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 Haunt The Real Slender

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Trevor Phillips


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PostSubject: Haunt The Real Slender   Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:37 pm

This game was already creepy as fuck, then some thought 'Hmm maybe we could do somthing better' so they made Haunt an even more creepy slender game that has Slender Man actually come after you. The goal is still the same "Get all the pages and avoid Slender Man" with a twist, there are 13 pages and some photos that you have to find. there are three difficulties, Noob (easy) slender aggression is low ie. he dosnt come after you as much, there are no photos tht you need to find, flashlight is unlimited and it dosnt go full night time. Gamer (normal) slender aggression is medium, gota find photos, u can run outa batteries if u dont find them, and full night time happens eventually. Paranormal (Hard) slender aggression is high, need to get photos, batteries, and the game starts at night. The new update has made the game a lot more scary then ever.


OMGR Oh My Grim Reaper
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Haunt The Real Slender
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