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 Ground Zero Regulations Updated (S2)

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PostSubject: Ground Zero Regulations Updated (S2)   Mon May 08, 2017 6:08 pm

Season 1 was a good beta test of what we can do with rp. Alot of people had fun, we tested the waters alot, and a lot of good content was created. However, continuing forward into the new Season 2 there need to be a few changes. Firsts thing you need to know.

Season 2 is aimed more for custom content. Meaning, we are trying to go for a brand new aesthetic approach to things. We encourage you to let your full creativity flow.

We now have HUD and Stamina bars that give a representation of your characters health and STM. your actions affect your Health and Stamina. Your stamina may deplete slowly (sometimes un-noticable) when rp'ing. this is to represent your character's Fatigue as well. You would need to eat certain foods to Gain a little HP and Stm. Sleeping automatically restores your STM. If your STM reaches too low, your actions might l fail and you will possibly pass out. if you pass out, when awoken you will restore half STM. to restore full HP either bring a Medkit with you (or smaller medical items for portions) or see a medical team member. This also gives eating food and Sleeping RP actions a purpose as well as medicial team. You can only use medkits only once in a mission. Food and smaller Med items also have limited use (no more than 5 for food and 3 for small med items per mission) On base uses of Medkits and Food items for the most of time is unlimited.

Members with special abilities now have a "special Meter" to balance out the use of them. Using moves and their amount of depletion varies from combat level and use. This is also in beta, so there will be some possible conflict going forward. We are also working on a "Skill Tree" for those with special abilitys and moves. depending on your character type varies your meter. So far we have Demonic and Reactor at the moment, Hang tight if you have a different type.

We now have a event place to put all your rp scripts that arent related to any mission, intel, or side op. Best place to use your consumables, take a nap, or just chill as your character (since the chatbox aint always reliable e_e)

1). No Terminators. That shit ain't happening.

2). All missions, side ops, events must be thorougly thought out ahead of time  at least the general part of that specific post. Please do not stretch out your Mission out into 8 or so different topics (not talking about your storyline). Making missions, Bios, decisions, and etc on improvision only will not be accepted. It needs a backstory, a plot, and a ending result.

3). Importing Events directly from games, movies and events is not allowed.This means Story and Background and major key events, side events, or even SPOILERS. you need to come up with your own version of what happens and modifed the most you can. We can no longer accept Missions from other games already created just ported to NMB. You are free to spoof and/or take resources from other games and use them in inspiration. You are free to take events and ideas from another game or movie, but it has to make sense. you cannot just pull items, characters, and etc straight from a game without an Alternate reason. we STRONGLY recommend you make your own characters, events and etc, but under these terms you are allowed to use, port and Spoof other resources

4).When creating your own lore, gadgets, and reports. Please make sure to include as much as you can to make them understand as much as possible. summerize everything to the best of your ability.

5). You must follow the Mission Tags and Classification structure. you can find details Here

6). Mission Prep. Make sure the correct gear is in order to the best you can be prepared for a mission. If possible,(Optional) Mission Creators should provide a temp loadout for that mission for people who don't have the proper equipment.If you need a temp loadout created. PM me and i can get you set up.

7). Limit your actions. Do not leave a series of actions in one post, this locks out others for a chance to really do anything involving your actions. It's hard to do anything to the "Kick you off ledge and now ded" action when you know. already dead...try "Kicks person aiming for ledge" or "Attemps to kick them off the ledge" or something like that. it also goes vice versa to the person countering or performing the previous person's action.

8.NMB Ground Zero Regulations still apply.

If this your first time RP'ing this season, check out these other links.

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Ground Zero Regulations Updated (S2)
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