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 The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 7 | Announcement

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PostSubject: The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 7 | Announcement   Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:43 pm

To much of my surprise and it made me laugh my ass off, Chapter 7 is too long. Therefore, I will release it in quick waves, here is the original post, and I will update it with comments containing a title stating the Wave that it just happens to be. Enjoy this strange series of cliffhangers that I never ever thought would occur.

Also, I'm planning on renaming the story from "The Creator: Evolution is power" to "An Entity Awakens: Evolution is Power". Good decision? Yes? No? Feedback is welcomed.

Chapter 7
Cold Road

Leaves rustled in the wind. I walked along the cracked and damaged concrete path My sleeve bandanna hanging on my face, hood up, staring at everything, my eyes glancing from one object to another. I didn't recognize this place. Gravestones stood everywhere. In the middle, there was a small building, a mausoleum. It was small, couldn't contain more than a few bodies. In front of the mausoleum, was the statue of an angel. A typical statue, a young childlike angel. I jumped, turning around, upon hearing a noise behind me. Whatever it was, it was fast.

"Dammit. Scared the shit out of me..." I said. I turned back around and saw the large stone door to the mausoleum open. "Not a mausoleum... It's a tomb..." I continued walking forward and stepped inside.

Inside contained a coffin. It was all black, and the lid was opened. I stepped forward and looked at the body. To my surprise, it was Zariah.

"What the f-" I began, but suddenly her hand shot upwards, grabbed my hoodie, and pulled me down to her level.

"FAILURE!!" she screamed in my face, almost in a whispering voice, but very, very loudly.

I launched upwards, gasping for breath. I was in my bed, at home. I leaned forward a bit and rubbed my eyes. I sighed and looked around in my dark room.


I was sitting at the table later, enjoying breakfast, but looking horrible. Everyone noticed.

"Another nightmare?" asked my brother, Brent.

"Yea... The woman won't leave me alone." I said.

"Bro, it's been months. Six months, since Chicago. You rebuilt it. Somehow." he said. "You're still having nightmares?"

"Yes, bro. Yes, I am still having nightmares. It's not about that... It's about what Zariah's doing. She's gotta be doing something in the dark. Six months, and not a single event involving her." I said, rubbing my face and eyes.

"So, what's the big deal?" he asked.

"Zariah's Covenant of Darkness is responsible for Chicago, which the government covered up the destruction, and miraculous rebuilding of, the city. Ever since, I've been having nightmares. It's populated, but ever since then the dreams have been hinting at something. It's the only explanation." I said. I got up after I finished eating and went to my room, and got my clothes on, standard uniform. Hoodie, face bandanna (sleeve), cargo pants, sneakers, fingerless gloves. You know. The usual. but I kept my bandanna and the hood down.

"You're still wearing that? You might wanna change." said Brent.

"These are clean." I said.

"I meant the people. They know what you look like by now, and the pigs want you locked up." he said.

"You'd be surprised." I said. "I'm just going out for a stroll. I'll be back later."

I got the gloves on, and then I walked out the door. After a while of walking Howell called me.

"Hello?" I said, placing the phone to my ear.

"Big problem. It's Zariah. She's been located. In orbit." said Howell.

"She's ready to strike?" I asked.

"Honestly? No. Just waiting there. GlobeX is actually been stirring like a beehive lately. I think maybe this is the reason. Lazarus is prepping for an invasion. I honestly don't think she's here for him." said Howell.

"I honestly don't care. Any news from Lazarus?" I said. The sass is real.

"He says that if the only way to kill her is for you to sacrifice yourself, then he's with you." said Howell.

"When did we become allies anyways?" I asked.

"I may have pulled an alliance with him when I controlled you. You might remember the conversation we had but I overheard the soldiers over the phone, so I popped in for a quick chat." Howell said.

"Oh. Right I remember that conversation because you agreed to end my life for the safety of humanity. Ya fuckin' douche." I said.

"Sorry... I was throwing the most radical ending on the table. It's probably the most likely way out of it. I was just being realistic." said Howell.

"Eh. I'm not mad. I'd do it if it came to it. So not gonna argue there." I said. "Let him know I need an escort to the Damnation pronto."

"How do you know the name of his Flagship?" asked Howell.

"I'm not sure. Something to do with my "Mental Universe." I said.

"Your universe covered a lot of factual ground." said Howell

"It covers more than that now." I said.

"True." said Howell.

"Get Lazarus on that Escort." I said. "I'm scouting out here for any of Zariah's thugs."

"Will do. Based on the amount of time you've been at this hero thing, your power level should be getting close to the point where you can build your own country. Perhaps you should set that on your to do list next week." said Howell.

"I could already build one, so what do you mean? I just need empty space to build my own settlements and get a banner to fly around." I said.

"I mean, you could terra-form the sand under some shallow water, or build up an empty area out in the ocean by setting down a lot of sand and rock, and then building an ecosystem, and getting the environment stabilized. Then, get some civilians to build up a community and watch it all blossom into a big, bustling city. Some Erg Entities actually have the ability to create actual planets, and it is believed that some have the ability to create entire galaxies, although, that has never actually been proven." said Howell.

"You know this how? You told me yourself a while ago that you never got this powerful." I said.

"I did get that powerful. I just saw no need to." he said. "But in times like this, even for our kind, it's pretty rough. The only thing that can kill a stable Erg Entity is another Erg Entity. And by the way, Zariah lied about erg energy. Erg Crystals are storage containers for Erg Energy and Entities, but there isn't a "erg crystal absorption". Erg Crystals are out there for use in magick. You're created with the optimal amount of energy. They spent so long on the very first one of our kind, they loaded it with energy. They knew it's power, just not how to activate it. Before they could drain some of it's power, Zariah bonded with the energy, absorbed it, and they figured it all out. They knew Zariah was a human soul, and they knew now how to activate the Erg Entity, by adding a human soul to the energy to bond them together, so they mass produced them, but then Zariah came back in force, so they created me and Lazarus to kill her. Lazarus however, had other things in mind, so I was near completion and altered to kill Lazarus. The problem is, even we don't know how to kill each other. We just know it's possible. Zariah and Lazarus were the earliest betrayals, and after the Precursors were driven away, we were scattered without a single commander to lead us. We were created to follow, not be individuals. Some of us learned how to be individuals without going evil, others chose evil. Other went insane, and other stuck with the way they were created, created to follow, and went to the nearest Erg Entity that was building a faction based on Order and total control. Civilizations were born based on order, and military control. But, in all honesty, I have no idea how to kill an Erg Entity. I was created to kill Zariah but I never was told how to kill her, or another entity."

"So, you've heard stories from your trusted Entities?" I said.

"No way to understand how to kill us, they never knew the method for themselves." said Howell. "Only that they've seen it happen, and possibly, barely got away alive. Nonetheless, it may not work with Zariah. She's not really so much an Erg Entity as she is something else. Your supernatural knowledge points out that they're demons, but-"

"So, you've done a bit of digging with our captive Casper?" I asked.

"Yes, but from what I have seen in your memories of childhood entertainment, Casper was friendly at least. This one is beyond... well... hospitable." said Howell. "He had a slip of the tongue. Told me what they were. Not a normal demon, but a brand new demon. a Chaos Demon, bound to our realm."

"Did the methods of torture work?" I asked.

"They're impure, so yes. Salt works, the sigils bind them when applied to shackles. Pure Iron works. Even Holy Water, I guess despite being different, they come from an original that was altered by Erg Energy. I suppose that they have some ties to their hell-bound brethren." rambled Howell.

"They'd kill us when they saw us... They're not like us." said the darkness prisoner, over the phone.

"Yes, yes. You told me that, how many was it.... about 76 times now?" said Howell.

"Go fuck yourself." said the captive.

"Go fuck yourself, or maybe even another one of your race. You're into the impurity of things right?" said Howell.

"We're not into those things. You know the works. Some people love drinking. It's their fancy. Others love shopping, others love spending time with friends, others love fucking. Mine? I like seeing peoples insides... on their outsides." said the captive.

"I'll be sure to put yours on the floor when I'm done with you then. Anyways. I'll get Lazarus on that escort you asked for." said Howell.

"One more thing. Regular, you know. Hell Demons hate them right? Try an exorcism. You have the book, it'll tell you the incantation." I said.

"Will do. That escort will be right down." said Howell. "Alright, my new friend... Time for you to find a new home."

I hung up, and made a break for the nearest clearing that was in a fairly private place. It took some travel, but the Dropship was there, waiting for me.


"Welcome back, old friend." said Lazarus, as I stepped off of the Dropship.

"Nice place." I said.

"Thank you." said Lazarus. "I trust you've come about the Dark Threat that looms over the planet?"

"You would be correct." I said.

"They don't seem to be moving much. Merely sitting there. Watching. Maybe they're waiting to be attacked?" said Lazarus, as we walked towards the Bridge.

"Or maybe they're waiting for the right moment to strike, or be noticed by the humans on the ground. We need to warn them, and get them off planet." I said.

"Evacuating the Earth? That's a major thing to do. We couldn't possibly save everyone." said Lazarus.

"We vowed to pull together and set aside our differences for the purpose that you and Prometheus were created for. Killing Zariah. You and Prometheus also agreed to pull together and set aside your differences for another purpose: Defending Humanity. Your high profile stunt in Myrtle Beach really put you on humanity's shit list. Since I was Prometheus' vessel, I'm in on it too. You and Prometheus were designed to kill Zariah, and I've made it my objective. We can handle this." I said. "Take me to the bridge, show me the data you have on the Darkness."

Lazarus looked at me sternly. "Very well. I have something else to show you as well." he said, and then continued as we walked together. During our time in space, with our empire growing, we've come across multiple different faction empires, and they all shared four characteristics. Good, Evil, Chaos, and Order. Good and Evil were the only ones that we came across, with us being evil, a few more evil factions and Erg Entities, and then Good Erg Entities and Good Factions. Factions fell quicker, but Erg Entities held out very well. Some still do, and a few factions still stand."

"You killed Erg Entities?" I asked.

"No. Not a clue how to. They just got backed into a corner they couldn't ever find a way out of, and their empires fell, so they gave up and ran, and the remains of their empires fell, as the entities began trying to rebuild elsewhere." said Lazarus.

"Oh, okay. So the Erg Entities have rules of war. Use what forces you currently have, during cease fires and times of peace, build your army for any coming wars." I said.

"Yes, but there are loopholes." Lazarus began. "During times without skirmishes, you can build your army, however, during the war, you can use your civilians, train them for a while and they can join your Force Recon, or your Army. They can join your elites, but it takes a long time to train. I doubt you've achieved that level yet, however, your Soldier Class has types of units called Force Recon. They're not as good as your Soldiers, or your high military grade vehicles and aircraft, but they can get the job done. Civilians can be trained into Force Recon. Much longer training times are required to make actual Soldiers that are above Force Recon class. They would have to go through the Marine training program for double the amount of time, they're not designed to become more than a grunt, in Force Recon, but it's possible to bridge them through to a Elite level soldier. Also, another alternative is to use Cloning to make both Force Recon and Elite soldiers, but enough of that now. Back on topic, The other two sections, I came across recently, Good and Evil are the base ones, recently, I came across Chaos, and Order. Order and Chaos are two completely different ones. Both are mostly Erg Entities. Both use completely different warriors. Chaos being mostly Gangs, Militias, or using civilians in Pseudo Gang or Pseudo Militia forces. Order being incredibly controlling, giving their civilians little to no free will whatsoever, forcing the able bodied civilians to serve in their force recon, and taking the most desirable people out of their own homes and forcing them to be cloning subjects, holding them in prisons containing thousands of cryogenics tubes, designed to harvest their bodies regularly, each harvest getting enough material to create entire legions of elite soldiers. Every Erg Entity can spawn civilians. Civilians are comprised into several different types. Residential, meaning they are your population, they live and work to keep your society and colonies operating. Then, you have your Industry, which means, they're the backbone of your army, they build the weapons, vehicles, watercraft, spacecraft, everything military, as well as the things to make your citizens comfortable in their colonies. Then there are the Builders. Your builders are basically build the colonies. Then there are your support civilians, basically, your miners,plant operators, hunters, and farmers. Hunters are a bridge between Support, and the final civilian type. Lastly, there are the Rioters. Rioters are the civilian warriors. They appear as thuggish civilians so to speak, and during battles, they will use weapons as they jump into the fray. Some are primarily melee, using blunt weapons, and blades, while others are ranged, using firearms. Hunters are the Support/Rioter bridge, when your enemies attack a colony of hunters, they'll need the element of surprise, otherwise, they're in for a tough fight. Rioters will tear your colonies apart fighting against the enemy. I'm merely telling you this because I can tell that your power level in reaching a status where it would be in your best interest to set up a colony. These civilians are here to do things so that you don't have to, so you can focus on your army. The upside, you don't have to create the colonies yourself, the downside, if you do create it yourself, it's relatively instant, while when the civilians do it, it takes a while."

"That's great but why would you tell your enemy how to use his powers?" I asked.

"For two reasons. We aren't enemies as of now, but in the future, if we are, I'd like to actually have a challenge." said Lazarus, smirking at me.

"Great, I can tell our friendship should last a good, long while when this is over." I said.

"No worries. Our history together already screams that it won't. But I assure you, the current events will possibly take hundreds of years to find the proper opportunity to kill Zariah." said Lazarus.

I was sure that I would actually be able to understand quickly what my newly developed abilities could do within due time, especially with Howell telling me what to do. I did however, appreciate the advice. We continued walking and in silence, I began wondering.

"You look troubled." Lazarus said when we reached the Bridge.

"I'm thinking about Order and Chaos. How did they come around?" I asked.

"Ask Prometheus. He will know." said Lazarus. "There are more important things at hand. Three main problems. The Darkness looms over the planet we both found our vessels. You are actually one of the vessels, with Erg Entity abilities. You will obviously have an obligation to defend the planet, and Prometheus will stand by you. As your ally, I will also stand by you. We have an even bigger problem, as large scale scouting missions are being run by the good factions, the evil factions, as well as chaos and order, and the Covenant of Darkness are stepping into the fray as well. Throughout the years, skirmishes have happened, but the last one was 100,000 years ago. Zariah has been in hiding ever since, now that she's back, the newly massively increased factions of Chaos and Order have become a major threat. We can't let them attack Earth. Which is exactly what they are doing. Not attacking the Earth. They're waiting for something. I can feel it." He rambled on about this for another moment.

"Then why not attack them?" I asked.

"Reinforcements are a ways away, We couldn't handle them with this many ships, primarily because of those massive dreadnoughts. They're beyond comparison with ours and on top of that, their ships are modified from the original war from all those years ago. Modified for more space for soldiers, and crew, as well as modified for more space for fighters, bombers, and dropships, and many, many more guns on the hull. We've battled them not long ago, and they used a specific WMD from one of their capital ships. It's more powerful than anything they had before. It put a massive crater in the planet. The world was on fire. Literally. Our reinforcements arrived, just in time, and we won, but the planet had to be bombarded to kill the rest of the Darkness Soldiers on the planet. It was literally inhabitable anyways. Damn shame." said Lazarus, rambling in anger.

"Fuck it. Put me on the ship. I'll take it down." I said.

"No. Not an option. She knows how to kill Erg Entities, we don't." said Lazarus. Suddenly, we both turned around as we heard the rest of the ship singing together. They seemed relatively happy.

"So, what's the plan?" I asked.

"We have no clue. We're pinned onto the planet and it's orbit. You can't get out of the system, and we're stuck waiting for reinforcements that may never arrive" Lazarus said.

"We could evacuate it?" I said, my pitch getting high near the end of the statement, making it seem like a question.

"Not an option, too many people." said Lazarus.

"Sir! Dropships coming from the Dark Ships. They're heading to the surface." said one of the crew members.

"Where?" said Lazarus, instantly.

"Looks like they may be heading to the U.S. West Coast." said the crew member.

"How many?" I asked.

"Looks like a strike force." said the crew member.

"Scramble some fighters." I said.

"Make sure to get a task force on the planet pronto." said Lazarus.

"Yes sir." said the crew member, and he began relaying the message to the rest of the fleet.

"I'll head down there, get to building ships to allow my army to get into space, you focus on that fleet." I said.

"Already on it." said Lazarus.

When we got to the hangar, I materialized a motorcycle helmet, and put it on. It had an oxygen generator, and was heat shielded. The helmet was a graphite color, with lime green cyber designs all over it, lining around the visor, which was solid black. I tapped the dropship loudly as I climbed inside. "Get me in atmosphere." I said.

"That's not a good idea. Tango's everywhere." said the Pilot, turning the dropship on and closing the door.

"Best one I've ever had. I'm not going to combat anyways." I replied.

When we got near atmosphere, a bunch of fighters hurtled by, they were GlobeX fighters, and they were followed by more dropships, speeding through space, trying to get into low orbit as fast as possible.

Once we got to the ground, the entire U.S. West Coast was a dogfight between GlobeX fighters and Dark Covenant Fighters, Bombers, and Dropships. U.S. Air Force interceptors were heading into the fray as well, and as we flew above the chaos, going as fast as we could to the drop zone, we began being followed by Dark Covenant Fighters. GlobeX Fighters flew in pursuit, and the Dropship began to beep.

"We're being locked. Running Evasive maneuvers." said the Pilot.

"Just open the damn door." I said, standing up, spawning a Homing Rocket Launcher.

"You sure?" said the pilot, opening the door before I could answer.

"Yep." I said, aiming, as the rocket locked on. I pulled the trigger, and the Fighter began to move, but the RPG slammed directly into the cockpit, sending it down, however it exploded as it slammed into it's wing-man. The GlobeX fighters tagged along for the remainder of the journey to our personal little drop-zone.

"You ready to hump it? You'll have to the rest of the way." said the Pilot.

"Yea, I can walk. Thanks for the lift." I said, disappearing into thin air, and appearing on the street, beside the Corvette Stringray. I hopped into the driver's seat and called Howell, praying he answered quick. He picked up after the second ring, pretty ecstatic.
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PostSubject: Chapter 7 Part 2   Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:18 pm

"Hey!! West coast is lighting up. GlobeX and Darkness readings." said Howell.

"Get to work on the Spaceships we had in mind a while back. Remember the Vulture Idea, that I pulled out of Halo Wars? I had the idea to turn them into much larger ships, armed to the teeth, capable of carrying an army, and able to destroy much more?" I said.

"Yea. Point?" said Howell.

"We need to get into space as soon as possible. Darkness ships sitting in orbit, launching attacks. Chaos Agents coming down. And you owe me an explanation about the Faction Sects." I said.

"Will do. Later. Right now I'm heading to initiate the development of the Vulture Class Spacecraft." said Howell.

"Alright. Get it started." I said. I started the car and began driving down the road, pedal to the metal to the Outpost we had in a wooded area where we built a small town, with an apartment complex that had a large basement area used for R&D, on top of that, it had a basement area that stretched as far as a football stadium outside, and into an area kept for the "Police HQ" where they connected basement areas, and then it stretched a little further, and into an area developed to hold a shit-load of aircraft, and another developed to hold an ass-load of armored vehicles. We had another one local that posed as a new high-tech airport, acting as something more suitable to call a military base. When I got there, I saw a girl waiting outside the gate. I pulled up next to her and rolled my window down by now I had de-materialized my motorcycle helmet, I had originally planned to jump, but changed my mind.

"Hey there. you alright?" I said, my face bandanna wrap still up on my face.

"I'm looking for someone the state has been calling the new Messiah. You know him right?" she said, with a cute Irish accent.

"Messiah?" I asked.

"Yea, the guy who teleports. He was involved with saving that girl in the van, and rumors say he freed the girls who were kidnapped a year ago. Some say he even rebuilt Chicago, and can spawn angels to fight for him." she said.

"Oh. Yea. That.. guy." I said. "He's a cool guy. I met him, he gave me this bandanna."

"Wow.... I kinda need help. The news says that he's been seen all over the country, but mostly here... I hope I'm in luck and that he's here..." she said.

"You're in luck, you're talking to him." I said, and she stared at me wide eyed.

"I knew it!" she said.

"Shhh...." I said. "I'll have a big price on my head when the country finds out what I can really do. Get in the car, I'm headed in there. We'll talk in private."

She opened the door, and got in the car. She seemed enthusiastic about everything despite being in the car with, possibly, the most wanted man in the country.

When we got into the community, she started looking around, amazed at the beautiful houses.

"We built this." I said.

"Who's we?" she asked.

"Me, and the "Angels". They built it, I gave the order. We were going, more or less, for innocent, wealthy people living in a high class gated community." I said. "They're not really angels, just regular people for the most part. Like you and me."

"No, I'm not normal... I'm here so that you can help me with that." she said, as if she knew I could help.

"Don't be like that." I said.

"You'll see... I don't want to scare the people... Let's find somewhere private." she said, shyly.

"Was already planning on it." I said, pulling into a police station.

"Here?" she asked, surprised.

"Yep." I replied, helping her out of the car.

"Not very private, there's cops here!" she said.

"Rent-a-cops, sort of. Hired security, which I created." I said. "They work for me. They're posing as guards, but they're really cops working as a defensive quick reaction force."

"Oh.... clever." she said.

"Yes, clever." I said. "They're everywhere, they're the first responders during an attack. The cheapest defense, and really reliable. Anyways... This is what we're here for." I said, pointing to a basement path.

"The basement?" she asked.

"You're the only outsider to get to see this, hopefully." I said, as we walked down to the basement, and the doors opened by themselves, leading to an elevator.

"An elevator, in the basement." she said.

"Yep." I said.

"Doesn't seem safe." she said.

"Very safe. Get in." I said, and the doors closed behind her. When they opened again as she began complaining about being scared, she was struck with awe at what the doors opened to: a massive chamber underground full of military grade technology, with people everywhere in white lab coats, haz-mat suits with large air tanks, and similar, less puffy and less full of air blue and white suits with air tanks, and gas masks that the tanks linked to. It was a giant R&D facility, and they were working on incredible technology. Helo-carriers, Vulture V.T.O.L. gunships, and versions very similar, designed as frigates, corvettes, cruisers, even carriers. Over a ways down, a team of engineers were designing different blueprints for different ships to create a more original interstellar fleet. Armed Guards, clad in military gear, patrolled the entire facility.

"Oh my god... it's..." she began.

"Amazing? We work as one. We're all working together, this place leads on a long way away. Long way. Everything takes a lot of work, and this is the heart of it all. At least until we can get off of this planet. If we don't, this planet will be shrouded in darkness, and be turned into a breeding ground for the horrible monstrosities that Zariah creates." I explained, beginning to ramble when she cut me off.

"Who's Zariah?" she asked.

"The bitch we're hunting. Anyways, walk this way, with me. We'll find a private area to talk about your problem." I said, and began walking to the right, with her tagging along behind, her short legs carrying her as fast as they can.

"In here." I said, opening a door. "Ladies first."

"Thank you." she said.

"I still haven't seen a problem with you. What's the problem?" I asked, as Howell came down a set of stairs.

"I... um... was in an explosion... a green explosion. You must have heard about it..." she said.

"The GlobeX attack, there was a Vermaak Enterprises facility that was attacked here in South Carolina right?" said Howell.

"Yea, that one." she said.

"Howell, you have a lot to tell me about." I said.

"Vermaak Enterprises is working on a special military project for the Vermaak 44. They're planning an expedition back to their homeworld, and managed to convince the U.S. government, as well as a few more countries, to allow some humans on the expedition as well. Apparently when the attack happened, GlobeX attacked a Vermaak Enterprises Research and Development facility, destroying it, Dead on Arrival and Vermaak Enterprises Security Forces, as well as Vermaak 44 Military tried to hold them off as long as they could, but the battle damaged a critical piece of equipment, and the facility was destroyed as a result, the project exploded, and it was reported by many to be massive, and very green for some reason." Howell explained.

"My friends dared me to go out there before the attack happened..." said the girl.

"So what's the problem, post traumatic stress disorder?" I asked.

"No...." she said, and held her hand out, and a glowing green orb appeared in her hand, and she made it drop into her palm, lighting it up with a green flame.

Me and Howell stared at it for a moment, and looked at each other. The girl seemed very self conscious about the entire ordeal. I walked over to the door and waved out to the people.

"We need a team in here, ASAP. And please, bring somebody that knows their shit?" I called out, and a team of scientists came rushing to the office after shutting their equipment down.

"What's the problem? said one of them.

"We have a girl here that can control some form of Energy. It's green, it's bright, and it's very... how do I say... Fiery." I said.

"What? That's impossible." said the scientists.

"See for yourselves." I said, and stepped back into the room, out of their way. "Show them what you did."

When she did it again, she looked at them and did it with her other hand, and this time, made the flame levitate. In her other hand she made the flame go way and her palm became covered in green electricity.

"Overpowered." I said. "Hacks. I call hacks."

"I came here to see if you could help me... I'm too scared to go to anyone else." she said.

"I have no clue." I said. "PTSD, cancer, AIDS, I can help with all of that, but this? Honestly, I've never seen anything like it."

"It's not an Erg Entity. It would have shown itself by now." Howell said.

"Erg Entity?" she said.

"He possessed me, I evicted him, I became him, you know the story." I said.

"No, I don't." she said.

"You don't wanna know the story." I said.

"Yes, I do." she said.

"Talk with him then, he'd be happy to explain it." I said.

"Many years ago," Howell began, "the Precursors, my creators, were evicted from the galaxy by the beings they created, that worshiped them like gods, called the Forerunners. We were created to be their most powerful warriors, and fight off any evils in the galaxy. We're called Erg Entities. Trillions upon trillions of us were made, but... the Forerunners still won. Thanks to Zariah taking many of us with her, thousands of Erg Entities died, others were turned against us... She attacked us and weakened our defenses before the Forerunner attack, making it easier to break through our defenses. Somehow, even with millions of us still on the planet, we failed, and the precursors were evicted from the galaxy, running from death, and went to another galaxy, we have no clue what happened from there, but the Forerunners took the Mantle, and the Erg Entities that were completed came out of development, they were trained by other Erg Entities, and we began to start a civil war among the Erg Entities. Many ran, built their own factions, others didn't run, they fought. The ones that were defeated quickly ran and tried to rebuild, building their own factions. Slowly, faction sectors were built as we re-found our free will, because we're the weak ones of our races, me, personally, I'm a human. I know some who were Sangheili, some even Jiralhanae, and on some cases, even a Kig-Yar, Unggoy, and a Mandalorian. There were some who were Kernaxtel (Pronounced Ker-nak-tahl) and some who were other races. Being a diverse race of beings, and being manufactured, we lost our free will, and were given a true purpose; to defend the galaxy. We gave up our free will for this.... and shortly after, we lost the purpose as we lost our creators. We had to re-find our free will, and in doing so, factions formed. Some were neutral, others were violent. By the time the Faction Sectors formed, we were so diverse, we couldn't even recognize each other anymore. Wars began between the sects. The Good Sector, my Sector, stuck to the Precursor's objective, and found their free will. After winning for a while, against Evil, it was becoming a stalemate. Evil Sector went against the Precursors objective, and chose to take the galaxy for their own, but, found Free Will. Later, two more sectors sprouted from the ones who went Neutral: Order, and Chaos. Chaos found free will, but found the darker meaning of it, and became a very anarchist sector, hating anything even remotely oppressive, willing to fight for total free will. Order is the complete opposite, hating free will, as they believe that Free Will causes chaos, yet some still give their people a little bit of free will. Being heavily militarized, both Sectors seek to expand their influence to conquer the entire galaxy, and when they found other galaxies existed, and the Faction Sectors stopped warring each other, they all began preparing themselves to operate on a much larger scale, a universal scale, but they know they must take this galaxy first, or they must run from it. Lazarus and I were created to kill Zariah, he's the brains, I'm the brawn, but he was more or less evil, and betrayed the precursors, and I served them, rebuilt to kill them both, while Lazarus had to learn to use his abilities properly to become efficient and intelligent. Now, he's our ally, helping us find Zariah, and a way to kill her. The problem is, we're on the clock. He says that Order and Chaos are on the move, preparing the first strike as we speak. There'a minor belief that they may hit Earth first. We have to get into space as soon as possible."

"Well, that's the story. I didn't know any of this. Anyways, we'll need to study you, understand what we're looking for." I said. "Come on, follow the scientists, they'll lead you to the testing chambers."

"Will it take long?" she said.

"No, it shouldn't. Don't worry, our technology lets us observe you without having to cut at your skin." I said.

"Yay." she said, sarcastically, and followed them.

I walked out of the office with Howell, and watched the R&D scientists, and operators building the Spacecraft. They were lined with heavy turrets, chainguns, missile pods and anti air missile launchers lined the top of the ships. The missile pods could launch heavy, high explosive missiles to rain down devastation on the opposition. On the underside of the ships, the missile pods could be added there as well, but instead of HE warheads, they could be armed with cluster missiles with different loadouts. The large cannons around the ships, hanging underneath, were heavy 40 millimeter cannons, firing 40mm explosive bullets at long range. The sides of the ships could also have chainguns and 40mm cannons mounted on them. The entire ship model was designed for maximum damage, and maximum armor, with maximum thrust, however, the actual ship it was modeled after was designed for maximum damage, maximum armor, yet it was incredibly slow. Our model is a little faster, and it was carried over to be a much larger vessel, with more thrusters, more guns, and more armor, as well as more space, designed to be a massive warships with different purposes, some are designed for speed, others are designed for damage, others are designed to be carriers, carrying aircraft with V.T.O.L. technology and a mass of weaponry.

"Howes." I said.

"Yes?" he replied.

"We've got work to do." I said, walking with him to the military command room.

"Yes we do." he said. "Radio chatter is picking up. Our men and women aren't doing very good. We've pulled out all of the civilians we can. Still plenty in the city though. They're requesting further orders, continue evacuating who we can, or begin artillery bombardment?"

"I see this little war becoming a big problem. My concern is getting the people out. Send in the Attack choppers, and the grunts. The army will focus on evacuation, while the marines will keep the Darkness at bay. You did initiate the Shoot on Sight order for anybody with black eyes behaving hostile towards our units correct?" I said.

"Yes, of course." said Howell.

"Good." I said. "Covenant of Darkness Soldiers are everywhere in the region, and they're bolstered by the Darkness Militia."

"I am guessing that your weakness is that you care TOO much..." said Howell.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You're hell bent on evacuating every civilian." said Howell.

"Damn right. I can't save everyone, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't try to." I said.

"Good attitude. You'll fit right in with us at the Good Sector." said Howell.

"Yea. Sure." I said, looking back at the data on the Holo-Sim table, showing all of the region in question in a white 3D hologram, with our units as Green, U.S. army units as Orange, and Dark units as Dark Grey. It gets destroyed as the city takes damage. Zoomed out, it's mainly a bunch of dots, and triangles, but zoomed in at a certain altitude, you can see the aircraft, or the ground, you can see the infantry, and the armor, and the helicopters, gunships, whatever it is, you can see it in real time detail. Zoomed in on the water, you can see the watercraft in deep detail. GlobeX units pop in and out of the holo-sim, as they come into, and out of view. Eventually, the GlobeX infantry have popped into view, as their soldiers moved into the region.

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PostSubject: Chapter 7 Part 3 (FINAL)   Tue Aug 11, 2015 2:34 pm

In the city, the forces of Earth were fighting each other, and the Darkness. Cops were running through the streets, shooting at the Dark Troopers. My forces ran to support them, firing at the Darkness soldiers, gunning them down, and in turn, getting gunned down. Our armor, rolling through the streets that it could fit on, in groups of four, soldiers on the MG turrets, firing at the Dark Soldiers. As this happened, another tank, U.S. Army, came plowing through the streets, and fired at one of the digital dark and light grey camo tanks, that had green lines lining every edge in it's armor and body kit, creating a green cyber design all throughout the coloration of the tank. The round missed the tank, slamming into the wall behind it, and the tank turned it's turret, aiming the cannon at the tank, and one of the tank's crew members opened the hatch, and poked his head out, then climbed up a bit and waved.

"Hey!!!" he screamed. "The enemy is THAT way!" he screamed at the Army tank, pointing in the direction the tanks were headed.

The Army tank fired again, and narrowly missed the crewman in the hatch of the grey tank, and he cringed up, one of the main reasons he wasn't hit.

"Okay!! I understand!!" he said, and climbed back into his tank, closed the hatch, then the four tanks kept moving where they were going.

The forces of Earth, and the forces of Darkness continuously clashed, and ultimately, the Darkness Forces were flanked by the forces of Earth, and the (currently) nameless forces that are my units, and the U.S. National Guard. The battle was raging on, and it wasn't exactly helping that the U.S. Army were shooting at my men, and GlobeX.

My men, and GlobeX, even, were taking heavy casualties. Part of the region was leveled completely by heavy armor, and corpses were starting to riddle the ground. At one specific point, there was a massive firefight between my forces, and the soldiers of Darkness. It wasn't exactly a stalemate anymore. My forces were taking heavy casualties. A blacklight colored energy bullet pierced the skull of one of my men, he was dead almost instantly, but the energy round exploded in his head, which is what the Nexus Energy Bullets (A.K.A. Nexus Kinetic Rounds) do, exploding to ensure death. Not a big explosion like a grenade, but a micro-explosion to deal enough collateral damage to effectively kill it's victims without blowing it's victims apart. The two soldiers beside him put their rifles away, on their backs, and picked his body up, dragging him to another piece of cover, out of the way of the firefight to prevent as much tripping as possible. Wounded weren't plentiful around the battlefield, but medics were tending to those that they could. More reinforcements came for my men, and the 4 tanks who's crewman narrowly escaped a tank round to the face, and even a platoon of GlobeX soldiers came through to help, but then blacklight colored energy rounds came streaming down from the sky, and exploded into the tanks, destroying one of them, and sending the other three running over the Darkness Forces. My men, and the GlobeX platoon began routing after taking some light casualties. More dark purple artillery rounds came screaming down, exploding in the streets, devastating buildings, and sending bodies flying as they retreated to a safer distance.

"What in the flying fuck was that?!" screamed one of my men. His uniform had "Thompson" sewn into the cover flap of his pocket on the left of his uniform top.

"Artillery. Mobile. The battle hasn't been raging long enough for them to get any devastating stationary artillery up and running." said a GlobeX soldier.

"Yea. Fair point." said another one of my soldiers.

"Command, we need a group of bombers searching the... west of the warzone for mobile artillery, over." said the GlobeX soldier.

"Request confirmed, airstrike searching for Mobile Artillery now." said the voice on the other end of the line.

"Looks like you guys aren't doing so hot." said a GlobeX soldier, to one of mine.

"Just when I was starting to like you guys, you had to fuck it up." said Thompson.

"Lets not get a big rivalry going here? We don't need a reason to shoot at each other when the fate of the fucking Galaxy is resting in our hands." said one of my soldiers, a female named Vanessa. Sprightly, short, not a bad shot.

An explosion was heard nearby as the Artillery struck again, and the soldiers all jumped up and began running together.


Back at base, me and Howell were talking just as the Scientists came back with the girl.

"Big news. genetic mutation." said one of the scientists.

"What?" Howell and I said, in sync.

"A gene called the conduit gene. Well known now, in 2019, since an Electrical Conduit came about in Empire City." said the Scientist.

I looked at Howell. "Something you forgot to tell me?" I said.

"Yea... I meant to take you for a spin one last time until 2021 to kill Zariah. That didn't go according to planned when you performed Harikiri in Chicago." said Howell. "I forgot to tell you because we were so busy fighting the Darkness there, that I got caught up taking out the ship."

"Thank you for clarifying." I said, then turned my head to look at the scientist. "So what do we do about that?"

"You might could remove the gene from her DNA makeup." said the Scientist.

"What's a conduit?" asked Howell.

"That." I said, pointing at her. "Dangerous, blends in well with the environment until their face is very well known. One of them could tear apart one of our battalions, depending on their abilities, as long as they don't take too much damage."

"Well. That's just top notch." said Howell.

"She is using an energy known as Nexus Energy, very dangerous in a conduit, though very rare to activate the conduit gene. She, unlike many conduits, doesn't need to recharge, as with Nexus Energy conduits, their bodies are turned into Nexus Energy Power Plants basically, 24/7 producing Nexus Energy to the bodies energy storage." explained the Scientist.

"Wonderful. So what's Nexus Energy?" I asked.

"The most versatile energy out there, and it's dangerous to produce, but once you complete it, you can produce it almost risk free on a massive scale." said Howell.

"Oh. Well shit." I said.

"So can you get rid of it?" said the Girl.

"No. He can't." the scientist said.

"What?!" she said.

"It could kill you." said the scientist.

"What?!" she said again.

"You heard him. If you weren't activated, it'd be much easier, and safer. The problem with that is, it's highly unlikely that you'd know about it then." I said.

"Exactly." said Howell.

"I traveled across the state for no reason?!" she said.

"I'm sorry, miss. I am, truly, but there's nothing I could do. You clearly don't want to die, but you're desperate to be normal. I can't risk killing you just for something that you could use to help many, many people." I said. "The only thing I can tell you is... learn to control it, and don't use it unless you need to."

"Fuck this..." she said, and I grabbed her arm and teleported to the elevator.

"I'm sorry, but I truly wish I could help. I brought you in here only based on my good nature." I said. "If you want, I'll drive you home."

"No thanks... get me to the surface." she said, clearly pissed. When we got out there, she dashed out of nowhere and disappeared. I felt bad for her, really. I went back underground, and we gathered around the Holo-Sim table, ordering my units and discussing what to call our faction.


My units, and GlobeX units were fighting together, just as the Artillery was destroyed. My Air Force was also waging a brutal war, and deploying units. Slowly, however, to my dismay, the battle lines were spreading, the region of war was growing in size, when suddenly, a message was sent to us. By my troopers. a soldier of mine had a gun to his head.

"Commander! Don't listen to them!! The Darkness wants-" he said loudly, and a gunshot, with a noticeable "pew" of energy weaponry sounded off, and blood splattered everywhere as his corpse dropped to the ground.

"Maybe you can be a good girl and tell him what we desire?" said the gunman.

"They want you to surrender the planet to them..." said the female soldier, handcuffed, with a gun to her head. she was terrified, and looked the part.

"And?" said the gunman.

"They want you dead. They want you to lay down and surrender." she said, her voice shaking, and the gunman pushed the gun against her head, then lowered it.

"You heard your soldiers Guardian. They're tired of fighting. They have surrendered. You lost. Now it's time for you to die a dishonorable death." said the demon, and he shot the person holding the camera.

"She has a bandanna in her pocket. It's the banner." I said.

"You can teleport to her." said Howell.

"Yep." I said, and disappeared from the room. I appeared right behind the girl and placed a gun against the gunman's head.

"How in the-" began the soldier, and his blackened blood splattered across the ground, and I turned around, dropping to one knee and shot the soldier behind me. I reloaded the revolver, .44 magnum, and looked around. What was left of the platoon was either tied up, or dead, Thompson was dead and Vanessa was horrified, shocked, frozen in place.

"Can you fight? I asked her, and she shivered as she looked towards me.

"Here." I said, and I handed her the gunman's energy pistol. She took it and looked at Thompson. I untied the rest of my soldiers and they untied the GlobeX prisoners. The Dark Troopers came running by the time they all grabbed their weaponry and a firefight was beginning. Back at base, Howell was watching the camera, which was on it's side on the ground, as my soldiers, our reinforcements, GlobeX soldiers and their reinforcements, ran by, guns blazing. Some soldiers fell in the camera's field of view. One of my own soldiers fell directly in front of the camera, looking right at it. Howell jumped back a bit, the image alone startling him. He switched to Flappy, the fly-drone, as it flew around our area and watched our firefight. We had the upper hand since I had joined, renewing the vigor of our fighting force. I pulled the trigger, tapping it to fire as few rounds as possible per trigger pull, to stretch out my ammo usage. Dark Troopers fell left and right. When I reloaded, I got up, and walked, somewhat crouched, as low as I can go to allow me to move at a fairly decent speed, and moved towards the soldiers, firing. I aimed and fired at whoever my sights touched, and they were peppered with up to three rounds each. My soldiers fell in behind me, and GlobeX grouped up as well, moving up as fast as possible, but quickly, they dispersed, and began to run past, firing, finding cover, and soon, we dispersed as soon as we had reached a nice spot to take cover, and cleared out a nice number of enemies as well.

"What now?!" asked one of my soldiers, when a bomb exploded nearby, taking out the enemy position. in a big, bloody explosion.

"That, apparently." I said.

"Well, nice." said the soldier.

We all stood up, and slowly moved through the area. Dark Militia units came flooding into the area soon, searching for survivors to murder brutally, basically there to provide simple, cheap, and effective reinforcements. When we rushed into the area, we were lucky enough to get to cover before they spotted us. I poked my head up from behind a large, thick piece of concrete debris. I looked over at the GlobeX C.O. in the area, a Lieutenant, and I motioned two fingers at him, and then toward the enemies as if saying "You first." He nodded and held up three fingers, then two, then one. He stood up and fired, and all of the GlobeX soldiers took aim, and fired into the four platoons of militia. GlobeX almost didn't need our help with this one. They honestly didn't. I just got bored and began firing at the militia, and my soldiers followed my lead. The Militia stood their ground for another 120 seconds on the dot, then they began to retreat. We rushed them down, and I rushed ahead, and began firing after them. I pumped three of them full of bullets and stopped, taking my time to reload another clip and aimed, and fired three rounds at the horde and hit their commanding officer, who had an elaborate grey designer hoodie, with his own armor on it, as their Darkness Militia does, with a custom armor plating design to protect themselves, rather than a modern day Kevlar, or some other form of armor that exists and is still used today.

After about twenty more minutes of travelling, we killed all of the Militia troopers, and began moving towards the second, and last, Artillery placement in the region, that is, after meeting up with another group of my soldiers, 2 platoons of infantry, no losses, who had a group of four tanks. We met up, and they agreed to come with us, even though the tank crews saw themselves as a big fat bullseye for the artillery. When we got there, we saw the artillery up on a hill, and the tanks began to take aim, to ensure that they can hit the artillery when they fire.

"It's a base." said one of the soldiers.

"We don't even have a siege weapon!!!" said Vanessa.

"It's a camp, not a base." I said.

"Then look at the walls." said Vanessa. "Tell me it's not a base."

"It's concrete that it's a wall. It's concrete that it's not a base by the spacing between the walls. They're protecting their camp. They also haven't had enough time to even build a formidable base." I said. "Armor fire, in three..."

The enemy began pointing towards us, and the artillery began to turn their cannons in our direction, and adjusted their aim.

"Two..." I continued.

The infantry began to calibrate their artillery, and readied it to fire.

"One." I said. "Fire!!"

The tanks fired, and their rounds streamed through the air. they made contact with the artillery and busted through a weak spot in their armor, dealing incredible damage. The damage knocked the turrets slightly off course, and the artillery fired, sending purple, glowing plasma into the air, and we watched as it screamed overhead and landed a ways behind us The tanks fired again, and one of the artillery systems was destroyed.

"Who said tanks couldn't be artillery?" I said. and the entire crowd cheered when they realized that the tanks destroyed an artillery emplacement. After the artillery emplacements were all destroyed, the camp began to muster an attack force, and they began to scream down the hill, racing for our position, with tanks, transports, and FAV's. All we had were trees to cover us, and some tanks.

"Hold your ground! Tanks, target the Transport IFVs. Heavy infantry! Still with us?" I yelled.

"Yes sir!! Marauder's ready to kill!" said one squad.

"Any more?" I asked.

"Two whole platoons sir." said one of the Heavy Infantry soldiers.

"Good, all of the Marauder heavy infantry are firing at the tanks, transports, FAVs, anything that's a vehicle, hit it with an RPG, It's it's infantry, shoot it. RPG's would scare them a bit too." I said

"Yes sir." they replied.

"Take cover in the trees, like the rest of us, and it them with everything you've got." I said.

"Yessir." said the soldiers, and they moved for the edge of the treeline.

"Light infantry!" I screamed.

"Reaper's Ready!" said the light infantry.

"Take cover in the trees, with me, we're killing any infantry we see." I said.

"Sir, yes sir!!" said the infantry.

"Protect each other! We're not a group, we're a unit. We survive by sticking together." I said.

"Sir, how do you know this will work?" said one of my soldiers.

"I used the strategy in a game once, called Endwar. It worked surprisingly well." I said, and aimed forward.

"That makes me feel so much better..." he said, and aimed his LMG downrange.

"Battle was over in 5 minutes." I said.

"It's a video game." said the soldier.

The horde of enemies rushed over the hill and began firing at us. The Tanks fired at the enemy transports and they exploded in a fiery blaze. Infantry kept running at us.

"Fire at will!!" I screamed, and pulled my rifle trigger, unleashing a torrent of bullets, one of which crashed into the skull of a unit with an RPG, and he collapsed promptly, another bullet ripped through the rib cage of another enemy, little to my knowledge, it hit him directly in the heart. Chaos began to engulf the battlefield. My units had cover, Zariah's didn't. The Dark Troopers fell rapidly, like flies to a flycatcher, not much of a chance. Explosions rang out, bodies began flying, the high noon sun glistening over the blackened blood as it splatters over the battlefield.

"Hold your ground!" I screamed, and materialized a grenade, pulled the pin, and tossed it out into the field. I began firing at the Dark Troopers, and the grenade exploded as I found a new target.

In a bird's eye view of the battlefield, Howell was cringing as he stared at the screen Flappy was giving him, thinking that me and my forces weren't going to get out alive. He watched as Dark Troopers fell, not even coming close to the treeline. A Darkness tank exploded, and infantry began to show signs of routing.

"Keep it up!" I screamed, and the Dark troopers kept pouring on, breaking, but still pouring on the heat. After a few minutes, they broke, and retreated back to their camp.

"Holy shit..." said the soldier beside me, in disbelief.

"Now, this is where we chase them." I said. " Hunt 'em down!" My units began to sprint from the tree's, staying clustered in their platoons, but rushing for the pile of dead corpses, stepping over them only to keep running, and firing at the black clad enemies with determination. They pressed on, and kept gunning them down. After travelling some distance, the dark troopers turned around and began rushing at us.

"Fall back to the trees!! Fall back!!" I called, and my soldiers scrambled to retreat back to the trees. My tanks began to roll backwards, firing at the horde of enemies. In their retreat, they almost broke the enemies' new found morale on their own. When we got back to the trees, we took cover and began firing at the horde once more. Within moments of this, Dark Troopers began to break, despite my soldiers fighting with trepidation, the fear beginning to set in.

The Troopers retreated back to their camp, which was more of an outpost that had been poorly designed, then again, it likely wasn't finished, hence the wall's being so few in number. As they retreated, the tanks and heavy infantry peppered them with explosives, the horde running up the hill only to have their comrade's rain their blood down on them. The force was effectively being destroyed, in spectacular, highly explosive fashion.

"Any bombers up there with a gift for Zariah?" I asked over comms.

"This is Bravo-16. Full payload, special for Zariah. Is this the commander?" asked the leader of the bomber squadron.

"Right you are. I want a special gift for the bitch that would just light up her world. Anything for that with express delivery?" I asked.

"Sensors say the request is over... yes, in fact, we can be there within the next minute." said Bravo-16.

"Please, I know she'll be so happy to see this." I said.

"We're Oscar Mike." said Bravo-16.

They were, in fact, there within 60 seconds. They carpet bombed the camp and left it in a smoldering ruin. My soldiers threw up their fists, and jumped with joy, screaming with enthusiasm that we have the upper hand, and that the Darkness would be purged from Earth, at least until the next offensive.

"Hey, Howell." I said, s soon as I heard him breathe on the other end of the phone line.

"Yes. I know, I saw it. The artillery emplacement is destroyed, but they've rattled our forces enough to gives us the disadvantage. We're spread thin, and there's only a few engagements left in the region, however, one in particular, we're losing." said Howell.

"Let me guess. I need to go there?" I asked.

"Yep. It's decisive. If we lose that engagement, we lose control of the city, and nothing else would matter, whether we control the region or not, the city is our primary goal. We control it, we control the region entirely, We don't control it, it'll be the only foothold that the darkness has on Earth. That foothold would be enough for them to dominate the United States, and if they have the U.S. of A..." Howell said.

"...They have the planet." I finished.

"You know what to do." said Howell.

"What?" I asked, as if I didn't know.

"No time for jokes." said Howell.

"But... there's always time for a little humor." I said. "It's my character, remember?"

"Shut up and get the job done." said Howell.

"God, you're a dick these days." I said, and hung up the phone. Howell was staring at his phone, confused, in the base room that I came from.

Within a few minutes after we began marching, he called me back.

"What does that mean, that I'm a dick these days?" he asked.

"You're extremely controlling lately. Like you're running the show. We both run this, remember? Our forces are split 50-50. I own half, you own the other half. Same for R&D. Everything we have, we split 50-50." I said.

"I'm doing what I have to." said Howell.

"You can do more in the field. Get off your ass sometime and join me out here. Two Erg Entities are better than one." I said.

"What does that supposed to mean?" said Howell.

"It means, shut up, quit your bitching, and get on the God damned battlefield." I said.

Half of my forces with me at the moment stopped in their tracks. The rest kept moving, following me, including the tanks.

"The bond is officially gone. I just severed our ties. It wasn't officially broken, we could teleport to each other because half of my energy at the time we both split from each other went to you, so we still had a bond... but you just broke it. I thought were brothers. Brothers in Arms, Kenneth." said Howell.

"What the hell are you-" I began, and then I turned around, the half of my forces that were stopped were standing there, and readying their rifles, aiming right at the soldiers who followed me. I began to get the picture. "Son of a bitch..." I said, and put the phone back to my ear. "Howell..."

"I can rejoin the bond at any time. The energy you have was mine after all. But... you act like I do nothing for this army. I was meant to be the Last Entity if the rest of us failed. I'm not just a Soldier Class Entity, I am a rarity, a mix of the Soldier and the Strategist classes, not only that, but if my vessel commits Harikiri with me possessing them, they become Erg Entities as well. I was meant to be the savior of our race, carrying us on when we failed our mission. Let's see how you deal with half of your forces warring against you. Let's see how you deal.. without me in your corner." he continued.

"Prometheus. Stop." I said.

"You don't control me." said Prometheus.

"Prometheus, the planet is under attack and we're the only things that stand in the way of this planet's total domination. We can do this some other time, you know, when we're not under the threat of official death?" I continued.

"I will protect the planet from the Darkness, it's my goal. My job. But I will do it without you at my side." said Prometheus, and he hung up the phone.

I lowered the phone, and stared straight forward as if in a daze. My soldiers looked around at me and at Howell's soldiers. Confused, one of them gave me a bit of a nudge. "Sir?" he said.

"Son of a BITCH!" I screamed, my voice echoing throughout he city.

One of the soldiers standing still, serving Prometheus was on his comms system, talking with a commander of some sort I supposed. I managed to overhear a few words.

"He's responding with intense emotion.... Why does it matter?" he said. "Even if it means... yes, sir."

"March." I said. My units moving for the engagement in the middle of the city. Howell's men began to follow, but the tanks turned and blocked the route. We continued marching, and we came up to the event itself, to my dismay, it was a three way firefight now, between my units, Prometheus' units, and the Dark Covenant. My units were losing, majorly. We jumped into the fight, guns blazing, and my forces cheered, and within minutes the Dark Covenant was defeated, but the main event came after.

"Stop." said one of Prometheus' soldiers.

"I'm not fighting you." I said.

"You will." he said.

"You're right. I will, when you pull the trigger first. I'm not fighting Prometheus. Not unless he gives me a reason." I said. "Stand down."

"You'll argue with him, you'll accuse him of not doing his part, but you won't fight him when it's obvious that you must?" said the soldier.

"I'm not fighting him. That's final. But you, you're pushing me to my limit. Give me a reason. Give me a FUCKING reason, and I'll splatter your brains ALL OVER this damn battlefield." I said, getting right in his face, my brow furrowed, it was clear that my appearance had truly changed, from what I looked like in life, before I became this. It was evident, even though you couldn't see my face.

"You even look different. You're face is changing. From your memories, I'll say.... Grand... Theft Auto Online.... Your character? Yes, I have seen your memories. For a game obsessed teenager, you do make a mean Erg Entity..." he said.

My face fixed from anger to a straight face. "Prometheus." I said.

"That's right. I made an array of my soldiers as vessels. I can switch between any one of them. You will never know when you'll see me." he said.

"I'm not fighting you." I said.

"Oh, but you have no choice. It has come, and you have failed every test that I have presented to you, you'll never join our sector. You wouldn't make it..." he said.

"I've done more for my people than you have." I said.

"Examples please." said Prometheus.

"Isn't it obvious?" I said. "I saved that woman, from being forced into becoming Hell on Earth's Bitch. I saved my god damned family. I saved those girls, who you, Mister "Good Sector", Mister "I've found my humanity!", wanted to leave in captivity, after a damn year. of being captured and being Zariah's little pin-cushions."

"It was for the good of your people!" he replied.

"It was for your own good!" I retorted, my voice growling almost in rage. "Back off, Prometheus. We're at war, and I'm not adding anyone else to my list. Try me if you want, you won't get retaliation out of me." I turned away, and walked off, my soldiers backing up, rifles ready for a moment, then they turned around, walking behind me to transport helicopters.

"I... don;t understand." said Prometheus, when I was out of earshot. "So far he's done perfectly, too perfectly. The emotion is strange, but, uncounted. So far, his results... he's done flawlessly, but now, I'm the threat and he won't even think to strike me down when I'm right in front of him?"

"Sir? He's hurting. He feels betrayed, confused. How can you not see that?" said one of his soldiers behind him.

Prometheus only tilted his head downward slightly, turning his head slightly to his left, and turning his eyes towards the direction of the voice, then he turned his eyes toward me, still grasping only the slightest bit of emotional understanding, yet the mention of betrayal struck him hard as he recalled past events.


Prometheus was back inside his body, Howell, at his base where we examined the Conduit Girl, but he was alone, speaking into a comms system sitting on his desk.

"Sir, is this really the right thing to do? He's feeling betrayed, he's hurting, all because of me, and your orders." he said, emotion somewhat taking residence in his voice.

"Your place isn't to question command, Prometheus." said a voice on the other end. "This is for the good of the sector; the good of the galaxy. If we don't expand our number Erg Entities, we won't be able to withstand as much as the other sectors. We need that Entity."

"But, Sir... Is the pain, the suffering, that we put him through necessary?" Prometheus asked.

"Get. It. Done. We await your results." said the voice, and they cancelled the call. Prometheus shut the system down, and leaned back in his chair, and sighed.


"What should we do? We're out manned, we're out gunned, and we're backed into a corner with several armies, and a country aiming at a bullseye on our asses with nothing in between us and them but a few walls and some bullets." said the Colonel.

"We'll be fine." I said. "We just need a country of our own."

"How will we do that? Conquer land? With what army? We're only a few battalions hiding in a neighborhood we built." he said.

"We'll build a country." I said.

"How? That's the question. How?" asked the Colonel.

"I'll build an island nation, our people will do the rest after I've done what I can. We need a base of operations that's well defended. I can provide the island, and the bare essentials, the people can do the rest." I said.

"If you do pull it off, what will we call it?" he asked.

"Oh, I have the island ready, stable, everything. We just need the colonize it." I said.

"When did you have the time to play God and erect a damn island from the Earth?" asked the Colonel.

"I don't like the term "Playing God." I prefer Terraforming." I said.

"Well when did you have the time to Terra-form an island out of the Earth?" he asked.

"I had 6 months off." I said. "I build many islands actually, made a big cluster of them out in the Pacific."

"Well, what do we call our new Eden?" asked the Colonel.

"Exactly that. The Isles of Eden." I said. "It has many islands, and the archipelago will give us what we need to survive. We'll make it."


I was laying in the chair, in an all black hoodie, black cargos, with a purple cyber design covering the outfit, with a bandanna covering my face, and fingerless gloves. I opened my eyes, revealing both had a grey iris.

"Rise, Son of Darkness." said Zariah.

I fell out of the chair, trying to stand up, and held myself up on my hands and knees, I breathed heavily, and growled almost.

"Rise, Sentinel." she said.

I stood up slowly and stared her down.

"Your mission is just beginning. We have much to teach you." she said, running her finger down my chest. "Be a sweetheart and obey?"

"Yes, Mother." I said, and I blinked, my grey eyes turned completely black when they reopened, and I smirked underneath the bandanna. "Anything for you, my queen."
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The Creator: Evolution is Power | Chapter 7 | Announcement
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