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Welcome Guest! It is Sat Dec 16, 2017 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!

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 Update 1-08-2017

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Big Papa


Big Papa
GMP : 12512
Heroism : 29
Old Location : United States (Ohio)
Its a Box
CPU Intel Core i5 4690k Quad Core (3.5ghz)
GPU EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
Combat [Lv.12] E
R&D [Lv.293] S++
Support [Lv.61] D
Intel [Lv.278] S++
Medical [Lv.6] E

PostSubject: Update 1-08-2017   Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:36 pm

god. so much shit fixed and added.

Main Update

-Fixed Site lag, Crashing, and chatbox. Apparently the Acaweb had an update where they no longer use the old code, which caused the site to continuously attempt to load the chat and contiounsly tried to load the iframe that's not there anymore until it crashed. it also was the cause of the chatbox just simply loading the index (homepage) when you clicked it.

simply had to change that to '/chatbox/' which i had to consult good ol seth for that shit. i would have never figured that one out...

-Added Avatar to chats? Must be Chris's doing

-Fixed Broken songs in Radio (Music Player. Seems Konami cracking down hard on copyright.)

-Fixed Ranks glitching out for 1080p monitors.
-Added Option for Custom Backgrounds from Zacks code. (Coming soon)


-Added a New Motherbase Market Ad system. Will make post about it later. tired as shit.

-Renamed Faction Diamond Dogs to New Haven Syndicate.
-Remaned FOXHOUD to Mother Base Defense Force
-Renewed new leader
-Added New Intel Team
-Added New Bio Level Rank (icon pending)
-Added New Base Construction Rank
-Made Intel Rank Independent and R&D Rank Independent Respectively now. R&D no longer covers Base construction and Bio.

You're welcome. now leave me be to hibernate...or masturbate..which ever comes first..

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Punished Shade


Militaires Sans Frontières

GMP : 82900
Heroism : 76


Combat [Lv.165] S+
R&D [Lv.194] S+
Support [lv.35] D
Intel [Lv.89] B
Medical [lv.64] C

PostSubject: Re: Update 1-08-2017   Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:02 pm

@Big Papa wrote:
Seems Konami cracking down hard on copyright.


Glad to see the chat is fixed though

"I don't get people,never have,never will."
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PostSubject: Re: Update 1-08-2017   Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:10 pm

Konami isn't Konami without Kojima is all I gotta say.
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Scarlet Elite

GMP : 54690
Heroism : 20
Old Location : Seychelles Waters
AKM Soviet Assault Rifle
Mk.II Mod 0 Tranquilizer Pistol | Cookie Cutter
Stun Baton
CPU Intel Core i5 4670k 4 core 3.4ghz
Combat [Lv.81] B
R&D [Lv.266] Master
Support [Lv.105] A
Intel [Lv.200] Master
Medical [Lv.84] B

PostSubject: Re: Update 1-08-2017   Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:05 pm

omg thank you thank you thank you!!!!! now i can get back to work properly!

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Wolf-King of the Gods
Psychotic Pyro
Psychotic Pyro


cus faku das y
GMP : 11895
Heroism : 28
Git Perforated

Hestia Knife

CPU Pizza
GPU CheeseSteak
RAM Tacos
Combat NERFED!!
Support NERFED!!
Intel NERFED!!
Medical NERFED!!

PostSubject: Re: Update 1-08-2017   Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:17 pm

let the master return to his hiberbating

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PostSubject: Re: Update 1-08-2017   

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Update 1-08-2017
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