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Welcome Guest! It is Tue Sep 19, 2017 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!

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Intermediate Poster II


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PostSubject: Showtime.   Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:13 am

[REDACTED], Siberia. January 28th 2016.
Communist Army Comm:Subject 10-3-5-3-6-7. We have no visual. you're clear for takeoff.
Communist Soldier Squad Leader: 10-4. we're moving in position.

*the snowstorm thickens as a CA squad closes in on a mountain top shack in the middle of nowhere, You can hear the sound of a Blackhawk Chopper in the sky, crazy enough to fly in this weather*

CA XO: CLEAR!!! *the squad bombards the hut with smoke grenades and concussion as they break the down the door and cease the are*

*They begin search the area with tactical FN-FAL cloaked and silenced. They reach the foyer and split up in the house searching for something*

*after breaking down more doors they call it clear and the chopper closes in to EVAC*

CA XO: Nothing here. Target MIA. Returning to base.

*The Helicopter comes closer whos blades gets louder as it touch down when suddenly the sound of a clink in the blade's rotator is hit and the blades slow down and the chopper crashes in the snow*


*the squad surrounds the area looking for where the bullet came from, temperatures getting lower by the second. another one erupts through the skull of a soldier lone by himself as his blood splatter against the cold snow, he falls down without anyone noticing as the snowstorm gets thicker*

CA XO:.....Must be a sniper...STICK TOGETHER!!

*the sound of another whisper bullet erupts where another soldier is hit, this time yells as he bleeds out against the shak's wooden door, getting the attention of the XO*


*another shot ruptures through the final skull of the XO's Squad. The bullet coming from a discreet gask mask wearing assassin on a mountain top wearing all white cloak.*

*the XO looks around as the storm starts to calm and notices his crew all dead..he breaths heavily as he tighten his FAL and notice the sniper has stood up standing on top of the mountain reloading his rifle*

XO: *scoffs* Come down here and fight me like a MAN COWARD!!! *he drops his firearm on the ground and pulls out a very long hunting knife with sharp teeth edges*

Sniper: *a slow smile creeps under the mask as he reveals it and holsters his PGM Hecrete rifle and jumps from the mountain ledge to on top of the dismantled chopper placing a sticky grenade on top* you wish....

*the XO runs quickly to the chopper to try and ambush as the sniper jumps drastically off of the dismantled scrap metel and onto a cliff as the chopper blows up 30m away from the XO knocking him down*

*The sniper takes off the mask, revealing his face, and jumps 20m in front of the XO who gets up instantly when he recognizes the face*


*If You're Looking for a Fight theme for Music Player (MB) plays as the XO once again runs up against the sniper to get decked in the face by a Power fist and knocked to the ground*

*The sniper than slowly approaches the XO as XO throws a knife that the Sniper catches with the power arm and breaks, as the XO stands up the sniper grabs him by the shoulders as he strikes his face with a extreme knee to the skull, pushing the XO back down to the ground. Once again the XO gets up, wipes his blood of his face and grabs his long blade and strikes twice at the sniper connecting by the chest to just hear the sound of a knife scraping metal*

*the sniper grabs his knifing arm and twists it counterclock wise until a snap is heard and throws him once again as you can hear the XO scream. The XO bounce back up by thrust his feet forward and runs up and successfully kicks the sniper in the jaw causing him to step back, the XO does it again to land another blow. The XO comes for one more blow to get closelined by a powerfist and pushed to the ground. This time the sniper dashes to the ground and picks up by the neck and choke throwslam him 7m away into the snow before pulling out his own knife and jumping on top of the XO holding him down with one knee on chest and other on legs as he hold the knife up high near his heart*

*The XO lays there defenseless as he reaches for a Makarov holstered to his leg as the song dimmers. while holding the snipers wrist with the left hand to avoid being killed,he continues to try grab the makarov with the fracture hand and manages to get it out of holster just for the sniper to see it, he angles his wrist to be able to cut the XOs Hand trying to hold his hand. he then stands up, steps on XO's hand and and places his knife directly in his chest, kicks the Makarov and pulls out his own silenced pistol and fires 1 shot right between the XO's eyes*

*the sniper heads towards the abandoned hut and knocks two times with a pause and then a third time as a wooden trap door in the foyer opens and a girl comes out.*

*The sniper pulls out a phone and removes his silencer from his pistol. he starts dialing a number and walking up towards the girl who is freighted*

Unknown person: "Hello..?"
*the sniper aims the pistol at the girl who starts begging for her life off the top of her lungs as 5 gunshots were fired followed by silence*

Sniper: "It's Done.."

*the storm finishes as the weather clears..the sniper hangs up and destroys the phone, then looks at the victim*

"Get the fuck out of here..."

Girl: "Thank you.."

*the girl walks outside to see a New Motherbase chopper comes and picks up both of them and heads home*

Sniper: its all over now...

Girl: Thank you again..Pebbles..

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Post Junkie III

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PostSubject: Re: Showtime.   Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:23 pm

*walks in spinnign USP*

Welp the girl arrived unaware of what the FUCK was going on

M I L K _ M E _ D A D D Y ! ! !
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PostSubject: Re: Showtime.   Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:40 am

Pebbles did you warn her about Fulton Recovery because she didn't know how to get the balloon off of her and when she got here she had to be given a laxative treatment and sadly Cookie gave the poor girl laxative made by Silent Huntress..she had to um..shit something out..other than that she arrived safely, but scared shitless..also she has 3 kids that need to be rescued from the CA at the farm they are at. Shade and I will head out to rescue the kids.
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