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 [COMPLETE]Under The Bridge [Mission 2]

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Samantha Heart
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Food Supremacist

New Haven Syndicate

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Intel [Lv.98] A
Medical [Lv.32] D

PostSubject: [COMPLETE]Under The Bridge [Mission 2]   Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:44 pm

First topic message reminder :

*we are currently flying in a VTOL oversees for a little cruise drive to keep Royalist Army out of our comms system for now on autopilot. in one of the small closetsize rooms is a small table where i put together some intel*

*with a toothpick hanging from my mouth i start pointing at various places in Moscow*

Looking over Intel...from that Moscow Mission we did...I remember us blowing up a research lab known as rePAIR..this was to make tension between Russia and United States by an unknown benefactor for Jess...well...After a bit of more homework...This benefactor happens to be a client who might know a thing or two about Royalist...Unfortunately...this man has turned into a POW in the heart of a Prison Camp Known as The Gulag Archipelago in 1973.He said if we free him..he can be use of help.. We capture and rescue this guy along with anyone willing to help the cause like rebels, we could have intel and more MUSCLE..i mean anything helps at this point...

But to make things trickier..this guy also shouldn't be trusted. He is the one who brings "newspapers" to our doorstep..he is the one who has had sensitive information about us...So he could be a liar. He could also be the exact same person who could be helping us be tracked....i have my reasons to believe this is the guy who tried to get into our database back in august...the incident that started it all...this could be a trap..or beneficial...i'm not entirely sure but it's worth something to do...Capture him or Eliminate....the choice isn't clear..

i see you spying on me, Guest >>
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MB Location : Citadelle Laferriere Wolves

GMP : 17556
Heroism : 15
Old Location : New Motherbase
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PostSubject: Re: [COMPLETE]Under The Bridge [Mission 2]   Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:26 am

*Stepping into the VTOL, she throws Missy's body on the floor and flips it over so she's on her stomach, grabbing out her hunting knife and making a clean cut in the back of her neck, reaching in and bloodying her riding gloves and pulling out a small chip with an visible R on it*

*Looking it over, she took it in her palm and crushed it before standing and looking back at Sam*

To say I have a few questions would be an understatement. Before we start talking though, does anyone else here have a point in time where they were unconscious around unknown, non-civilian people?


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GMP : 54738
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R&D [Lv.266] Master
Support [Lv.105] A
Intel [Lv.205] Master
Medical [Lv.84] B

PostSubject: Re: [COMPLETE]Under The Bridge [Mission 2]   Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:47 am

*interrupts the conversation abruptly through the comms system back at base*

Hey guys! Hi! know you're busy and all but we have a big situation back here at base!!! Unknown Enemy Gunships spotted!! *comms go dry and static as a new voice hijacks the signal*

Right on schedule.....hahahahaha....

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PostSubject: Re: [COMPLETE]Under The Bridge [Mission 2]   

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[COMPLETE]Under The Bridge [Mission 2]
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