.

"That's good. So... what do we do now?" Danica asked.

"Follow our timelines." I said. "We all have them... in this universe... it exists. Nothing is going as planned.... nothing at all. But if we follow our timelines, as well as stop the Darkness, we can stop our imminent doom."

"What do you mean?" Howell asked.

"It's the most unavoidable destruction we have coming at us." I said. "We have to follow our timelines and stop the Darkness. The only way we can fail and the universe not be destroyed is to fail by the hands of the Darkness, in which my universe would collapse, but certain factors would remain."

"What are you saying?" Howell said.

"If we don't follow our timelines, we fuck up. If we fuck up, the universe implodes. My universe implodes, taking yours down with it, then the universe compacts into it's nonexistent state, and the Big Bang happens again, creating a brand new universe of what the fucks that will one day implode again. My universe appearing stopped your universe from imploding in the future. The universe itself expands at such a rate, that when it expands a certain distance, it would be unable to contain itself, and it would implode, eventually reaching it's center, and the Big Bang happens again, creating an entirely new cluster-fuck of horrors. My universe on the other hand, is more stable, and wouldn't implode as soon as it got too fat. Instead, it could expand forever, and never implode. But this combination of fantasy and reality is more stable than ever, we just need to follow our timelines, do what we must do, and complete our set course up until a certain point, where everything goes blank and we're free to do as we please. But I don't know this timeline... so we'll figure everything out as we go along..." I said.

"You created this!!!?!?!?! And YOU don't remember that??" Howell asked.

"I don't remember. I created it, but I only remember a measly 10% of it all. The factions... some of their histories. Except a lot of them aren't even created through my universe, and still exist now... As in, I never made them, they came to life through my universe though. But 5 specific ones I remember... but they're dark... not evil, but in the dark, I can't remember their names, their appearances, their history, nothing. It's all.... hidden. Even from my sight." I said.

"So... confusing." Howell said.

"We just do what we do and we're good. Lets go. Howell, I feel like shit. You drive." I said.

"I'll bet you do after this shit..." Howell said, and hopped in the drivers seat, but I opened the passenger door to grab Melissa. I grabbed her leg, and pushed hard on the open gash in her leg, and she woke up to a screaming pain. My eyes began glowing green, and I looked down at the wound, as it began to smoke, and she tried to remove my arm, to no avail. Danica screamed at me, and even Howell got back out, to pull me off, and as soon as he grabbed me, it all stopped, and she passed out in the seat. Everyone stared at me, and I looked at my blood covered hands, and at her clear, completely healed leg.

"What the fuck?" Howell asked.

"It only burned... because she was near death..." I said, and I got into the passenger seat beside her. "It'll sting when she wakes up, but she won't remember the process. She's back to good health, her blood is replenished. Just drive."

"I... wow." Danica said as Howell got into the drivers seat, started the SUV, and began driving.


"Where are we?" asked Melissa, as she woke up and saw a pile of logs.

"Waiting for you to wake up so we can take you into the safe house." I said, and I helped her up. "Under that stack of logs is a doorway to an underground fallout shelter."

"Great so how do we move them?" she asked, and I picked up the bottom log, which turned out to be a hollow panel that looked like a stack of logs straight to the top. which was wide enough for two people to walk into side by side.

"Oh" said the girls in unison.

"Ladies first." I said, and the girls stepped in, then Howell stared at me, grabbing the log panel. "Howell, I said ladies first."

"Thanks sweetheart." he said, stepping in.

"Shut up." I said, stepping in behind him, slowly closing the log door.

"Wow..." Melissa said, looking around at the rather homey decor.

"Made it myself. Not a bad place. This is where you ladies will be staying for a while." I said.

"Thanks. Where's the food? I'm starving." said Melissa.

"I appreciate you being so grateful." I said. "The refrigerator is in the kitchen obviously. I'm heading out. I'll be back soon. The militia are guarding outside, they're acting like hunters, and armed as closely as they can be without being too obvious. Semi auto sniper rifles with high powered optics, about as close as I could get to being a hunter, while being able to not get murdered as soon as they're seen. Trust me, you're in good hands."

"Thanks... For what you did. We've been there for a year..." said Melissa.

"I do it for a living now. If you want a brief back-story, ask Danica. She's seen me before and after the whole thing happened. From what I know, apparently she knows everything in a nutshell." I said.

"Um. Okay. So what are you gonna do?" asked Taylor.

"Me? I'm going back. The Darkness has taken a little something that belongs to Humanity. And I'm gonna take it back. Howell, you stay here. You're my best. You can protect them." I said.

"What are you gonna do when you get there? Most of our army is there. We have barely enough to spare to defend the rest of the planet." said Howell.

"It's one city, Howell. Not an entire state. How is our entire army there?" I asked.

"More are traveling as we speak." said Howell.

"Then we'll beat them there, and we'll make more." I said.

"You will." Howell said. "And you have a limit as to how many soldiers you can make. At this stage anyways."

"I've been corrupted already. It sped up my power level increase. The Darkness can be conquered, but the effects remain. In my case, I managed to break the grip of the Darkness before anything bad happened to me, or anyone else. The important thing is, I'm going back, and I'm gonna shove my foot so far up Zariah's ass, she'll be talking shit for weeks." I ranted.

"Nice. So you're not going to break our faces?" said Howell.

"Of course not. They're innocent. Harmless. You're not harmless, but you're friendly." I said,

"Get going before I punch you in the face." Howell said.

"Fine. Just being nice." I said, and headed out of the underground cabin.

Within the hour, I had already reached the city. I could hear gunfire coming from everywhere, but all I could see were corpses everywhere. Darkness soldiers, my soldiers, everywhere. I had never noticed the amount of carnage that came in firefights. It's over the top brutality to just stare at the aftermath of a massive firefight. It broke my heart to see this. If the darkness hadn't existed, and weren't such big assholes, this wouldn't be happening. I could feel a rage build inside of me. Something I've never truly felt before. I heard the voice in my head again, this time it seemed angry.

"Eradicate... Them..."

I began walking forward. It was as if I had no control of my body, the power inside was controlling me. I began to fight it. It was my body. I wasn't going to let anything control me.

"Power is a gift... Controlling me is not an option..." I heard.

"This is my body. If you want to control me, break the bond." I said.

"I can't do that..." it said.

"Then let me handle it. You control me, You completely bond with me. I'm not... letting you destroy these people..." I said, gritting my teeth firmly as I felt the power fight back. I dropped to my knees in pain. It was as if every muscle in my body was staying still, yet every bone in my body was trying to move. My eyes began glowing green, and the bones began moving even more, nonstop. and I screamed in pain. The power began whistling in my ears, and I knew it was screaming in pain. The power wasn't just pure energy, it was a soul, created by Erg Energy, and split, trapped inside the crystals. I began seeing flashbacks. It wasn't my life, though. I could see beings from another world. The person was being operated on. It all seemed so out of place... What was happening? A person was being operated on, for what?

"Now, you see my pain. My life was created by the Precursors, I was crafted out of nothing, and called useless by my creators. They decided to put me to use." I heard. "They created beings, and called them warriors. They said they would "ween out the weaklings" and make weapons. They made Erg Entities. You searched, and you found something you didn't want. Ultimate power. I was the strongest of the "weaklings" and I pulled myself together when I was freed. Now, either kill me, or let me do what I was tasked with." it said, in it's thunderous voice.

"Fuck... You..." I said, and I spawned a knife. "I'll take option one."

"The planet needs you. It needs me. It needs us. You want me out of the equation? You'll die too." It said.

"I'm already dead." I said, and I jabbed the knife into my stomach. My body lit up like a firework, glowing, a green light cold be seen under my skin. It glowed, and my skeleton was visible. The light died away, and I ripped the knife from my stomach, then I healed instantly, and my body settled down. I stood up straight, my eyes returning to normal. "I think we're gonna handle it together, but we're gonna split. We'll handle it, but we won't fight like this anymore. We're one, and we're the ultimate weapon, and our personalities are one and the same. Together, we can conquer this."

"How did you break the bond? This is impossible." it said.

"As if it hasn't happened before? We just needed a little incentive, and a little bit of encouragement. This is me accepting you, but under terms. You aren't the vessel, you're the power. I'm the one who controls it all. The knife made sure that happened. If you have any tips, feel free to pitch in." I said, smirking.

"You think this will work?! This isn't how it works!" I heard it scream in my head.

"And us arguing and locking me down so that I can't do shit, while the planet is at stake is gonna do any better? You can't control me anymore. I control you. That's what happens, and that's how it stays. Don't worry. We both want the same things. It wouldn't have ended like this if we were different on this entire issue."

"That eases my thoughts." said the voice. "But how do I trust you when I have no control myself?"

"You seem cozy. Do as you please in your little mental room. The world is your oyster in there. Help out when you can." I said.

"That's precisely the thing. You have never been fighting these battles. It was me the entire time. You'd never have been able to do the things I can." the voice said.

"Watch me. You'd be surprised." I said.

"Are you sure? Humans hold back. The ultimate weapons press on without remorse. I was surprised you managed to fight back against me so easily in the beginning. I used so much power breaking through to be able to fight. I knew you couldn't hold me back forever, but this is... impossible."

"That explains how I was so agile in the beginning. It also explains the brutality." I said, still moving through the streets of the city, searching for targets, gunfire getting even louder.

"Tell me how a machine created for destruction can kill without remorse, and a human can't? That is why this was your biggest mistake." the voice said.

"Machines have no fear." I said.

"Precisely. I am not human anymore. We can't die." the voice said.

"Machines also have no survival instinct." I said. The voice stayed silent. "They have no killer instinct, and no survival instinct in their artificial minds. They press on until they're destroyed, or they complete their objective. A destroyed soldier, that doesn't care about itself, is no use to their creator. But a soldier that will kill anything, and do anything to keep himself alive to further serve their country, and their race, is a valuable asset. That survival instinct is our ingenuity in our worst situations. It helps us decide, and solve problems, make proper choices, when death is a high possibility. That instinct is a sentient being's most valuable asset, and that... well... that is why this is the best possible thing I could've done for my race. Putting myself in control was clearly the proper option. I'm not going to let you make choices to get my race killed."

"Get them killed? I was helping them!!!" the voice retorted.

"Well, whoop dee fuckin' doo. You did some AMAZING shit there, Captain. You aren't in control anymore. And if you were helping them, then where the fuck is everyone in Chicago? Gone. Their souls are not even here anymore! The Darkness is probably using them for some twisted shit. You didn't do a damn thing for them! And from what I could tell in your flashbacks, you knew that this city was dead long... LONG ago!!! I was never dead. It was YOU in control!!! No fucking more!!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fucking ride pal, because I'm driving this bitch now, and you're riding shotgun!" I screamed, and I felt a deep inner feeling of guilt, and it wasn't my guilt, it was the inner voice.

"You're right... I made some tough calls... they were the wrong decisions.... and I had to pay for it. And I wasn't going to let you either. I'm Howell. I wiped your memory. Now that I'm disowned from my only other vessel, I'm done. I can't protect the girls. I can't do shit." the voice said.

"I have an idea to get you back there into Howell. That... sounds so wrong...." I said.

"Point... made." said the voice.

We continued on our little trek through the city, talking, and slowly getting more and more enraged as we saw the dead corpses of our allies.

"Another thing. What was your name before you became... this energy powerhouse hero thing?" I asked.

"Howell. My Entity name is Prometheus." said the voice.

"Like the Titan?" I asked.

"Titan?" asked Prometheus.

"Like the Greek Proto-Gods. The Gods before the Gods. " I explained.

"Oh. No, not the Greek Proto-Gods. I had a mentality that was similar to what Prometheus was known for. He paved the way for humanity. Precursors, being in their God-Like Transcendent existence, pretty much knew the course of the universe, and who Prometheus was and what he'd do. Even before he existed, but that was pretty much the current timeline of their day. It's all changed now, yet, a lot of things are still happening even though that timeline is dead. I was willing to do whatever it takes to protect Humanity, and the precursors took advantage of that and made me into this... And they named me Prometheus. I was tasked with hunting down two rogue Erg Entities: Zariah, and Lazarus." it continued.

"Wait, Zariah was rogue? And Lazarus, too?" I asked.

"Lazarus went rogue and was hard to hunt down. He did leave a trail of exploded vessels, as in, exploded corpses that he had possessed, but otherwise, he covered his tracks well. I had only one vessel at the time. I hunted him and the vessel had tried hard to contain my power to stay alive, but he ultimately exploded." said Prometheus.

"Spontaneous Combustion. What a way to go." I said.

"After that, I was trapped by Zariah in several erg crystals. Zariah found Lazarus and did the same to him. then we were thrown to Earth. And we found our ultimate vessels. For me, that was, apparently, you." said Prometheus.

"I wanna know why you were never honest with me." I said.

"To protect you. Honestly, the time jumps you notice, they're me controlling you. Not anymore, but they were. I was afraid you were too weak to absorb the fact into your mind... Maybe you'd go into shock, not respond. Then I'd have to control you. Not too bad but, I like you. You're humorous, and tenacious. You never give up. You even stopped me, somehow. You're smarter than I am. Maybe now we can truly succeed." said Prometheus.

"I wouldn't bet on it. Point is, we take down Zariah, then, whatever happens... happens." I said.

"Sounds like a plan." said Prometheus. As soon as he said this, I heard an explosion, deathly close. So close, that it launched me backwards, and I pretty much died. When I opened my eyes and saw black clothed soldiers, walking towards me as I lay on the ground. My vision was blurred, and I heard Prometheus say something. It was pretty somber. "Don't tell me we're failing already. This must be the end. It was a trap, and it worked. Get up... Get up. No time to waste. You friends, family, country, race... they all need you. Rise.... and Endure." he said.

I blinked, and shook my head, sitting up a bit, and I felt two people grab my arms, and I instantly teleported about a mile into the air, and turned my body towards the ground as they let go, and screamed as they fell towards the Earth. I landed on another one, landing on his face, and the sheer force of my foot landing on his head ripped his head off, and it broke into pieces as it landed on the ground under my foot.

"Jesus Christ... that was disgusting." I said, and then I looked at one of the darkness grunts, and he dropped his rifle, grabbed his knife, and charged me, but was met with a bone crushing kick to the chest, then a roundhouse to the jaw. I grabbed his knife and stabbed him in the throat, right through his vertebrae in his neck, and spun the knife around, turning his head, then I jerked it at it's apex and snapped his neck, and ripped the blade out of the poor sap's throat, and stabbed another one in his chest, and watched him collapse. "This isn't what you expected, right?" I said to Prometheus.

"Nope. The farthest from my expectations actually. That was just... brutal..." he said. "Even by my standards."

"You taught me well." I said, and then I shouted out loud. "Shoot me for fucks sake, you all have rifles you idiots."

They all aimed at me, all twelve of them.

"Great. I'm stupid for giving them the idea..." I said, and Shadow flipped towards one of them. Shadow flip is an extremely quick jump, that involves a front-flip, and leaves my green glowing holographic image in tail during the dash. It's the same as teleporting a short distance to the human eye, but it doesn't actually involve teleporting as you can see by the three holographic images that are clearly see through. and glowing green around the edges. They disappear rather quickly, as they're just a motion blur that was left behind when I used the ability. Anyways, I kicked one of the soldiers in the chest, and he left a pretty big dent in the side of a car, and I landed with a heel kick into another soldiers stomach, I then grabbed the one to my left by the throat, punched him twice in the face, picked him up, and tossed him into his friend. I spawned Trinity, my machete, and began swinging downward into another soldiers skull, surprisingly the end result was that he was, in simplistic terms, sliced completely in half.

"Oh Jesus Christ!!!" I screamed in response.

"Keep going. Not much further." said Prometheus.

"Right." I said and continued hacking and slashing my way to the dreadnought's parking spot.

When we got there, it was nothing but chaos. As soon as my soldiers saw me, they screamed in renewed vigor, and Darkness soldiers began dropping like flies, one by one. their numbers diminished. The problem was, they were continuously pouring from the dreadnought. We needed a way to break their spawn points.

"Who's up for a game of domination?" I asked.

"What are you talking about? How could you think of Call of Duty at a time like this?" said one of the soldiers.

"The soldiers are coming from spawn points in the ship, or maybe the ship itself is a spawn point. Either way, we have to destroy the ship, or any spawn points inside of it. The end result is our victory, and the Darkness soldiers being hunted down on every inch of the globe." I said.

"Smart, but, problem, why doesn't the Black Bitch just bombard us from orbit?" said another soldier. "Seems like the truly evil thing to do."

"She runs it more like... boots on the ground, treads on the ground, air assault, the works. And when all else fails, overwhelm them with force. If that still fails, bombardment." I said.

"How do you know?" said three soldiers at the same time, who then proceeded to stare at each other for a brief moment in sync, then look back at me.

"Little... um... voice... in my head told me.... that doesn't sound as snappy as it did in my head." I said, and spawned a rifle.

"Not really." They all said in sync, and then one began blind firing towards the enemies.

"Can that little voice in your head give us a plan into that ship?" said one of the soldiers, turns out to be a Lieutenant. Black guy, seems nice, very well pulled together.

"Obviously, the Grav-lift." I said, and I poked my head out, took aim, and fired, shooting one of the enemy soldiers with my first bullet. Clean kill.

"The thing they're dropping from? Why? They come from that tower of light." said the lieutenant.

"That's the Gravity lift. If we can clear them out and rush for it quick enough, we can reach it in time before the soldiers deploy. They deploy in platoons, so we should be able to reach them in time. So how many of you are there in the city?" I explained.

"Number one, that's suicide. Number two, that's fucking stupid, and number three, we're all that's left. Us, and the platoon on the other side of the lift." he said.

"I see why it's a bad idea, but, have I ever led you astray?" I said, and I heard a voice echo in my head, and it wasn't Prometheus. Someone I had never met before.

"No..." he said after a pause. "But, we're all that's left in this location. I hear gunfire off in the distance, because what's left of our force is either engaged by U.S. Army grunts, or the Dark Troopers." he said.

"I like that name, Dark troopers. I see your point, We have them funneled in down here, they're flanked, but when we enter, we might be flanked. I don't think they expect to have us go into the ship, or maybe that's the point, maybe they want us to, regardless, I'm going in first, you follow, I'll scout and clear the entrance." I said.

I looked up to the sound of a loud thud, as a large, heavily armored, incredibly strong steroid infested human looking thing with black eyes comes down from the lift, and lands, grabbing a massive 4 barreled chain gun from his back, and staring directly at me. His helmet was like a iron skull mask, but with a ton of neon UV light colored engravings, etched into the helmet. His eyes were sadistic, and his uniform was more or less, very large pants, seems comfy, and a very loose and very large tank top. I swear, you could pitch a tent for 4 people using only that tank top right there. Both clothing items were black, but that was the norm with these guys. He carried a very large bag on his back, as if he was carrying something of value, perhaps supplies. His body was covered by seemingly improvised, hand crafted armor. They seemed like they were crafted for this exact use, but the way they were being held by what seemed like either sleeves, or leather belt like latches on his body holding the armor in place, I couldn't tell if they were specially made, or salvaged from past skirmishes. He had layered shoulder plates, 3 on both shoulders, and bicep plates armoring his biceps, along with forearm gauntlets Either way, this bastard was going berserk. He smirked in his helmet and aimed the chain gun at me.

"Filthy pig!!" he screamed, and I saw the barrels of the gun begin spinning.

"Well, you seem nice." I said with a nervous laugh, and smirk, and then that expression turned to pure adrenaline induced fear, as I pushed the Lieutenant to the cover he was behind, and ran, jumping out of the way of the gunfire, as purple bullets sparked everywhere, and he followed me, close behind. I saw a spot of weakness. His backside had very little armor. I aimed, and fired. The rifle bullet went into his back, and he stumbled as it pierced his skin, but he only seemed to get more enraged. I ran towards him, and dashed forwards, slightly angled to go around him, landing into a roll, and stopping in a crouched position, I aimed directly at his backside and unloaded the rest of the clip into him, and he turned around after I was done, and I dropped the clip, and loaded another one into the rifle and aimed right at his eye.

"Goodnight, sleep tight." I said, and fired 5 rounds into his face to ensure at least one of them made it into his brain, and he dropped, quite quickly in fact. I stood up and looked around at everyone staring at me.

"What?" I said. "I did it so none of you would get massacred by the Not so jolly giant here."

"Holy shit." I heard at least 7 of them say.

"Lets go." I said, and I looked up, and let the grav-lift carry me into the belly of the beast.

I emerged into the belly of the beast, and looked around. Nothing was here. Just walls, and a rather magnificent architecture. The walls were lined with runes, and the struts that lined them in formations ranging from asterisks to x's to stars, circles, and other geometric shapes, were lined with the runes as well. Around these shapes were neon lines, glowing in UV blacklight purple, surrounded the shapes and formations, the runes were glowing the same blacklight color as the formation borders.

"Prometheus, you see this?" I said, just as the platoons on the ground came up into the ship.

"I see what you see. This is unbelievable. These runes are a dead language. Aramaic, Enochian, Malachim, I'm not sure. It could be celestial. After some study I should be able to figure it out." said Prometheus.

"See what you can find out in another body. I need to take this ship down. Prometheus." I said.

"There he goes talking to that voice in his head..." said the Lieutenant.

"Very well, bring me your number two." said Prometheus.

"If I could, I would. No other body is powerful enough to contain you right? What if i give you an artificial one? Like a little glowing ball." I said.

"I already am a glowing ball. I'm an Erg Entity, I look like a ball of energy, like a wisp." said Prometheus.

"Then get out of my head as a little wisp then." I said, and spawned a little ball of energy, it looked almost alive. Suddenly it moved and the little green wisp turned and seemed to stare at me.

"Thanks for the freedom. You head seems pretty roomy, but I like the open air better. Maybe your little mental universe spaced your mind out quite a bit." said Prometheus, the wisp.

"Thanks. Now get to reading wispy." I said.

"Don't call me that." said Prometheus, and he flew up to the runes and began reading.

"What is that thing?" asked a soldier.

"Prometheus. You know, the voice in my head?" I said.

"One thing is for sure, this is Enochian." said Prometheus. "Un-Droux-Droux-Gon-Nach-Gon-Ur-Un-Gisg-Graupha Gisg-Nach-Graupha Nach-Van-Xtall-Un-Droux-Fam. Well, that's all I need to read to know that this is Enochian Runic Orders straight from Zariah."

"You sure you read it right? Pretty sure that isn't how you read Enochian." I said. "Wouldn't take that long to say something in the language."

"Wasn't reading. I was spelling. Letter by letter." said Prometheus. "I spelled three words. Annihilate the Humans. Meaning not just the Human race, but you and your faction as well. They may have a way to kill you. I spelled it because I know your knowledge limit of Enochian."

"Yay. Death." I said.

"The rest says..." Prometheus began.

"What?" I asked, urging him to speak.

"This isn't an order. This is a creed. It says..." he said. "The Chaos Empire will reign. The Darkness will conquer all."

"Those words aren't in Enochian vocabulary are they?" I asked.

"It's easier to say it in English, but to my knowledge, the answer would be that I'm fairly sure that they are not. Perhaps she wrote her own version of Enochian, and that's how you speak..." said Prometheus. "This isn't even a creed, it's a religious text, engraved into the inside of their ships, and laced in neon lights to be easily seen. It's spelling english words in the Enochian letters, maybe because she wasn't fluent in the language. Zariah published goals for herself, and her goals became her faction's religion, eventually becoming their crusade. The religion makes it easier to keep them in line."

"I will use your spines as decorations!!!" said a loud voice, and then a firefight began, as my soldiers began firing down the wide walkway.

"Why would Zariah use Enochian?! An Angelic language?!" I said, and turned my head, looking into the walkway and then aiming carefully, and firing, the shot missing my target, but it hit the person behind him in the shoulder.

"Not sure. Something tells me that this scripture would actually reveal a bit. Let me read it throughout the ship. Push to the detonation points and plant the charges." said Prometheus.

"Let me use you as my vessel, he said. It'll be fun, he said. You'll go on all sorts of adventures, he said. Not very funny Prometheus. Not funny at all." I said, mumbling to myself, firing at the enemies in the walkway. "Push forward, find the objectives and plant the bombs, we need to destroy this ship!"

"Yes, sir! Push forward!!!" screamed the Lieutenant.

"No wonder I don't recognize them. Those aren't humans!!!" screamed Prometheus.

"They're... not? Sure as hell look human." I said.

"The vessels are Ancient Humans, from around the time I was created." said Prometheus. "They're possessed by some kind of demon. Not of Hell's normal demons, but a different type."

"Great. More mysteries." I said, firing at random targets and watching them drop. Now it makes no sense. "Shouldn't they be standing back up? Demons are impervious to human weapons."

"You're right, it makes no sense. This isn't any ordinary tortured soul." said Prometheus.

"We'll need to interrogate one of them. Injure one of them, make sure he stays alive!!!" I screamed.

The firefight was almost over, and a few injured demons stared at me, and my men, a few men down, but still going strong.

"Which one of us will you take? I'd be flattered if you took me, but, you see, I'm allergic to assholes who shoot me." said one of them.

"If you don't shut your trap, I'll cram some salt down your throat and help you wash it down with some "water." Understand, asshole?" I said.

"Oh don't flatter yourself because i'm stuck laying here in this body. If I could leave my own body I'd snap your neck from within yours." he said, then screamed in pain as a lighting bolt stuck him.

"Shut up or I'll do it again." said Prometheus the Wispy, apparently with electrical powers too.

"Fuck you, you little floating light." said the demon, and he screeched in pain. "Stop it!!!" he screamed again.

"Then shut up." said Prometheus. "This is the one."

"You sure?" I said.

"Absolutely." he said, and he struck both of his hands with the lightning strike, and the lightning arced around his hands, lacing them together with a lightning bolt. My soldiers picked him up.

"Nice trick." said the demon.

"Oh, shut up. You're the one who's tied up right now dick weed." said one of the soldiers, and they both pushed him along.

"Well. looks like this went from life or death, to Supernatural pretty fast." I said.

"That one will tell us everything we need to know. I'll help with the interrogation if I need to." said Prometheus.

"Alright then. Come on little light, we need to find the critical points of the ship." I said.

"You know, I could just fire an explosive energy charge into the engine of the ship, blow it up that way. I'm a wisp, I'll survive no problem." said Prometheus.

"You could've said that earlier." I said.

"I was reading." said Prometheus. "Besides, in this form I can possess my body, Howell. And leave him at any time to become this helpful little wisp. This is my original form, you know. Just... much smaller."

"I'll consider adding more energy to the form later. Right now you can't be so open and obvious." I said.

"Something tells me this is the first of many battles on this planet." said Prometheus.

"Most definitely." I said. "Alright boys, and girls. Move out, to the ground. We're abandoning ship."

"Sir. Yes Sir!" said the soldiers, and they killed any survivors, and then ran to the gravity lift. I followed close behind, and Prometheus went to the engine room of the dreadnought. By the time I was out of the ship, I heard his voice in my head.

"Are you sure about this? It would set the stage for an extremely massive war. Fitting, but the explosion alone that I'll create would destroy the ship. The engines exploding as well may level the entire city." said Prometheus.

"And I'll rebuild it. I can manage it, I'll probably pass out from over-exertion, but I can manage. Prometheus, how's my family doing?" I said.

"They're absolutely fine. I told them you went off somewhere you needed to be for a while. I dropped by to say hello from time to time, make sure they were okay, then I'd leave after a day or two. They never knew it wasn't you." said Prometheus.

"Good. Are they still there or do you know?" I asked.

"They should be. As of this moment, I'm not sure." said Prometheus.

"Let's hope so." I said, and then I got into an FAV with my soldiers, and we hauled ass out of the city. The other troops everywhere else in the city began to retreat, and they tried to usher the U.S. army out as well, which didn't go over too well with them, but by the time Prometheus charged the big bang, they were a safe enough distance away to not be killed.

"Holy shit that was loud..." said one of the soldiers.

"Tell us something we don't know." I said.

"I have a wife and kids." said the soldier.

"Really? Holy shit. Congratulations." I said.

"Yea man, how long?" said another.

"About 2 years now. Kids are 1, and 3." said the soldier.

"Wow. Congrats bro." said another.

"Yea man, congrats." I said. "We need to restore the city. I'll get to that in a moment. Prometheus, you good?"

"Yes. Not a problem at all." he said, his voice chiming into my mind. "I'm headed back to Howell to take the body back. After all. I am Howell in the first place."

"Good. I see you flying overhead. Let me know if there's a banner there that I can port back to." I said.

"Will do." said Prometheus and he sped up heavily, his little energy trail following his movements.

"Just curious Prometheus, I know how your current form works in terms of size. You seem to pack a surprising punch in that little form. The bigger the wisp is, the harder you hit, but the smaller the wisp is, the faster you travel. You don't have much energy but you hit pretty hard. I'm starting to wonder if you need any more." I said.

"I really don't. The human soul that I am in this entity really compensates." said Prometheus. "Erg entities don't need as much energy, and another thing you can do as an erg entity is compress yourself into a smaller wisp, for faster speeds, but you can't attack. You honestly aren't that big of an entity either. You're as big as I was when we merged. About the size of a human torso, from shoulder to waist. You're just a ball of green energy though as a Erg Entity Wisp Form. We pack quite a punch. There are some Erg Entity Wisps that are as big as a bus in height, and they're spherical forms. There are really two types of us. Erg Entity Wisps and Vindicator Wisps. The precursors created two. Vindicators are just called Wisps for short, while Erg Entity Wisps are called Erg Entities. The reason we're both called wisps is because we share the same primary forms. Erg Entities however are capable of, well, you know. Vindicators, or Wisps, are stuck in that form. They are capable of what we can do as wisps, but they can't possess or merge with vessels. They're stuck as wisps, but perhaps by now they could have learned to posses bodies. When they mate, they do a beautiful dance, and then they spin in a circle around each other, and their energy connects and holds them together. When they disconnect, and slow down, drifting apart, they leave another, very small wisp. Over time, the baby wisp gradually grows in size to be their parent's size. The weird part is, there are three types. Small, friendly wisps, that can be tamed even to be a friendly battle pet. Then there's a wisp that's as big as I was when we merged. Vindicator versions like this are balanced, they're friendly and docile usually, but they can get aggressive. They like their personal space."

"So there's a third?" I said.

"Yes. They're giant wisps. Wisps often vary in color, but they can be either loners, or they can live in groups, clusters of wisps that roam an area. If they are giant however, they are usually loners. Giant wisps are the aggressive ones usually. But I think now, they're much more friendly. But the ones that are still loners, and aggressive. I do believe one killed an adventurer in the woods once simply for staring at him" continued Prometheus.

"So these giant friendly wisps, what do they do? Do they group up?" I asked.

"Wisps often intermingle now." replied Prometheus. They're become their own race, but they can only mate with other wisps of their type. Little wisps with little wisps, common wisps with common wisps, and giants with giants, but they are intermingling lately, grouping up in colonies of wisps. Some are like wolf packs, led by the giant wisps, the common wisps following, and the little wisps, sadly stick to staying around little wisps usually. Wisps do share one thing however. Vindicator class wisps always group in colonies based on their color. However I have seen one that was like a rainbow of colors. The colony had reds, blues, greens, even a few whites in the mix."

"Wow. I wish I could see these things." I said.

"Alright, I'm at the safehouse. Yes there is a banner. You can port back." said Prometheus.

"Alright, on the way." I said, and I looked over at the passenger. "I need you to take the wheel. Get ready to jump into the driver's seat."

"What?" he asked.

"I have to go somewhere. I'm teleporting out. I need you to take over. Get ready." I said.

"Yes sir..." he said, and braced himself.

"Now." I said. and he lunged to get in the seat, and I teleported. He was in the seat safely, the vehicle didn't swerve or anything. Clean transition. I appeared back in the cabin underground.

"What'd I miss?" I said.

"Not much." said Danica, starring at me in surprise.

"Welcome to your humble abode Guardian." said Prometheus, back in his body. "I'm Howell. It was my name in life, it's my name now."

"Good, it keeps things simple." I said. "Howell, we need to chat. I'm contemplating a daring move."

"Great, that sounds wonderful." said Howell.

"I'm considering making a new variation of myself." I said.

"How do you mean "variation" Guardian?" said Howell. "I'm confused."

"I mean, I'm naming this variation of myself as Trinity, after the blade. I'm planning on making a new variation called "Renegade" which would be more dark, but still a good character obviously. Darker looking energy, darker outfit. Oh, and I need to change my appearance. Not sure how I would be able to do that though..."

"Let's guess for a moment, next there will be multiple versions of yourself. This one, Renegade, one that's a female version of you for "happy times" and one of you for hiding in the wild like a turtle." said Howell.

"No, of course not! If I could shapeshift It would be easier, but that's a dumb idea." I said. "I was thinking make a different version of myself to use when we needed more hyper aggression."

"Like a Weapon of Mass Destruction, but it's really just you?" said Howell. "Dumbest Idea I've heard. It would work, but I see no need for that."

"Good, it would work. So if we need to do it, I know I can." I said.

"You plan on it?" asked Howell.

"No, but if I need to hunt her down myself and leave you here, I plan on using a bit of a scare tactic. A dangerous reputation saying that I'm more dangerous than I am now would probably make them fear me more, because right now, they just want my head. I want these black eyed assholes running in terror." I said.

"Even more dumb ideas." said Howell.

"Yea yea yea, if it works don't question it." I said.

"When can we go home?" asked Melissa.

"Right now." I said. "Let's go. Change your clothes first. Some more clean is required."


"We're all ready. What are we riding in?" said Melissa.

"We're not. We're going back to my place. I have a banner there, I can teleport there for safety. It's called Fast Travel. If I do something that I need to hide and can't afford to travel, I can just teleport there instantly thanks to these banners, or "Marker" objects." I said.

"Oh. wow." said Danica. "Didn't know that..."

""How could you? You've been out of the game for a year." I said. "Hold my hands girls. We're taking you home."

We teleported and instantly appeared in my yard at home. Danica was laughing when we got there and we stared at her.

"It's so ticklish!!" she said.

"I guess it is for some." I said. "Time to take you girls home. In style."

I spawned a truck, silver, with chrome rims, and a red stripe down the side.

"Smooth ride, don't feel a bump in the road. Hop in, I'm driving." I said, and I ran to the truck, happy as could be. I was finally glad to be out of the hell that we all went through.

We got to Melissa's house. I walked her to the door personally. I knocked on the door and looked at her.

"What's your last name?" I asked.

"Melissa Killian." she said.

"Pretty name." I said, and the door opened. "Hello Mrs. Killian. I-" I began, and her and Melissa charged each other, and began hugging and crying. I couldn't help but smile.

"Melissa, honey. Who is this?" said her mother, extremely surprised and breathless. I could tell she was beyond grateful.

I removed my hood and pulled my bandanna down, which I changed. Not a normal bandanna, it's like face wrap, that I pulled down over my head to cover my face, it hangs around my neck at all times now when it isn't doing it's job of hiding my identity. "I'm the one who saved your daughter. I found her in Chicago, in a warehouse. She was chained up, with two other girls. I'd been looking into their case myself, something that the local police decided to give up on."

"Thank you so much!!! Would you like to come inside?" said Mrs. Killian.

"No thanks, ma'am. I've gotta get the other two girls home." I said, and she hugged me.

Her husband came around the corner, as she began repeating the word's "Thank you."

"Honey?" he said, and then he noticed Melissa. His face went to complete and utter shock, and then he walked to her, and hugged her as if he couldn't believe his eyes. "Who are you?" he asked me.

"Not really important, Sir. I save lives for a living. I'm happy that I could find her in time. The police called off the search, so I picked up my own. I was surprised to find her in Chicago. I have a couple more girls to take home so I'll get going and leave you people to your celebrations." I said, and pulled my wrap up to cover my face, and waved at them. "Have a good day." I said, stepping away and walking back to the truck. I got into the truck and looked at Danica.

"Ready to go?" she said.

"Next stop... Taylor's house." I said.

"It's right up here." said Taylor.

I put the truck in drive and drove down the road to her house, and I got out, and helped her to the ground. I pulled my hood up and walked her to her door, same procedure. Hugged by the family, told them what I did, and wished them a happy celebration. I got back to the truck and looked at Danica.

"Time for the real reveal. I met your family before this whole thing." I said, and drove off.

"You did?" she asked.

"How do you think I received word about you being taken?" I said.

After a while of silence, I could tell her face was getting more and more worried.

"Are they okay?" she asked.

"No." I said. "Not without you." I leaned my head back, enjoying the ride.

"I've never been this way. Are you sure we're on the right path?" she said, looking around.

"No worries. I know where we're going." I said, and I turned on the radio. Surprisingly, Kansas was on the radio. The first thing we heard was "Carry On Wayward Son." I could help but smile at the surprise.

We made it to her house. I poked her arm to get her attention.

"What?" she asked.

"Be a good girl, stay out of trouble, Danica." I said.

"Let's go please?" she said, and I smiled.

"Yea sure." I said, and we got out and walked to the door, ringing the doorbell. The mom and dad opened the door, and the mom screamed in surprise, and the dad joined in on the hug-fest.

"I told you, I'd find her. Oh and Danica..." I said, and I randomly had a bag appear on me. I reached in and pulled out a little yorkie puppy, the thing to melt a girl's heart. "I keep my promises." Danica nearly jumped out of her skin with joy as she grabbed the puppy and petted it.

"You remembered!!!" she screamed happily.

"How could I forget?" I asked. "I'm here if you need me. Ever."

"Thank you." said Danica's mom.

"Don't mention it. I'm happy to help." I said.

"You've done too much for us. There has to be some way to return the favor!!" said her mother.

"You've given us everything." said her father.

"Not to quote "The Dark Knight Rises" or anything... but... No. Not everything." I said, scratching the back of my head, and then looking them in the eyes one by one. "Not yet."

"Oh no hon. You have given us everything. You brought our daughter back to us. That alone is more than we ever could ask for." said the mother.

I chuckled and looked at her. "Well. I do my best, ma'am. I'd better get going." I said.

"Yea he better get going. We've got things to do. Don't we pal?" said Howell, as he walked up behind me, patting me on the back. I looked back at him in confusion, but my face wrap hid my face perfectly to keep that expression under wraps, however my eyes and raised eyebrow said a lot.

"Alright angel! Are you sure you don't want to come inside for dinner? It's the least we could do. We're having Cheesy Oven Baked Chicken and Fettuccine Alfredo tonight." said her mother.

I began walking off, and then turned around when she asked if I wanted dinner. "Ma'am. I'm no Angel. I'll take a rain check on that offer though. Have a good day." I said, and I waved to them as I began walking towards the truck again. I stared at Howell when we got to the truck, and raised my hand, waiting for them to go back inside, and then I snapped my fingers. Right before my eyes, the truck turned into a carbon black Corvette Stingray ZR1.

"Nice ride." said Howell.

"Listen. Ever since this whole thing happened to me, I've been through hell. I've been shot, stabbed, I've had my head fucked with. I'm gonna have some fun driving a Stingray. I'm ready for some fun." I said.

"I'm not gonna judge." said Howell.

"Good. Hop in." I said and we both got into the car. I sat there and stared off into space for a second. "Howell. Where the fuck did you just come from?"

"Nowhere." he said.

I stared at him with a blank expression that screamed "Bullshit."

"I'm serious. I just popped in to see what you were doing." said Howell.

"Fuck it." I said, as if it was all one word.

"Come on. Hit it." said Howell.

"You seem pretty cool lately." I said.

"I'm finding out what it means to be human again. You showed me that. I'm starting to understand it now. I wanted to thank you for that." said Howell.

"You're welcome." I said, and started the car. The sheer sound of it starting up made me all giddy inside. "Oh hell yes!" I rev'd the engine a bit and then put it in gear, and started driving off.

After a while of driving, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Howell." I said.

"Yea?" he replied.

"Please don't hate me." I said.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

I dumped the clutch and slammed the gas pedal to the floor, and the Stingray took off down the the highway. Within minutes we were within a mile from my house.
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PostSubject: Re: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 6   Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:47 pm

This reminds me of a game i played recently about this guy name cole who had cool powers nd stuff and he shot electricity from his finger tips and was able to do other super power stuffs o.o

i think it was called Real Famous 2?


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The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 6
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