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 Mission Structure

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Punished Shade
Post Junkie III
Post Junkie III

Militaires Sans Frontières

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MHL [Lv.20] E
MTL [lv.32] E

PostSubject: Mission Structure   Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:55 am

Making this post mainly for new users (and guests,that's right I see yall guests snooping around as usual I seee) to have a better understanding of things.

Starting of if it says jsut "MISSION" it's one of the main missions for advancing the "plot" and "story". If you're now joining go to the ARCHIVES and read previous ones if you really feel it's needed.

Missions devoted to defending motherbase from various attackers whether it be story related or not.

Smaller missions for the side that rather than expand the story explain the "lore".

New one we barely get,RESCUE is a mission type for rescuing other fellow players/members/NPCs from enemy forces. Story or none story

This one is basically the completely unrelated,un important stuff that has NO effect on main story what so ever.

All this shit is pretty self explanatory I feel like I jsut wasted mah time posting and writing this but fuck it

Jess: It's non-canon Kev. Say it out loud and it'll make more sense.

"I don't get people,never have,never will."
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Naked Nathan
Pingas Monkey Second Class
Pingas Monkey Second Class

Militaires Sans Frontières

GMP : 48998
Heroism : 2
Old Location : Canada
MB Location : Strut C Dining Hall

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RDL [Lv.56] E
BRL [Lv.0] E
IUL [Lv.70] C
MHL [Lv.0] E
MTL [Lv.0] E

PostSubject: Re: Mission Structure   Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:37 pm

Not everyone know tho
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Mission Structure
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